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“Marc, prior to visiting your office, I spoke to several lawyers and did not walk away with a comfort level. With you I was positive I was going to resolve my problems. I explained my situation, I had just been stopped for driving on a revoked license and I had several old DUIs. Marc immediately made a few phone calls and came back and outlined a program that if I followed it I should be able to drive again he set up alcohol counseling located the Driving test I needed and worked with MVA contacts on my case.

When we went to court, there was no doubt I made the right choice in hiring Marc. I felt the judges respected his abilities. I followed His program 100%. When we went to court today I had a letter from MVA authorizing me to apply for my new license.

The penalties could have been jail time and $500 or more in fines. Marc was successful in getting me a PBJ and a fine of $57.50.

I do not believe very many lawyers could have done this. I certainly did not see any attorney that demonstrated the level of SKILL that Marc did.”

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