Client Testimonials

“Marc was a great help through the whole process from the first day meeting him to my court date. He knows his away around a court room and was always very professional and reassuring. He was able to get all charges dropped in my case. Quote from the judge “Mr. Ward, You’ve done very well for your client today”. Would highly recommend.”

Ricky B.

Samantha E.

“Don’t go anywhere else! Marc Ward will make it a smooth and easy process, He will take care of everything for you just give him the information he needs for the case and Marc will make sure your taken care of. Thank u Marc I’ll keep out of trouble so I Don’t need another lawyer but if I do, I’ll pick you every time.”

Travis M.

“Marc Ward is the absolute best. Guided me every step of the way and I wasn’t just another number. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Isaac B.

“Great to work with, intelligent and professional, definitely recommend!”

Jennifer A.

“Marc and Liz are awesome people to deal with!”


“Extremely good lawyer. Excellent results. Stayed in contact to make sure I knew everything that was happening with My case.”

Michael R.

“Marc did a great job getting me out of trouble in court. I will certainly come back if I ever need legal help again. Thanks Marc, you are amazing!”

Aleksey B.

“Mr. Ward and his staff are first class in representing their clients providing information, guidance and support. Very responsive! Highly recommend!!”

Nikki K.

“Elizabeth Long whom works at the office, was wonderful and informative. I will use them if any issues may come my way ever again. Thank you all.”

Karen R.

“10/10 recommend. Marc was professionally and was always available. I will definitely reach back out to him if I ever find a need for a lawyer again.”

Raynold M.

“Marc and his team made the whole process as painless as possible. From day one he assured me that we would get a favorable ruling and he delivered. While I hope to never need these services again, it’s reassuring to know that you can count on the solid legal representation provided by Marc and his team.”

Charles U.

“Marc is an excellent attorney, highly recommended… Thank you Marc”

Linda W.

“When I was searching for reviews on an attorney for being falsely accused. I found such good reviews on Elizabeth R Jung with Law Office of Mark Ward. She listened to me and dove right into my case. If it wasn’t for her persistence I could have lost everything! Thank you Liz for believing in my innocence and giving me my life back!

This is my first Google Review. I’m doing this to let others know that need someone to fight for you, DON’T wait… reach out to Liz you won’t be sorry!!!”

Donna N.

“Extremely attentive and thorough. He really looked out for my needs and delivered. I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Carol C.

“Mark ward and his team was outstanding!! They went above and beyond my expectations for my personal injury case. Thank you Mark and Christine!!!”

Karen B.

“Marc Ward is absolutely amazing. I was in an accident, and he has helped me with so much. It was more than just an accident! He got me in touch with the right person to fix my car and got me the care I needed after my accident!! Wonderful person who has the right connections to help you through the unexpected!”

Ashley D.

“Very prompt in seeing me when I needed a lawyer. Quite accommodating with my out of state work schedule. Entirely professional and thoughtful. I would go here again, if ever it is needed.”


“I went to Marc for an auto injury and I’m glad I did! The other insurance company was tough to work with and took a long time to come to a settlement (something I would have given up on if I was trying to talk to them myself!) But he stayed on it and kept me informed the whole way. Ended up with more than I expected. He is a professional through and through and will absolutely get you the best results possible. Thank you!!”

Krystal D.

“Highly recommend Marc he explains everything not sugar coating anything. Extremely knowledgeable and got me out of several traffic citations. He went to court for me and got everything thrown out. If you need a lawyer for criminal dui traffic Marc Ward is your guy so very professional and what he says he is going to do happens.”

Tiffany W.

“Marc & Liz are the dream team. Would highly recommend. Saved my future.”


“I am 33.. I have used Mr. Ward’s services since I was 19 years old.. since he was at his old office in the house on Motter Ave. Frederick.. 2009 That’s 14 yrs! Whenever I have gotten in trouble, I say “I need to call my attorney” and I mean Marc. I consider him a family friend at this point. He is the most personable attorney you could ever ask for.. he will make you laugh when u want to cry. And to this day I recommend him solely to anybody who who needs aggressive, and fair, representation delivered properly. He will truly be on your side…”

Tyler S.

“First of all, of no relation. Mark has represented me on four separate occasions. I had rights and legal considerations I didn’t know I had. He takes care of his clients, all of his clients. I can recommend Him and His Firm without hesitation or reservation.”

Harry W.

“A+ experience with Marc and his team! Marc is an incredible lawyer and does what he says he’ll do! Follow his advice, get your stuff done and he’ll take care of the rest, thank you for all you’ve done Marc!

Update: Marc has continued to go above and beyond even after hearings are completed with his assistance navigating MVA bureaucracy. Thank you Marc!”

Joseph H.

“Marc is a top-notch attorney, who is responsive, professional, fair, and above all else, works hard to get RESULTS for his clients. I could not have been happier with his legal services and the outcome of my case, which he managed to get five charges dropped against me. He will fight for your best interests in the court room and truly represents his clients with integrity. If you’re looking for the best attorney in the area, look no further.”

Kenneth M.

“Liz was fantastic, very confident and gave good advice. Honest and got the results I needed. Hopefully I don’t need another lawyer ever in my life, but if I do I will hire her again. Fair prices as well”

Sam R.

“If you’re in an accident and get hurt, Marc Ward and his team are the people to call! My husband and I were in a motorcycle accident and hurt pretty bad. Marc and Christine took care of our case with enthusiasm and great communication. Any time we had a question, Christine or Marc would respond quickly. They took care of our settlement fast, kept us informed and got us an excellent outcome. Marc and Christine were an absolute pleasure to work with. God forbid, we should ever find ourselves in an accident again, I would definitely call Marc and his team!”

Lynda S.

“Marc was an amazing choice to hire as a lawyer. He was very communicative and helped navigate me through my case. All charges were dropped, and we did not have to appear in court either as the charges were all dropped prior to the court date. Highly recommend.”

Alyssa C.

“He was extremely professional and got me great results I highly recommend him.”

Brian O.

“Marc Ward and his team are great! He did what he said he was going to do and gave me the best outcome possible! I highly recommend Marc for your case! Thank you Marc for all that you have done for me in my prior cases! (review from D. Jones)”

Jaime N.


Shawney P.

“My son got stopper driving a side by side on public ready without registration, and without his blow & go. He was looking at a year in jail. Mr. Ward got him a pbj. Excellent!”

Kenny N.

“Marc and his team has been nothing but wonderful during my time working with him. He immediately made me feel welcomed, ensured and that I was in the best hands. He did a fantastic job and succeeding at me getting the best outcome possible for my case. I owe it to them and thank them endlessly.”

Shannon H.

“Mark Ward is an outstanding attorney!! Mark is very family oriented and loving person! I highly recommend him for anyone to put there trust in him!!!”

Courtney W.

“Best Law office hands down! Marc and Liz have both handled cases for me and I have always had the best outcome possible. If you are trying to find the best group of lawyers to handle your case this is the law firm you should choose!”


“Mark Ward hands down is the absolute best!

When I came to Mr. Ward I had already had a horrible experience and outcome in the District Court not knowing much about the laws and being misrepresented, I now found myself in a really bad serious situation. I was being charged, convicted and facing jail time due to what I knew were false accusations being made against me but even though I knew my innocence my voice was not being heard at all.

It had been the longest year of my life being falsely accused of something that now had my entire life flipped upside down, I was scared out of my mind and stressed to the max and that is all just understatements for what and how I was really feeling.

I made an appointment with Mr. Ward and very unsure if after my outcome with the District Court already and as to whether or not he would even consider taking my case on, I met with him anyway. The best decision ever made, let me just say that after leaving his office that day for the 1st time in a year, I was actually able to feel a sense of calm. Not only did this man take my case on, hear me out and cared about what I had to say, he immediately put in for an appeal and kept constant contact with me regarding my case clear up to and even on the morning of before court even began and on that very day everything that he had said was going to happen most certainly happened. I was able to walk away with what was once a conviction that could have ruined my entire life to a no conviction whatsoever. Marc Ward gave me my life back!!”

Jaime B.

“Just like Marc said,, SUCCESSFULL SMOOTH OUTCOME!! I got into a legal trouble after coming here in USA, was really stressed, depressed and couldn’t find a way out through it. That’s when after my own research after talking to so many attorneys and law firms, I decided to meet Marc for my case. He gave me free legal advice when I first met him for my case even before hiring. After meeting him second time, I immediately hired him and as he is so genuine and exactly said what can be done and what can’t. Just keep belief in him, he’ll deliver what he says. When just before the court date also I was getting stressed, I reached out to him and he explained the situation and helped me to calm down. He’s a really nice man who understands your situation what you’re going through and works for the best outcome and delivers it. Thank you for all your services. God bless you Marc. Wishing you a healthy happy life.”

Anuj M.

“Marc is an experienced attorney. He represented our case really well, and the case got dismissed on first date. I recommend Marc.”

Nidhi C.

“The absolute best lawyer and team in all front. I’ve been a client and be came good friend in over 20 years of having his law firm represent me for different matters. Thank you”

Abraham B.

“Marc got straight to the point and made sure I had all the details I needed to get my needs met. He also gave me prices up front and did not charge me for any of his advice. GREAT EXPIRIANCE!!!”

Hiram A.

“Liz and Marc ARE THE BEST. Many many times as I’ve told them both thank you agian.”

Nolan H.

“I had a great experience with Mr. Ward, he was extremely helpful and is a very nice person, he gets on a personal level with his clients and is very straightforward with what he does. If I was in any need of a lawyer again I would rely on him for the help I need, thank you!”


“Marc is the best lawyer that I’ve ever worked with. He follows up and keeps you updated. He cares and looks out for your best interest. I highly recommend hiring him for a lawyer.”

Jessica A.

“He did AMAZING! Definitely will recommend to everyone and anyone!”

Jasly Q.

“I worked with Liz and she did a fantastic job. Services were top notch and would recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation!”

Samuel D.

“Marc Ward and Elizabeth Jung are an awesome duo! They were incredibly helpful the entire time. I’m so thankful for them and their staff!”

Conor D.

“Mr. Ward introduces himself to o me inside the courtroom. Very friendly and very approachable in all aspects. He offered to assist me in my situation and went right over to the prosecutor after meeting with me briefly and had my case dismissed. It was an extreme blessing and the traffic issue was taken care of! I recommend you call this attorney because he is surely different and very professional and helpful!!!! Thanks, Mr. Ward!!!!! Blessings! Melissa.”

Melissa W.

“I highly recommend choosing Marc Ward as your attorney! Marc Ward represented me and made sure that I received what I deserved after I was rear-ended on my way home from work and left with a long-lasting concussion. I had never been in an accident before and he and his office explained everything well every step of the way. He made sure I got the medical care that I needed, getting me an appointment with an orthopedic specialist the very next day after I met with him. My car was also repaired shortly after and I didn’t have to deal with the third party’s insurance company other than telling them where I was going to take my car to get repaired so that they would cover it and give me a rental.

Marc Ward is definitely an expert in this field. The insurance company wanted to take advantage of me with their first offer coming in lower than what would be expected in my case, and he was able to get them to double that amount. I am so grateful that I made that first step to reach out to Marc Ward after my accident last year instead of dealing with it on my own. All my medical bills have been covered and I also received a check for the pain and suffering I endured afterward. Thank you so much Marc Ward!!”


“Awesome Attorney great work thank you so much Marc Ward so your work.”

Tj Maiben

“#1. Get you a Marc !! Highly recommended.”

Arion M.

“I was involved in an auto injury last year. The third party’s insurance company was calling me the very next day to make a settlement. I called Marc and he advised me right away. Marc was able to refer to me to the doctor’s that I needed to see. He and his staff were able to help and advise me through this process, as I had never been in an accident before. Marc really went to bat for me and was able to get more than what they offering. Great experience! Highly recommended!”

Dori C.

“Marc Ward is the best defense attorney. I am grateful to him and his staff for everything they have done for me. I highly recommend him.”


“Marc and Liz are THE DREAM TEAM for your legal needs! They are extremely professional, flexible and willing to meet your needs. Please be sure to give them heavy consideration if you’re in need of an attorney!”

Jacob W.

“A very attentive lawyer, Liz, got me a probation before judgment on an aggressive driving charge! Just had to pay 25 bucks court costs. Really argued well on my behalf in front of the judge.”

Michael V.

“Excellent work on his part in defending me. Very professional. Highly recommended.”

Evette V.

“Liz was very professional, affordable, and non judgmental. She took all the stresses of court off my shoulders and walked me through everything she planned to do and say in court. She got me the outcome I wanted and I can confidently refer her to friends and family.”

Liam S.

“Mr. Mark Ward is the absolute best. He helped me with my case. Provide excellent service and help my case result in the best outcome for me beyond my expectations. Truly he is the best defense attorney! Very pleased.”

Yarnell J.

“I would recommend him to anyone he is the man the best of the best magic man”

Michael C.

“Liz is amazing!!! Hands down one of Frederick’s finest!! I called at least 5 other lawyers! This woman knows her stuff!!”

Rose L.

“Best there is, don’t waste your time with anyone else. More than favorable outcomes in both of my experiences with him.”

Dallas K.

“Always been top quality! Best in Frederick.”

Trap H.

“When it comes to legal issues, I’m grateful I had Marc and his team to handle my case, I would definitely recommend him to those looking to get their case handled in a straight-forward way.”

Alexia T.

“Marc Ward and his team are the best at what they do. They took the time to walk me through my case. Explained all my options to me. They then got me the BEST outcome for my accident. I recommend Marc to everybody who needs a Lawyer.”

Grace B.

“Best lawyer ever hands down. When in doubt go see Marc. Even when I thought it wasn’t possible he sure made it possible. Thank you for your wonderful service always.”

Maria M.

“Awesome experience! Liz and team were great to work with from start to finish. Everything was made worry free, and any questions were promptly answered. Would definitely recommend them!”

Mike F.

“Elizabeth Long is an amazing lawyer. She guided me through about my speeding ticket and eventually got the best result by getting all my points removed. I would definitely recommend her.”

Sri M.

“Best lawyer around! Marc and Liz are amazing at what they do. I’ve known Mr Ward for over 20 years and he’s always been there for me when I needed him. I would and have recommended Marc Ward to anyone needing help with a court case.”

Andy H.

“I contacted Mr. Ward last minute before my trial for my fairly serious traffic violations. Mr. Ward not only responded very swiftly, but he agreed to meet with me to go over my charges the same day. He was very reassuring and made me feel as I was top priority throughout the entire process, which is a very unnerving process. As I am personally bad with communication, he made sure to stay in contact and check in with me frequently. Mr. Ward explained everything thoroughly as to expectations and was sure I understood my options. I am very pleased with my outcome and furthermore impressed with his service. Highly recommended.”

Lyndsey D.

“Marc was top of line, the state wanted to find me guilty before the facts were even on the table or hearing my side of anything, he reassured me he will fight and do his best in my honor and that he did. It’s very rare to see an attorney like marc ward, most attorney’s just want your MONEY and you to plea guilty when you aren’t and move on, not Marc. He will actually fight for your rights all the way around. Best attorney hands down!”

Jerry S.

“In January of last year, I was on my way home from an engineering project in El Paso Texas, when I suffered a trimalleolar fracture of my ankle at a storage unit that I was renting at the time. The owners neglected to clear black ice off of their pavement, and my life was immediately changed. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t work, and I had to undergo a surgery that took six months for me to heal from. I was stuck in a bed for five of those months, and watched as my finances, relationships, and career all began to crumble, and the medical bills began to pile up. But, there was a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

The Law Offices of Marc S. Ward, LLC were recommended to me by my best friend, and Marc and his staff did a phenomenal job handling my personal injury case, and helped me to navigate the strange new world in which I found myself. He treated me, his client, with respect, sympathy, and never stopped fighting for me. The amount that the insurance company settled for was more than ten times what I had ever hoped for, and because of Marc, my life, finances, and career are back on track. He and his paralegals are all top notch, and will fight to get the compensation that you deserve. If you, or someone you know, is dealing with a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, I can’t recommend Marc Ward enough.”

Levi B.

“Elizabeth And Marc helped me with my second case and I couldn’t have asked for better and more helpful lawyers 10/10 would recommend!”

Jack W.

“Great experience.”

Desiree C.

“Mr. Marc Ward is a individual of the most respect I know.. He is a wonderful Attorney that will tell you the straightforward truth about your situation. I consider Mr. Ward an honest, respectful, and loyal Attorney. Thanks Mr. Marc Ward for being there in the times of need.”

Santos A.

“One of the best and well known attorneys in Frederick MD. Was able to settle my case in a year which was insanely worth it. Thanks Marc and Paralegal!!! You guys rock”

Max B.

“After a car accident, I found that my auto and health insurance were not going to cover my subsequent expenses. Marc Ward and his staff managed the details of the numerous ongoing expenses over the course of several years, giving periodic updates and discussions. Yesterday, everything was concluded and his office gave me over seventeen thousand dollars from the opposing insurance company. I’d give him 6 stars if I could.”

Kasnia P.

“Marc and Elizabeth are amazing!!!! I highly recommend this office.”

Elias R.

“I definitely would recommend Marc Ward. He did the impossible and won my case. Went above and beyond. He is very easy to get ahold of and answers all of your questions. He is awesome so if you need a great lawyer Marc is the one you want.”

Deborah H.

“Was referred to Marc by many different people and i now know why. He is amazing, always stuck by me and got me incredible results. Truly a miracle worker.”

Henry V.

“One of the best lawyers I have ever interacted with and can help with all your needs… Marc is great!!”

Screwston T.

“I cannot say enough about Marc’s professionalism and knowledge of the law. He acted immediately when we had a very serious issue and made sure we were well taken care of. If you have any legal issues call Marc, you won’t be disappointed.”

Michele L.

“I cannot say enough about Marc’s professionalism, attention to detail, and quick responses to any questions I had. He seemed to take it personal when it came to my issues. I had a nasty car accident and the settlement was beyond my expectations. He is more than an attorney, he makes you feel like you are a close friend. Thank you Marc and staff for being there for me when I needed you!”

Angela K.

“Marc and his firm handle my last minute speeding ticket with no problem and with professionalism and I would highly recommend him again without any hesitation.”


“Marc Ward is the best and most helpful lawyer in Maryland. 10/10!”

Josh K.

“We have used the services of Marc Ward on a few occasions throughout the last 20 years. Marc and his staff have worked tirelessly to obtain a good outcome for us. I have recommended Marc to many who have needed help. He has been a great Lawyer.”

Wayne S.

Marc is the best lawyer in Frederick. I highly recommend him for any legal issue you may encounter.


Austin S.

“Marc I have to say is literally the best of the best! Always never leaves you in the dark about what’s going on with the outcome and fights for the best outcome! If there was 10 stars I would have gave you that.”

Joanne S.

“Marc is a great lawyer. Goes above and beyond. Highly recommended.”

Erik R.

“Marc is an amazing lawyer, he is the only one who helped me with my case. Also he is very attentive and helpful.”

Nathalie A.

“Was happy I found him, one of the best, and thank you to Roberta for all hard work.”

Anthony B.

“Marc Ward handled my legal issue effectively, timely and with minimal involvement on my part. His promt response was appreciated and any questions were answered succinctly.”

Al Gillich

“Marc Ward is a very professional and proficient attorney who goes above & beyond the norm to help his clients. I know him to have a deep heart for those who are disadvantaged or who have special needs. Thank you Marc! It is easy for me to give Marc Ward and his staff five stars.”

Taysie P.

“Marc Ward has represented Jason Smith for over 20 years. Once again Marc came through with the best possible outcome. I would recommend Marc and Liz to anyone who is looking for a great attorney!”

Cindy S.

“I had come to Marc last minute for a TPO that was complex. Marc had Elizabeth take my case for a great price. Two days later I went to court and Elizabeth dominated the room. I have had experience with a lot of attorneys, however Elizabeth is the best. All of my coworkers and family were so impressed with how swift and witty she was, and especially how she made the other attorney sweat.

I would have lost everything over a mad ex girlfriend if I hadn’t went to Marc and Elizabeth. These are the attorneys you want in any situation.”

Tyler F.

“If you need a lawyer Mark’s your man. Kind caring and does what he says he will do. I highly recommend him for your lawyer needs.!!!”

Terry W.

“Mark is awesome!!! Really took care of me and did everything he said he would for me even with a lot of charges pending against me!”

Jacob G.

“I reached out to Marc’s firm in May 2022 when I found myself in a messy situation with multiple charges filed against me. Liz represented me in court, and she was PHENOMENAL. Thanks to her detailed knowledge of the major actors in the system, all of her predictions about what the prosecution and the judge would do came true. She clearly knows the law and how to play a winning hand when the prosecution’s evidence is lacking. I was offered a generous plea deal, but Liz recognized this was because the state’s case against me was weak and the prosecutor was hoping not to go to trial. Once it became clear we were going to contest the charges, the state tried to manufacture a postponement in hopes of scrounging up more evidence. But Liz again saw through this ruse, and successfully convinced the judge to deny the motion. During the trial, she did such a masterful job picking apart the prosecution’s claims that by the time she reached the conclusion of her closing argument, the judge was literally nodding along with her. I was acquitted of all charges, and I sincerely doubt I could’ve gotten better representation anywhere else. Her services were worth every penny!”

Randy L.

“Great outcome would definitely recommend Mark”

Steve W.

“Mr. Ward represented me in a case with the Frederick County District Court. He was professional and personally supportive throughout the whole process. He went above and beyond to ensure I received the best possible outcome. I highly recommend him.”

Jessica W.

“I hired Marc Ward to advise me on my case. He reviewed the case and decided to take an approach that better suited my goals. I deeply appreciate his detailed attention which will give me a much better outcome I highly recommend him.”

Ellie K.

“Marc is an awesome lawyer. He was there every step of the way and on such short notice for my MVA hearings. Cool guy and his staff is cool too! Thanks again Marc!!”

Kyle R.

“I searched to find a good attorney in Frederick on reviews from google and that’s why I selected Marc. His law firm is top notch. Always responsive and helped a long way for what I was facing. Thanks Marc and Liz.”

Jon S.

“Anthony Cecala took my case after I was in a car accident. Anthony was so nice and what was a very scary time for me and my family, he was supportive and gave us 100% comfort as he managed the case. Even though nothing can change the injuries and scars sustained from the accident, the outcome of Anthony’s involvement and persistence in reaching an extremely fair settlement shows the level of care Anthony had for us. I highly recommend anyone who needs a good attorney to call Anthony Cecala. You will be in good hands. Thanks Anthony!!!”

Samson M.

“Really helpful great service responds are in a fashionable time, they are amazing”

Deon C.

“When you have a court appearance, it can be overwhelming and stressful for the defendant and for those around them. My experience with Marc was to say the least, shocking and incredible. Thank you so much Marc for the amazing representation and hard work.”

Benjamin M.

“This is my husband and I second time retaining this office to represent us and both times we got a good outcome. The first case we were represent by Marc who did an outstanding job with everything. On the second case Liz represented us and AGAIN we got a very good outcome. I would absolutely come to them again! I recommend this office to anyone, you definitely would not be disappointed or mislead.”

Shakeitta T.

“From beginning to end Marc has gone above and beyond to make sure I was represented appropriately. I came to Marc for an auto accident case and he handled everything and made me feel at ease. He is very personable and knowledgeable. I Definitely would recommend him to friends, family and colleagues. If I should I need representation again he will be my first call. 10/10”

Krista S.

“Marc was able to help me navigate a complex situation with the highest level of professionalism and obtain the best results. I would highly recommend Marc and his team.”

David W.

“Marc and his team were excellent!”

Brenda A.

“Marc Ward has been a godsend to me during a very difficult chapter in my life. He is very knowledgeable and gave my case it’s proper attention. I will be forever grateful to Marc for taking on my case and hands down would recommend his law office to anyone requiring his legal services. Thank you Marc!”


“Outstanding service! I couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried getting through the reinstatement process on my own with no success. With Mr. Ward’s expert advice and his awesome associate Liz Jung they made it happen. After 30 years of riding dirty it sure is a relief to put that all in the past! They are the best in the area and we’ll worth their price. You can’t go wrong!”

Dave Z.

“I had the privilege of working with this phenomenal firm during such a hard time and wanted to say that if it wasn’t for Marc and Liz, my cases wouldn’t have gone the way that they did! the communication was excellent throughout my period with them. My anxiety was assuaged when Marc and Liz answered ALL my questions and concerns in such a timely manner. I was so blessed to have found this firm and to have had them both in my corner. I highly recommend this firm for all your legal inquiries!! don’t hesitate to go in person or call!”

Gaby N.

“Un abogado en q pudo confiar excelente trabajo, desde la primera visita asta la última 100% confiable.”

Yamileth Gonzalez.

Megan D.

“I highly recommend the Law Offices of Marc S. Ward. Attorney Elizabeth Long made sure I understood the legal matters at hand and acted professionally and quickly. I’m tremendously grateful for the successful outcome of my case and the way it was handled at the firm.”

Marcus G.

“Mark was extremely helpful and I would recommend him for any of your Attorney needs! I am a CDL driver, and was needing a Lawery and he knew exactly how to help!! Highly Recommend!!”

Trey W.

“Marc is an amazing person and he helped me so much with my case. He has a lot of patience and always responds right away.

He is someone I fully trust and I recommend him for anyone who is looking for a great, experienced lawyer who will take care of your needs in the best possible way!”

Ruth S.

“If you need a lawyer that will help this is your guy they got me out on 2 DWI they work for you not the courts big thanks to the law offices of Marc S. Ward.”

Trevor D.

“Marc represented me recently and he worked for the best possible outcome. All charges dismissed. Very professional and his staff is great. Highly recommend his services.”

Darek D.

“Marc Ward is nothing short of a miracle worker. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that he was able to get me a PBJ (an impossibly good outcome given my situation). I highly recommend Mr. Ward, don’t even bother considering anyone else!!”

Clare L.

“Awesome lawyer like a bulldog walked in walked out charged with DWI all charges dropped thanks again.”

Ronnie F.

Katie B.

“Marc was excellent! Professional and reliable! Would recommend him to anyone that is in need!”

Megan D.

Michael N.

“Mr. Ward is the best! He was able to get me an outcome that I didn’t even know was possible. No DUI conviction, and no probation. I’ll definitely be referring him to everyone I know.”

Kenneth G.

“Mr. Ward, Is the best lawyer in the area. He handle my case very seriously and if he tells you his going to take care of you he will do it trust me. I definitely will recommend him to anybody who need a very good lawyer, and if i need a lawyer again ill definitely give him a call again.”

Carlos R.

“I came to Marc for an auto vehicle accident and he did the best job in having me feel so stress free about the case. He gave me all instructions on what to do, what all he needed and did his thing from there. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and his staff definitely makes it feel welcoming walking in through the door. Definitely would recommend and come back to him, should I need his services again.”

Jocelyn P.

“Marc Ward easily got my case dismissed. Thank you”


“Mr Ward and his team did a great job for me. I was involved in a accident last September and it was closed yesterday. They got the job done and I am very appreciative.”

Lea M.

“Elizabeth Long was such an amazing attorney. Facing my first charge was an uncomfortable experience, so it was a privilege to have an attorney passionate about the profession, and passionate about giving their client the best possible outcome. 100% recommend!”

David M.

“Last year I saw Marc Ward representing a client in the court room and I said if there ever comes a time that I need representation I am calling Mr. Ward. Well that day came where I needed representation so I retained Mr. Ward. My instinct to hire Mr. Ward was 100% on point. Mr. Ward and Elizabeth Long both represented me. They are both extremely knowledgeable of the law and very good trial lawyers. I wasn’t always the easiest client because I was scared and stressed but Mr. Ward always put my mind at ease. I also think they are very fair priced. If you are looking for representation my recommendation would be to look no further I don’t think you’re going to find better than Miss Jung or Mr. Ward. Thank you Miss Jung and Mr. Ward for your outstanding represention.”

Wendi C.

“When we contacted Marc Wards office we were directed to Liz Jung for our court case. Liz has been absolutely amazing. She was able to not only walk us through the legal jargon but give us expert advise and truly cared about the outcome. She’s confident, knowledgeable, and determined to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Liz is the absolute BEST LAWYER. We have hired her twice and would 100% recommend for ANY court case.”

Rikki A.

“My dad’s free cause of Mr. Ward!!!”

Bourbon Q.

“Great lawyer! Made a win and showed how well he is as a lawyer!”

Matthew K.

“Excellent Lawyer. He did a fantastic job and was very persistent and knowledgeable!”

Kellie Q.

“Marc ward is great ! Highly recommend! 10/10!”

Madison B.

“Marc ward was amazing! second time driving on a suspended license charge and he got all 6 dropped !! he’s such a nice guy as well, very polite and kind!! most definitely would recommend him!! 10/10 for me!!!”

Morgan B.

“Professional, Friendly & Caring. Attorney Marc Ward & his staff took on my accident case and handled Professionally. I should have contacted him sooner. If you are in the need of attorney services don’t hesitate to contact them as soon as possible..”

David L.

“Marc Ward is the best Lawyer. I highly recommend for any car accident needs. He resolve my case with great results you won’t regret he is the best.”

Marvin R.

“I was told Marc Ward was the best of the best and he sure proved that to me. I was nervous for court and he made everything go way more smoothly than I could imagine. If you need an attorney look no further!!!”

Noah O.

“Marc ward is a very good lawyer he help me me threw all stuff that had to do on my issues he did all of the work communication is great and has a very good personality I will recommend anyone that needs help with legal issues if I ever need help with any legal stuff that he can do I will definitely be using a trustworthy man he speaks the truth and had a great experience check him out when anyone needs help thanks mark”

Richard E.

“I would highly recommend Marc and his office. Facing a very bleak outlook I received the best possible outcome. 5 stars all the way around!!”

Russell J.

“Marc is everything you should want in an attorney. Personable, knowledgeable, intuitive, fearless, determined, fair and honest. He understands the legal and court system and knows where to stand his ground and where to compromise.

His staff is fully dedicated to his leadership and are available and supportive in caring for each client. He values his own time, and he values his client’s time. He will always get back to you and will strategize on your behalf in ways that you never thought were available.

I recommend Marc and his practice without reservation. You will not find a better advocate for yourself and your family. Cases often take time to settle. Be assured that Marc will be as attentive to you the last day of the case as he was when you first asked him to help shoulder the burden of your concerns and worries. He truly is the friend you want at your side when you are hurting, confused, and in need of wise council.”

Aron T.

“Liz is amazing!! Professional! Hard working!! Very attentive!! Made the experience as stress free as possible!! Always available for my questions and concerns!! Highly recommend Liz!!”

James C.

“Everyone in the office is very friendly. Marc took on my case even though it was difficult with a ton of different elements. He kept me updated on what I needed to know, and we ended up with a better outcome than I would have thought possible. You can tell that they genuinely care about you.”

Paige W.

“Great people to work with all around.”


“This law firm is the most professional, dedicated, committed, and knowledgeable firm that I ever had to hire for my case. I was assign to attorney Elizabeth Long for my case. she made feel like I had no worry at all, and there was no doubt at all that my case would get resolved right away. I highly recommend this law firm for ANY type of case you dealing with.”

Kevin H.

“Marc Ward and his Colleagues (Liz) were amazing to work with. Incredibly professional and thorough. This firm represented my name to the highest of standards and would HIGHLY recommend Marc and his firm. Great people and helped me out of a sticky situation.”

Collin H.

“I use Marc and Liz for all legal matters. Those two are miracle workers who always charge a more than a fair price.”

Luke H.

“Marc was great, from start to finish. He explained what to expect, and guided me to the best results. The final result came out the best that could be expected maybe even better. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal representation.”

Rodney S.

“Best lawyer there is! Got me a lot more than expected for my settlement. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

John P.

“Marc was great to work with.”

Jack B.

“Marc is Great! Always keeps me up to date with what’s going on. Always answers the phone when I call. Super Reliable! More importantly he always gets the results I want. Always happy with the outcome! Great Lawyer!”

David S.

“Marc Ward is the best lawyer there is. I would recommend him to anyone who is needing a Professional lawyer. I have hired Marc twice and he has saved me from doing any jail time in both cases.”

Shannon S.

“Elizabeth Long, WOW just an amazing Lawer and women. I was told to go see her threw a mutual friend. She represented me in my 3rd dui case so surly I thought I could do time or community service or weekend jail time. I was extreamly nervous as one can be of the day of the trial. but with her professionalism and the way she was working her magic going back n forth and getting all the information she needed. She got the case dismissed.. Lizz is definitely the lawer I will go to and recommend anyone to go see… she knows the court system very well.Alot better then my past lawyers. She filled me in on everything and kept me in the loop and gave me every option available. If you need a great lawyer choose Lizz I give her A 10 STARE RATING.”

Jake C.

“Marc is not only professional but understands people make mistakes. From the legal beginning, until the conclusion of this court case, Marc made us feel confident and lead us in the best direction. He is definitely the only lawyer for us and we’ll recommend him to everyone we know.”

Gina R.

“Very satisfying of what they did very thankful”

Anselmo C.

“I have to say that I was sent to Marc Ward through a friend of mine from an accident that was not my fault and I was not disappointed once I was introduced to Marc. Although I never had to use a lawyer due to an accident but I will say that Marc did a really good job and did a lot more than I was expecting he went way beyond his duties to see to it that I got treated very well and he did a very great job kudos to Marc Ward he’s the best.”

Wesley L.

“Elizabeth is very professional and thorough. Great attorney and highly recommended!”


“From the moment I sent in my inquiry to my court date, Marc was there for me. What can I say that already hasn’t been said about Marc?! Hopefully I’ll never need his services again but IF I do, I will choose Marc again. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me:)”

Ashleigh W.

“Mark helped me settle a lawsuit, was very professional and efficient with his work and responses. Definitely recommend him for all your matters. I am a returning client as he had helped me in legal issues with MVA in the past. Anything you need he has you covered!!”

Cristina D.

“Great organization! Very easy to deal with, responsive, and Marc does things where you question if he’s not just an attorney but secretly some kind of wizard!”

Stuart M.

“Fast, effective representation. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal service.”

Ed C.

“I live out of state and heard that Marc Ward is the best of the best to help out with my DUI case. The recommendation was right! I was so scared and so much of this felt out of my control being out of state, and Marc helped guide me through everything I needed to do in order to get the best results possible. He is incredibly responsive, and he gets the job done right! He knows what he’s doing, and you should stop searching and hire this guy right now. End of story. You’re welcome.”

Lauren T.

“Excellent Law Firm. Best Firm In MD. Definitely Recommend :)”

Gelani L.

“Marc Ward is the best Lawyer in the game. I am and will always be satisfied with his performance and professionalism. Highly gifted, great to work with. I had a minor legal issue and he managed to solve the issue completely. Highly recommended. He will work with you, believe me when I say this: You have a problem, He will get it done; no if, ands or butts.”

Reinaldo O.

“I had a dui with collision and an uninsured vehicle charge… Marc performed a miracle in keeping me out of jail… And with the best case scenario. I owe him more than I can ever put into words. He is hands down the best”

Kory A.

“Marc and Liz are the best of the best!!!!! Great prices and ready to get the job done! My record is not one of the best and they were still able to get me a non process on a harsh charge. They both came in ready to work. If you want hard work and dedication I would strongly recommend!”

Real X.

“Elizabeth, my attorney for a five point speeding ticket, was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was able to reduce the points down to only two, which was the best case scenario considering my not-so-perfect driving record. After our initial meeting, Elizabeth outlined what I needed to do clearly and concisely, and assured me that she would be able to handle everything from that point on. Much to my surprise, I did not even have to go to court! She took care of it for me! I definitely got my money’s worth considering the point reduction and the fact that I even got to sleep in the morning of my court date. Five stars will use again and highly recommend.”


“Liz was excellent!”

April K.

“I was concerned on who to go with. A friend recommended me to marc. I wasnt sure what was gonna happen exactly. He told me he take care of me and he did. After going back in forth in trial marc shut down the states attorney and got me a not guilty plea. All I can say is great service fair pricing and he knows what he’s doing. I’d recommend anyone who has a real issue!!!! Call Marc!!!!!!!”


“Marc is a great communicator, works very hard for his clients, fought for me and I walked away with more money than I expected. 100% would use his as my lawyer again. He is great at what he does!!”

Ashley B.

“Mr Ward has handled our case with an overwhelmingly positive outcome. He is a pleasure to work with, always responsive, personable, patient, and will go above and beyond fighting for his clients. I would definitely hire him again, and recommend him to all my friends. We are very thankful to him for all his hard work and expertise.”

Inès Y.

“I had a tricky traffic case but Marc was fantastic and helped resolve my case very quickly. I know where to go if I ever have any legal issues in the future. Highly recommended!”

Pakeeza F.

“Mr. Ward’s reputation as a top notch attorney has been long established. He provided us with expert legal advice and sound guidance. Despite the many demands on his time, he dealt with our legal needs with a great deal of patience.”

Ariel S.

“Marc did an absolutely phenomenal job with our case. He was thorough and honest while also quite responsive. Once he was hired, he absolutely flew through the proceedings and got us a result that genuinely benefited everyone involved. Highly recommend and will use again if needed!!”

Emily Z.

“I recently had a really high speeding ticket that I received while responding to an emergency situation as a healthcare worker. I explained the situation to the officer but he had very little to say to me. I didn’t have much experience with these situations and was just going to pay the money but a friend of mine stated the consequences of that and referred me to this firm. After reading the reviews, I figured I honestly had nothing to lose and would give it a chance. From the call to setup an appointment to hearing the outcome; I received the most professional and best service. I met with Liz and after hearing my case she assured me she was able to help. She walked me thru all the different scenarios, made suggestions of what I could do to assist and was very clear on next steps. My original court date was postponed but I received communication from the office so I had no worries. The day of my case, Liz messaged me personally with my results and I can’t be more Thankful right before Thanksgiving. I really want to say that even without the unexpected but greatly appreciated verdict that Liz was able to get me; I would still rate this firm a 5/5 and I would recommend them to any & everyone. A big Thank again to Liz and team.”

Shatisha M.

“Got my case settled”

John T.

“I HIGHLY recommend Marc!! He was nothing short of amazing! Very thorough, proficient and answered every question I had. He definitely decreased my anxiety and made the whole process smooth. His assistant; Christine was wonderful as well..she answered and assisted every step of the way.”


“Elizabeth Long was very professional and reassuring while representing me. I strongly recommend her and this firm to anyone reading. I’d give her more stars if they’d let me. 10/5!”

Dylan G.

“I hired Marc Ward only 4 days before my DWI case, after I previously bungled it by accidentally no-showing in the court last year, and today he got all charges dropped. No points, no fines, no jail-time. Enough said after that except hire him!”

Allison E.

“From out of town and called them up and glad I did. Elizabeth was very friendly and fast was on it right my case dropped and didn’t even have leave town to deal with. highly recommend giving them a call”

Donald T.

“I had Marc do a workers compensation case for me and he was above and beyond amazing got it done quickly and was completely honest with me about the whole thing. Will be using him for any other cases I may have. He treats you like family and has only the best at heart. Thank you Marc Ward for all your help.”

Christina N.

“Liz is absolutely amazing at what she does. She takes all of the information you give her and develops her plan from there. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for my husband. If you ever need an attorney, look no further, Liz is your girl! Trust her and what she tells you, you will not be disappointed!”

Ashley W.

“Hands down great lawyer!”

Kenneth N.

“Where can I start! We are absolutely grateful to have met Anthony Cecala! He is such a caring and thoughtful lawyer! He is also bilingual! He definitely cares about his clients needs. Our family suffered a car accident a while ago and our lawyer Anthony Cecala explained and helped us every step of the way in our case. We won our case with Anthony Cecala by our side! He truly fought for us till the end! He definitely knows what’s best! Don’t hesitate on calling him your new lawyer! Our family loves him!”

Ingrid C.

“He knows his job and he is good at it. I recommend”

Mike M.

“I got my 2 traffic preliminary hearings dismissed, thanks to Liv!! 10/10 recommend :)”


“Service is worth every penny! Especially for the peace of mind. Liz made sure I didn’t even have to go to my last court date and my case was dropped!”

Mason M.

“Lawyer Great knows what he is doing for sure..”

Debbie E.

“Marc Ward is very personable and intelligent. I would recommend him very highly.”

Heather T.

“What a great experience I had with this team! They work hard for you to get it done, and get it done right! I’m so grateful for Mark, he’s a top-notch lawyer who knows his stuff. Believe me you won’t be disappointed having him and his staff behind you, they explain everything so you don’t need to do a thing, and always available if you have questions or any concerns. I am definitely going to refer him to my friends and family because this team is the best without a dought!”

Jennifer R.

“Lawyer Great knows what he is doing for sure.”

Debbie E.

“Marc and his associates did an awesome job handling a motor vehicle accident claim. The communication was there and they handled it all. Great outcome. I would strongly recommend this law firm.”

Kevin D.

“I got tickets for driving with a suspended license but thanks to Liz, the case was dismissed. 10/10 recommend!”


“Look no further when you need a attorney. From my first visit with Liz, I knew that I was in good hands. She’s very knowledgeable about the laws, very responsive, patient and works effectively to get her clients the best outcome. As mentioned before Liz your the!!!! Thank you so much again for assisting me with my case and providing much needed peace of mind.”

Shanice M.

“Don’t even bother going anywhere else. Anything you need to be done, this is your guy. All charges dropped and the only reason I get to go home to my son tonight. This is the guy you need in the courtroom with you. I appreciate everything you did for me marc!”

John T.

“A Great lawyer. He take care of problem fast with out hassle. Definitely will recommend him to anyone need a lawyer to friend and family.”

Ronnie K.

“Amazing results. For my case I expected to do jail time and when it was finished. I got a fine and probation, but no jail time. Thank you Marc. Absolutely would recommend him for your legal issues.”

Daniel I.

“Used Elizabeth Long she was extremely professional kept me informed and got my case dismissed I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a lawyer.”

Matt K.

“Marc and Liz are both pretty amazing people. I was put in a very unfortunate situation and Marc did whatever he could to make sure that the truth was told and I did not get reprimanded. He worked very hard on my case because the odds were not in my favor. But court date to court date he made it much easier and stood behind me to prove my innocence. I went from facing a felony to the State dropping all charges. I really couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to help me get back to my life. He is genuine, a hard worker , upfront and honest, and knows his legal stuff. Thank you Marc, for everything. 5 out 5 stars recommended.”

Tarita B.

“Best lawyers ever, they make you feel comfortable and always there when you need them. I would never go anywhere else.”

Jamie D.

“Thinking of retaining Marc Ward? Please don’t hesitate. Marc is not your average attorney. He’s very knowledgeable, professional and caring. With my case he executed beyond my expectations. He’s also very reasonable with pricing and very flexible with scheduling. Thank you for everything.”

Key B.

“Incredible professionalism, knowledge and very personable. Listens to what you have to say, is prompt to respond and gets things done. 5/5, highly recommend.”

Brent M.

“Marc and Liz you’re great, thank you so much! I’m glad this is over.”

Julia S.

“I could not thank Marc Law Offices enough for their legal representation. I felt assured throughout the troublesome process. Liz represented me very well in court, she worked fast and was very knowledgeable!”

Lewis S.

“Don’t waste your money with anyone else, Liz and Marc are phenomenal! Both pay attention to detail and go to bat for the best possible outcome. I highly recommend!”

Contemporary C.

“Marc and his team are absolutely amazing! He was so helpful with my case and very understanding. He and his team are extremely experienced and I would highly recommend this office.”

Melissa L.

“Marc is very good at what he does, very professional. He stays on top of everything he needs to get done. Great personality, and always makes his clients smile. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation.”

Helen O.

“What can I say about Marc and his team that so many haven’t already said including myself. Unfortunately this was my second time needing his services, but hey 2020 was a tough year for myself and many others. There was no hesitation whatsoever when I needed representation again. The first time I used Marc he hit a home run and got me the best deal possible. This second time I thought I was done for but nope. Marc worked his magic again and was able to get me the best possible outcome. This allowed me to keep my license and a see somewhat minimal repercussions. I got what I feel I deserved and trust me it could of been a lot worse had I not seeked his counsel. This is a good man who knows his profession better than anyone. He is the Tom Brady of Lawyers I guarantee that. Marc once again saved my life from a whole heap of mess and setbacks and I am grateful for that!! Look nowhere else when seeking counsel!!!!”

Lenin A.

“Marc is so helpful! Got me a great deal for my DUI. Always a call or text away. Thanks”

Samantha F.

“Marc was very professional and successfully handled my case. I got the best resolution I could have anticipated. I recommend the Law Offices of Marc Ward to EVERYONE!”

Richard E.

“He is the best lawyer you can get. He is careful about his clients and does everything he can to make sure you are taken care of.”

Tamra W.

“Marc is awesome!! He helped me tremendously. He is a very good attorney and I would recommend him to anyone!!!”

Gretchen W.

“He is very professional and do not waste your money anywhere else.”

Allen F.

“So far they have been a lifesaver for us.”

Lynda P.

“Elizabeth Long thank you for the excellent work in representing my friend in court.”

Becca W.

“He was amazing and went above and beyond for me. Would highly recommend him!”

Krystle D.

“Fantastic service and great value! I would highly recommend!”

Michael L.

“Literally the best lawyer in the state. Marc Ward went above and beyond expectations for me. I highly recommend using his services, he won’t let you down.”

Justin M.

“Marc Ward is the best attorney you could imagine. Handled my case like a pro. Got the results that I wanted. The best hands down.”

Ronnie F.

“Very helpful.”

Howie S.

“Mark Ward did a great job with my case. My wife and I couldn’t have been more happy with the outcome. He did exactly what we needed him to do and more. I would use him again if I ever needed to.”

Michael S.

Attorney Ward is not your average attorney. His attention to details, advocacy, expertise, empathy, knowledge, and I could go on, far surpasses attorneys I’ve known personally and professionally. In a profession that tends to be ego-driven, Marc is humble and has only his client’s best interest at heart. I wholeheartedly recommend Marc Ward and his firm. Great things come in small packages. Thank you for your diligence, your honesty and your integrity !

Olivia H.

“Elizabeth is top notch. She is a skilled, confident professional in court; and is friendly and reassuring in personal interactions. You want to have Elizabeth on your side. Highly recommend!”

Darren M.

“Fantastic firm and great attorneys. Elizabeth effortlessly got my unjust speeding ticket completely dismissed — like it never happened — anxiety-free to boot!”

Jonathan S.

“I went to Marc Ward for guidance on a severe accident that I had and he lifted a weight off of my shoulders. He was so responsive, prompt, kind, and professional. I would absolutely will recommend Law Offices of Marc S. Ward LLC to ANYONE if you ever have any legal problems. Thanks a million!”

Lauren F.

“Took very good care of me and my family. Covid Prolonged the process but still satisfied with the end result. Kept me up to date, and I feel I was part of the process as my thoughts and concerns were taken into consideration. I will no doubt hire this team again if needed.”

Ron R.

“Marc and Liz are the BEST criminal defense attorneys in Frederick MD. If you need help , call Marc S. Ward or Liz Jung. They will go above and beyond. Thanks Guys.”


“Anthony Sacala is one of the best lawyers I’ve seen in the DMV I recommend 10/10!”

Daniel V.

I’m not one to review anything but this had to be done. I walked into the offices of Marc ward right after my world had been turned upside down due to spanking my child. I wasn’t judged but rather I was given a sympathetic ear. After everything was discussed to my surprise Marc and Liz fought for me and pushed for a better resolution than I could ever imagined. Because of there hard work and professionalism i was punished but I still have the ability to provide for my family and make sure that everything I’ve worked for these last few years wasn’t wasted. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for them and will forever be in there debt. If your looking for not just a lawyer but one who takes a personal interest into the client not just the check this is who you need representing you.

Patrick M.

If you want above and beyond, go with Marc Ward. When I got injured at work, he and his team went out of the way to make sure my case was completely taken care of. It was more than 2 years of back and forth with the insurance company but he managed to work his magic and made sure I was taken care of in the end. I can’t thank him and his team enough for making my experience unforgettable!

Paul C.

I highly recommend Marc Ward for any car accident needs. He took great care of me when I was rear-ended last year and handled my case great through the pandemic. I didn’t even need to contact him to get information on it. He also got the issues of my loaner car straightened out right away. I am not sure what he said to my insurance company but the very next day they were calling and apologizing for the problems and my loaner car was handled…for that i was extremely thankful. In the end he was able to get everything taken care of.”

Becky K.

“Marc was an outstanding and very professional lawyer! I recommend Him for you for your case and to represent you! He went above and beyond and got me a better outcome then I was Hoping for! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Samantha C.

“Don’t waste your money anywhere else!”

Freemon M.

“Marc Ward is awesome. Will fight for your case & get you everything you deserve. He took good care of me & my girlfriend when we were in an accident and he did an excellent job.”


“I hired Marc to represent me on a case. He was very knowledgeable and is very connected in the court system. He has great communication skills and his staff Is friendly. I highly recommend him.”

Ryan S.

“I was in a pretty serious car accident last winter, in which the other driver was at fault. Marc and his team dealt with the insurance companies, the other driver, the whole nine yards–and got me a great settlement, where there would not have been one otherwise. He is easy to work with, efficient, and got a bigger settlement than I expected.
Thanks, Marc!”

Jaclyn M.

“Marc is such a great lawyer to work with. He kept me updated throughout the entire process which was extensive due to Covid. I was completely satisfied with the end result. Highly recommend.”

Becky R.

“Marc has represented myself and my son in very different cases and we were very pleased with the outcome both times. His office is very responsive and they keep you updated on the status of your case. I will definitely go to Marc for any other legal matters in the future.”

Kim M.

“Mark and Elizabeth are absolutely amazing! They’ll go above and beyond for you. Their skills are amazing, hands down easily the only attorneys I’ll ever go to if I need anything. Their communication skills are incredible along w them being so attentive and their scheduling is superior! Thank you guys for everything:)”

Evelyn S.

“What Marc says he can and will produce in the court of law for you, you can take his word on it. DUI charges in Frederick County are no joke and my outcome was amazing. I’ll highly recommend Marc Ward to anyone that needs an outstanding representative in representing them in the court of law for a satisfactory guarantee.”

Joe T.

“Great lawyer. Knowledgeable responsive A++++”

Lisa C.

Rex W.

“Marc ward was the best lawyer I have ever used. He goes above and beyond to help you in anyway. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help.”

Terry F.

I highly recommend Marc Ward for any car accident needs. He took great care of me when I was rear-ended last year and handled my case great through the pandemic. I didn’t even need to contact him to get information on it. He also got the issues of my loaner car straightened out right away. I am not sure what he said to my insurance company but the very next day they were calling and apologizing for the problems and my loaner car was handled…for that i was extremely thankful. In the end he was able to get me some money for my troubles which i am also grateful for.

Becky K.

Patrick B.

This was the first time I ever needed a lawyer and I’m so glad I found Marc & Liz! I contacted them 6 days before my hearing and they met with me the same day. Liz was the best! She is confident, professional, and skilled at what she does. She helped me feel relaxed and assured that everything would work out in my favor. I highly recommend this team and know where I will go in the future if needed! Thank you Marc & Liz!!

Jessica H.

“Very amazing rates. Wouldn’t trust anyone else but him and Liz.”

Rachel E.

I don’t know how Mr. ward does it!! But this man is a god when it comes to DUI cases. I highly recommend him if you fall into any trouble involving traffic court. He always pulls a rabbit out of his hat!!!!! He somehow got my DUI case and car accident all dropped to just a driving with a suspended license! I don’t even know how it was possible. But he got it done.

Luke B.

“Marc was more than I could have expected! I had tons of charges, over 10 Gs in fines. He got me off with $265 in fines and 3years probation when I was looking at over 3 years doing time! Serious charges and he made everything go away. Can never say thank you enough to Marc!!!!”

Joseph G.

Marc and Elizabeth, Liz especially, are patient, informative and thorough. I have anxiety, among other things, and I was faced with very serious charges, marking my first offense. Liz took the time to answer any and all questions my mind thought up, even the ridiculous ones. She explained every ‘Why?’, ‘How?’, and ‘But-‘ I came up with, helping my anxiety by clearly setting out the expectations and outcomes. Then she went above and beyond and resolved my case in a manner I hadn’t even thought of and it was better then the outcomes she’d originally told me. If your case falls within their purview, these are the best attorneys to call.

Ari H.

“Great to work with, personable. They truly pull through for you.”

Oakley A.

“Mark is the best. Very knowledgeable and professional and would highly recommend to friends and family.”

Jack M.

“I highly recommend Marc Ward’s Law Office – Marc did an outstanding job for my son. Always willing to take a call. Answer any questions and promptly solve a problem. Would definitely use his services again if needed.”

Sandra P.

What a fantastic group of people and very professional work place. They helped with all the little details regarding my situation and made everything easy for me. They walked me through all the steps needed. I 100 perfect recommend using Marc Ward and his team for any case you may need. Very responsive and knowledge person, Marc is. The rates are also very good value for all they do for you.

Ape W.

“Marc did a great job. I highly recommend him!”

Ari K.

Marc has served me with my case. He is always honest and upfront with everything. Very professional and helpful. I do recommend Cecala to everyone who need his services.

Edvin R.

“Marc has served me in court twice now. He is always honest and upfront with everything. His staff is always friendly, courteous and respectful. Marc knows his stuff and he is not afraid too nor does he hesitate to fight for his clients. I’d give him 100 stars if I could. I will continue to recommend him to anyone I know that is in need of representation.”

Aubrey M.

Best service, ever! Marc kept his promise in ensuring that I received the compensation that I deserve. I am thrilled and do appreciate his assistance and advocacy on my behalf. I 100% recommend his office to anyone needing any of the services that they provide. Thank you, Attorney Marc Ward, and your excellent team. I am forever grateful!


Avi G.

“Very great people!!!!! Liz and Marc Thank you!!!!!”

Richard C.

“Marc was great to work with, he was very devoted to make sure we get the best outcome, money well spent.”

Don B.

“Don’t waste your time and money anywhere else. If you want professional results, I highly recommend Marc Ward. Great service and communication! Thanks Marc!”

Safri S.

“Marc was a great lawyer. He was efficient and great to work with. The process was explained and easy to understand. He acted quickly and made sure I received the services I needed!”

Lindsay S.

“I highly recommend Marc S. Ward office and will continue to utilize his services.”

Big D.

“Elizabeth Long is outstanding. Very knowledgeable, no nonsense, easy to talk to, and has very valuable experience in Frederick. All around badass.”

Michael D.

“I had the best experience with Elizabeth Long! She is fast, efficient, and gets done what she needs to. She is an intelligent and striking woman. There is no semantics with her, she is straight to the point and gets the job done. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and extremely easy to contact. I felt confident with her on taking care of my legal issues and my confidence was well placed.”


“Marc Ward and Elizabeth Long helped me out so much! They were easy to work with and relentless in their pursuit of my settlement. After a major car accident left me with serious medical issues, I knew I needed a good lawyer. When all was said and done, I walked away with a large sum, more than enough to pay my medical bills and have lots left over to invest and pay for college. So glad we chose Marc Ward’s office!”

Annabelle T.

“I had a life changing work injury, and Marc Ward immediately went to bat for me. For three years it was a battle, but he got me taken care of. I truly thank this firm for the professional manner they gave with this case. If you are looking for someone in your corner, Mr. Ward is highly recommended! Update…Once again his team went to bat and assisted taking care of a matter for my son.”

Denise L.

“Marc and Liz did a outstanding job with helping and guidance for a unfortunate situation. They were wonderful with explaining the best way to protect myself and options I had. I would highly recommend Marc and Liz for anything you may need. Thanks again so very much I truly appreciate your dedication and hard work.”


“Marc Ward and his Staff are Simply the Best!! From Day one he assured our Family Not to worry he would handled everything and that’s exactly what he did!!! A Million Thanks To Marc and Everyone at his Team!!”

Greg L.

Elizabeth Long is an Outstanding Attorney! Liz settled my case before my hearing and really got me far better than I was expecting and was hoping for! I interviewed two other attorneys on the same strip .. one quoted me $7500.00 and the other was $5,000.00 because I was an existing client! Ms. Jung really saved my butt on about ten years of life! and my total was only $2,000.00 !!! Most Definitely A Top Shelf Lawyer She will forever have my business. Seriously executed promptly and way more than expected! I’d rate Liz a million ⭐️’s all day💪👌

Ryan O.

“The best lawyer that I have ever had. Very professional and helpful definitely recommend his services. If I ever have another case which I hope I don’t I would go back.”

Stephen H.

“Best Lawyer in Frederick! Marc was very professional, and responded immediately when I reached out to him. Unlike most lawyers he was personable! Do your self a favor and go see Marc Ward!!”

Jess R.

“Marc came highly recommended by a colleague in Baltimore and I could not be more grateful. I received the best possible outcome in court and with the MVA. He is exceptional at his job and a champion for his clients in and out of the courtroom.”

Jillian J.

“It is worth sharing. I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and treated as a friend rather than a number. Liz & Marc went above and beyond and did everything possible to ensure a great outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm! Thank you for your outstanding service! Highly recommended.”

Mary C.

“I’ve been scrolling through the reviews and cannot think to mention something that hasn’t already been covered, but I’ll share my experience anyways: I was 7 months pregnant when I got t-boned whilst in the front passenger seat. Out of everything that happened that day I’m convinced my son has a guardian angel and today, now that my case is closed I believe Marc ward is this realms pocketbooks guardian! Joke aside Marc and Christine were the best of the best! They answered all questions of mine, thoroughly explained the processes making me fully involved, are hard-working and dedicated, were patient with my wishy-washy self and in the end surprised me ( in a good way!) I ended up receiving more $$ than others I know with a worse auto accident!! I can honestly say Marc and Christine care about you, will fight for you and what you want, and at the end of the day will be the best choice you’ve ever made. If you need a lawyer, call the law offices of Marc Ward.”

Daniela L.

“Marc Ward and his office helped my husband with an automobile accident claim, and were very professional. Mr. Ward’s paralegal Christine was incredible. I highly recommend Mr. Ward and would definitely use his services again if needed.”

Connie K.

“Marc and Linda helped me get the medical treatment when I was being strong armed by the insurance company. They kept the workmans comp claim moving and negotiated a fair outcome to a tough situation. Would recommend for Maryland workmans comp issues. I would definitely like to thank Linda for her responsiveness and keeping me informed throughout the process, and Marc for settling the claim quickly and at a fair price.”

Clint B.

Julie M.

“Mr. Ward and his staff were very receptive and responsive with getting the job done with my case.”

Staci W.

Palek P.

“Marc Ward and Liz Jung are the best of the best. 100% worth every $$. Professional, personable, extremely knowledgeable, and hard-working. Both of them have excellent communication with each other and always responded immediately to me. Just a great team who gets the job done right. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm.”

Lauren O.

“Marc cares about his clients and will work hard for them!”

Meredith T.

“Mr. Marc Ward and Associates have been serving the Frederick area for a long time. I know exactly who to call if I am ever in a legal pinch. Mr. Ward has always treated myself, friends and family with respect, and has worked quickly and efficiently to handle my legal issues. All cases are different, but mine have always resulted favorably, and I know I will not have to worry. Mr. Ward is consistently transparent throughout the entire process; start to finish. You know when you go into an office and the secretary at the front desk is snooty and grumpy? I have never experienced that at Mr. Ward’s law firm. Everyone in the office has always been kind and welcoming.

If you find yourself in a position where you need a lawyer for a traffic violation, criminal case or personal injury this is the law firm to consult and retain. I will never use another attorney, and continue to recommend Mr. Marc Ward to anyone and everyone! Excellent staff, excellent legal service!!”

Kristin S.

“Very Professional, Good Quality!! He’s The Best!”

Anna M.

“Do not spend your hard earned money anywhere else!!! With multiple priors my situation looked hopeless. Marc, once again, worked his magic and BAMM!! PROBATION!!! He works this magic in criminal, traffic and at the MVA. Too bad I can only rate him and his team 5 stars….they deserve 10!!!”

Joseph K.

“Marc did an amazing job. He knew just what to do and handled my case quickly. He got the best possible outcome, and I highly recommend this law firm.”

Jody R.

“I’m telling you don’t waste your time going to anyone else but him!!! He is amazing got me way more then I thought I would get!! The absolute BEST and extremely professional.”

Knimaeja G.

“Marc handle my workers’ compensation case he won my case got me a huge amount Back he is the Best in what he does You can never go wrong hiring him as your Lawyer he gets it done Thank you so much, Marc.”

Natalie M.

“Marc Ward was outstanding, Calm and patient. We would definitely use Marc ward again although we hope not to have to… best lawyer in Maryland!!!!!!”

Amina D.

“Marc Ward is one of the best lawyers to obtain in Maryland!! Highly recommended!!!!”

Laila C.

“Marc is amazing! After my car accident, he handled my case swiftly and professionally. Thank you, Marc!”

Christina H.

“I’ve used Mr. Ward service on two different charges (3rd DUI & Criminal) and he’s managed to keep me out of jail on both cases. I would recommend his services to anyone I know. Nevertheless, his pricing was more than fair on both cases.

Thank you for all your help.”

Terrence F.

“Marc Ward has been an excellent lawyer sent my whole process of since my car accident where he has been a very caring lawyer. We couldn’t ask for a better lawyer than.”

Angela G.

“Marc and his team are outstanding. They are responsive, professional and caring. If you’re in need of help and representation, I wouldn’t look any further. Thanks again, Marc!”

Brad C.

“Marc Ward is a hardworking professional and his methods are professional, fast, and effective. Very thankful to have had him on my side!”

Isla S.

“Everyone at the office is very nice and friendly. Mr. Ward was professional and exceeded expectations.”

Jason T.

“Great choice of lawyer!! Couldn’t ask for better.”

Marquel K.

“Everything about Marc and his associates are wonderful. They are responsive and determined people. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of help!”

Kathryn H.

“Good quality, Good value, Professional, Responsive all and above. Anthony and Marc took my case immediately and did the best on my case very patient and really appreciated for what they both have done on my case . I’ll prefer there Law Office of high quality.

Law office Marc S. Ward LLC is worth choosing as your attorney.

Thank you so much”

Toya C.

“Marc was absolutely wonderful during my husband recent ordeal! We live out of state and was flying blind finding an attorney. He worked hard on our case and was very professional. He took a really bad situation and turned it around. He even calmed my day as I worried about what was going to happen. Marc didn’t only get us a great outcome or always treated us like we had been a friend forever. I will recommend Marc to anyone looking for an excellent lawyer in the Fredrick area. I am very happy our case was over but bittersweet that we won’t have any more interaction with Marc and his staff!!! If you a reading this looking for an attorney read no father just make a call you won’t regret it. Thank you again, Marc and we wish you well.”

Jennifer H.

“Mr. Ward was a great lawyer. He was very quick to respond the entire time I worked with him. He also was able to get great results with my DUI case.”

Jason D.

James B.

“Great lawyer!”

Ben G.

“Marc did an amazing job with my boyfriend’s case. We had a very positive outcome, all thanks to Marc’s incredible skill, empathy, and experience. He is a true professional and always made time to see us and patiently answer our many questions. You couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. We are so grateful.”

Becki L.

“An Esquire and a Magician. He will make your worries disappear.”

Youngjin K.

“Mark and his firm has been a great help with my case. He worked tirelessly to get me a fair trial and outcome. I would recommend his services to all my friends and family. Thank you for all your hard work, Mark!”

Boris S.

“Marc handled my case with full confidence and control. I was a worried mess and he took care of everything! I am so thankful I was referred to him (by a judge, no less!) Thanks, Marc!”

Regina S.

“Best attorney in the area! Glad I invested in this firm! Don’t waste ur money elsewhere! Call Marc!!!”

Alex F.

“What struck me initially is how Marc Ward didn’t sugar coat anything. He didn’t just say what I wanted to hear. I called a few lawyers and they all said the same thing. How they’re super best friends with the prosecutor blah blah blah and can get it all thrown out. They all seemed disingenuous. Ward on the other hand (and his staff) all were sincere. He also didn’t leave me in the dark. He answered my calls even when busy and if he didn’t answer, returned my calls promptly too. And the best part is the end result, which is he got everything dropped. Don’t chance your future, don’t waste your money! This is the lawyer you’ll ever need.”


“Marc is awesome. He handled my MVA Hearing regarding a DUI received in Virginia and the outcome was much better than I was expecting. I would highly recommend, Thank you!”

Sydnei H.

“Don’t waste your money with anyone else, this man is awesome and very professional.”

Pete W.

“I would and do recommend Marc to anyone. He is promptly responsive, honest, knowledgeable, and a tough negotiator. He puts his clients first. Both me and my son have benefited from his expertise.”

Thomas R.

“Mark Ward and his team of attorneys truly know their craft! Even through the current COVID 19 pandemic his team worked tirelessly to make sure I was getting the best possible outcome in my case. Mark was extremly knowledgable and advised me to do everything I needed to do, which translated to me getting a more than favorable ruling from the judge. I highly recommend Mark Ward and his attorney group.”

Jarron B.

“Marc was able to handle my case with my minimal involvement. Had all charges dropped. Very knowledgeable and great connections to help win the case.”

Brandon D.

“I had a life-changing work injury, and Marc Ward immediately went to bat for me. For three years it was a battle, but he got me taken care of. I truly thank this firm for the professional manner they gave with this case. If you are looking for someone in your corner, Mr. Ward is highly recommended!”

Denise L.

“Marc is the best! He will go over and above to get you what you deserve. He is so personable. I will never trust any other attorney. Let him advocate for you.”


“I had a life-changing work injury, and Marc Ward immediately went to bat for me. For three years it was a battle, but he got me taken care of. I truly thank this firm for the professional manner they gave with this case. If you are looking for someone in your corner, Mr. Ward is highly recommended!”

Denise L.

“Although I have never dealt with anything legal really I have been overly impressed with how both Marc and Elizabeth have handled my case from start to finish.

Marc took time to get to know me first and listen to my needs. Elizabeth provided the representation that I needed and with her experience and tenacious skill fought and won my case. A huge thanks to the Ward Team.

I “highly” recommend that you at the very least talk with them and see for yourself.”


“Mr. Ward has represented us in a few cases and has always given us great advice. He is attentive, knowledgeable and very professional. – Marc Ward nos ha representado en algunos casos y en todos ellos nos ha dado siempre excelente asesoría. Un abogado muy profesional, atento y confiable.”

Paula G.

“I worked with Marc Ward as he assisted me with my workers’ comp case. He and his team are amazing!!! From explaining the process, being clear and directive as issues arose, all the way to achieving an optimal outcome. When I was injured, I was unsure of what to do, and not sure what my future would hold due to the injury. Marc fought for me and I couldn’t recommend him more and have done so to everyone that needs a shark on their side. Loved the experience and so grateful to have had him in my corner.”

Catherine S.

“Marc and his team are the most responsive and professional bunch! Today we got our settlement check and thanks to Marc it was a lot more than originally expected! All thanks to Marc and his team!

Highly recommend!!”

Kareen D.

“Thanks, alot man I really appreciate what you’ve done for me.”

Jonathan S.

“Best tatty ever.”

Gershon W.

“Marc and his Team are fantastic. They are detailed, knowledgeable, and help you through every step of the process.”

Shawn W.

“Hey man! Love talking to you.”

Fernando A.

“Muy amables y te ayuda a despejar cualquier duda.”

Alma C.

“This company is great, I might be a procrastinator but they sure aren’t, they were usually waiting on me! Top-notch!”

Gia G.

“Mr. Ward is efficient, reliable, and dependable. He always gives me A+ customer service. Makes the process easy. Mark has been are go-to for close to 20 years for any questions or concerns or legal matters.”

Nicole L.

“Marc and his team were fantastic! very patient with us, this was the first time my husband and I ever needed a lawyer, he easily answered all of our questions, took extra steps, and kept us up to date with everything that was going on with our case! could not have asked for a better experience!”

Megan S.

“Marc and staff were very helpful and settled my case very quickly.”

Brian G.

“I was so pleased with Marc Ward, Christine and the rest of his staff. I was new to all of this and had hundreds of questions during this process and was able to email Christine with any questions I had and got a quick response back. I was recommend to them by a few friends so I knew he was the right person to go to. So thankful for him and everything he helped me with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need!”

Morgan L.

Austin S.

“I was represented by Marc after being a victim in a motor vehicle collision. The at-fault insurance company tried to pay an extremely low settlement, but Marc pushed to make sure that I got what I actually deserved. He is friendly, and will really look out for his clients. I can easily recommend his services should someone need them.”

Greg C.

“Attorney Marc Ward handled my personal injury case. I was a pedestrian walking in a parking lot after grocery shopping on a beautiful Saturday morning when a middle aged woman backed her car into me & my grocery cart. I needed extensive physical therapy but, was unable to drive because my lower extremities were compromised. Atty. Ward knew just where to send me so, a taxi would pick me up & return me home! He worked tirelessly on my case and when he was satisfied with the final offer given to us in mediation, I knew we had won! He is the most dedicated attorney I have ever met. He is honest and sincere and really cares about you as a person. He made me feel like a princess every time we had a meeting concerning my case. May God truly bless you Atty. Ward for being such a genuine great human being. May you be richly rewarded for your poignant veracity.”

Rita P.

“Marc Ward was beyond miraculous at helping me with my court dates. I was able to walk away free of charges and I owe it all to him. Trust when I say you will not regret hiring him and letting him help you. Props in that he will also make you laugh, a lot. Thank you so much, Marc. You’re a miracle worker!”

Susan C.

“Thank you, Marc, and to your staff. Marc was referred by someone I served within the Army who now is a law enforcement officer in another state. If you want the best lawyer in Maryland, you can rest assured that Marc is the one to represent you. He took time to listen to me with great concern and represented me in my case. Best outcome that I could wish for.”

Khan B.

“After receiving a second DUI (my first was almost 20 years ago), Mr. Ward represented me in Frederick County. I was not hopeful as to the outcome but Mr. Ward came through and everything went smoothly. He was great to work with, responsive, and affordable. I would definitely use his services again but will make sure I don’t have to.”

Stephanie I.

“Very good lawyer, with the knowledge of what I needed to do. I will use him again if I needed to. I want to express that Marc was an outstanding lawyer through my whole case and I would refer Marc to anyone in need of a great lawyer. He got me the best outcome through my case. He cares and does what is best for his clients…Thank you, Marc!”

Alexis H.

“When my son received traffic citations which could result in losing his driver’s license we were terrified. This was a nonalcohol/substance abuse case and traffic only, but the outcome could have resulted in his driver’s license being revoked. This was very stressful especially since he needs to drive far distances for work. After reading many reviews I reached out to Mr. Ward. He responded to me via email off business hours and we were able to have a phone conversation shortly after. Mr. Ward set my mind to ease as best one can when dealing with a worried mom. Mr. Ward was able to provide advice and courses of action for my son to take, not only to help him with the case but to improve his life as well. Mr. Ward showed concern for my son and he was also very personable which made dealing with a stressful situation more comfortable. The outcome was better than expected resulting in a PBJ. Obviously I wish this situation was avoided in the first place, but I am happy we reached out to Mr. Ward and he was able to take on the case. I highly recommend you do the same.”

K W.

T C.

Emily A.

“Marc has represented me in traffic court and also represented me after I was involved in a car accident. He has also represent my son in Criminal Cases. Marc has never let me down and has delivered what he has promised me and my family every time. I appreciate that he tells me straight up what he can and can’t do. He is someone you want on your side when you need a lawyer in Frederick. Marc is extremely effective in bringing legal matters to a close. He takes a personal approach while representing you and puts you at ease or tells you when you need to worry. He knows the ins and outs of the local system and is well connected and respected. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer in Frederick.”

Rob H.

“A+++ I 100% Recommend Marc and his team. He looked at my 1& only DUI case, told me what to expect, and made it happen, with 18 month PBJ (unsupervised) and a restricted license for work and medical purposes. Anthony and the rest of the team were great and helpful. They were always kind and eager to help. Marc went above and beyond to get me the right classes, to obtain the proper papers for my court date. Also, a huge plus, if paying in a 1 lump sump is a financial issue, simply let Marc know HE WILL WORK WITH YOU on that! 5 Stars! Thanks Again.”

Rob G.

“Had obtained the services of Marc and Liz to represent my son. They’re both excellent! And caring. I highly recommend them for representation. The best in Maryland! With a great outcome!!”

Tracy B.

“I just want to say that Marc and Liz are AMAZING!!! My young son made some horrible decisions with some poorly chosen friends and got into some major trouble with the law. Liz worked her butt off and was able to have all but 1 charge removed. Very reasonably priced and went above and beyond our expectations!!! I highly recommend if you desire a defense attorney!!! I give 10 out of 5 stars!!!”

Rhonda H.

“Just got done with court. Being charged with some pretty serious driving offenses including DUI was pretty scary. Not knowing what the impact it could have on my drivers’ license. After being charged I received a lot of mail from different lawyers. With a quick Google search and Marc Wards office came up. He has the most reviews on Google and all 5 stars! I did not hesitate to hire him right away. Marc Ward and Liz Jung are great attorneys. If you are being charged with anything in Frederick County. Don’t waste your time with anyone else! Marc’s prices are very reasonable and fair and he will fight to get you the best outcome. Hopefully, I won’t have to use his services for a long time but if I need a lawyer. I know who to call. DUI is very serious. Don’t go with a public defender.”

Mark L.

“Absolutely great lawyer!! Marc and Eric were a pleasure to work with. They kept me informed on every aspect of my case and answered all my questions with patience as well as working with me to reach an acceptable settlement. Thank you so much!!!”


“The best lawyer I’ve ever had used him 3 or 4 times’s so far great friend also very hard working staff also easy to work with and family-oriented and great friendships thank’s so much to the hole team you guys rock.”

Robert M.

“I’ve known Marc since I was 16, and 12 years later I still wouldn’t consider using any other attorney. I’ve always felt like Marc seriously listens and has taken everything I’ve ever told him into account and expressed it very articulately in court. If you’re in MD, but specifically Frederick County and need legal aid, YOU NEED Marc and his team (especially Liz, which we’ve had the pleasure to work with this last year). I hope I don’t have to call on him to often, but every time I’ve needed help or saving, Marc has come through, a 5-star review on Google doesn’t begin to express the gratitude my fiance or myself can express for him and everything he’s done.”

Andy B.

Marc took great care of our problems and easy to deal with. Great guy, looks out for his client’s best interests.”

Susan G.

“Great service. Great staff. Would recommend!”

Eric F.

“Highly satisfied with my experience. Mr. Ward was a thorough professional. He gave a free consult which was literally free and informative. He educated me on what to expect, what the likely outcome would be and then he achieved it. His availability and responses were quick and helpful. I certainly do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Ward and his practice to anyone who needs an attorney.”

Crystal C.

“Marc is a great lawyer he saved me from going to jail the day I recommend you use him for anything he’s a great lawyer all the way around.”

Justin B.

“I highly recommend Marc Ward and his associates. His team went to court numerous times and took care of all my concerns without any additional cost. Instead of directing me to a quick closure, which would have been a lot less work, they put in the time to get me the best possible outcome. I am very happy with my choice representation!”

Travis P.

“Marc Ward is the best of them! Go the extra mile and make you feel you’re taking care of! A lawyer that will make your day!”

Deborah W.

“Marc Ward and Elizabeth Long are a great team. They helped my stepson make the best out of a sticky legal situation, and also worked with his large and complicated family to navigate both the legal situation and to create a plan together for his future success. Thank you for everything!”

Kelly B.

“Marc Ward is nothing but professional and fully delivered on his words. Not only did he take on our case last minute, but he also handled it perfectly.”

Gordon S.

“I owe my life to Marc and his team! He truly saved my life and got me out of some very serious jail/prison time. He is worth every penny and he truly cares. There is no reason to call anyone but him.”

Steve S.

“Not guilty though.”

Meredith L.

Marc Ward, hands down the best lawyer in Frederick! He handled our case with such care and was always someone we could contact if we had any questions etc. The whole process from start to finish, he made it stress-free for us and handled everything so well. I would highly recommend for anyone going through an injury case or any case.

Nick K.

“Marc Ward did a wonderful job. He gave great advice, answered all of our questions and was nothing but professional. The best part is he delivered what he promised. I highly recommend Marc and he even made us laugh during a stressful time. Thanks for everything Marc!”

Krista P.

Dominic P.

“Not guilty! The best at what he does.”

Brian L.

“Elizabeth Long is the lawyer you want. She helped me out of an extremely difficult legal situation and went above and beyond to guarantee that I would be protected in the future. Her professionalism, confidence, and expertise gave me peace of mind throughout the process. I always felt that she was looking out for me and that she knew exactly what she was doing. I was able to get what I needed because Liz knew my case backwards and forwards, was very compelling to the judge, and was ready for anything from the opposition. Not only was the price very reasonable, but I also felt as though Liz had a personal interest in seeing that I had the best possible outcome. I would recommend Elizabeth Long and the law offices of Mr. Ward to anyone who needs to win.”

Tim D.

“Marc and all of his staff made my experience quick easy and efficient.”

Jacob C.

“Marc Ward is saved the day when it came to my auto injury case! I was involved in a hit and run auto accident out of state. I was very concerned because the driver who hit me had almost no insurance coverage and I had a good amount of medical bills. Marc assured me that he would take care of everything so that I could relax and focus on recovering. His paralegal Eric was extremely helpful and spent hours on the phone with the hospital and providers so I didn’t have to. Whenever It was required for me to speak with a provider he would explain everything to me in a way I could understand and then call 3-way so he was on the line if I needed help. I initially found Marc Ward by searching google for “best auto injury lawyers in Frederick,” and Marc and his team certainly live up to this reputation. They went above in beyond to make sure all of my medical expenses were covered and then some, even in my worst-case scenario. Big thank you, 200% would recommend!!!”

Erin W.

“Marc Ward and his team are incredible! I was in a terrible car accident in February 2019 and they took care of everything while I healed. Through this terrible part of the year, I gained a trusting friend. I would sincerely recommend Marc Ward to anyone who is looking for a lawyer.”

Tori M.

“Marc Ward provides excellent service! Would highly recommend his law firm!”

Tylise T.

“Marc Ward is a great lawyer! Fair price and he got all my charges dropped. Would recommend to anyone!”

Samuel S.

“I was injured in a high-end hotel chain in TX while there for my son’s memorial service. The hotel did not want to do much of anything, and I ended up all a summer going thru skin grafts. Marc was able to get me a nice settlement. I would encourage anyone to contact his office. No upfront payments. Thank you, Marc.”

Val E.

“Very great people working here! They have Spanish speakers as well. I felt very comfortable to speak with them (and I’m usually very shy) so they were very approachable. Everything went very well. Highly recommend the people working here!”

Maria M.

“Marc was wonderful, he really cared about my well being and made sure I didn’t get any jail time after my second DUI. I only got weekend work program. He really does go above and beyond to get the best outcome from a bad mistake. He is the only lawyer anyone should hire to help themself! Second DUI, no jail time and no harsh punishment.”

Luciana S.

Dream D.

“I can without a doubt ensure you will not be disappointed at all when you choose Marc Ward as your lawyer. Marc has amazing reviews and that’s what led me to him, but when you meet with him you will truly understand just why he has made so many clients happy. He is incredibly knowledgable with not only his work but advice in general. Marc is kind, compassionate, professional and his fees are very reasonable, absolutely everything you could ask for in a lawyer. He is truly caring and committed to his clients and goes out of his way to make sure your comfortable in what is usually a very stressful, traumatic time in one’s life. My outcome was above and beyond anything I could of ever hoped and dreamed for. I’m still speechless. I would advise anyone needing ANY legal representation to contact the Law Office of Marc Ward. You can breathe easy knowing you have someone that will provide you with trust, honesty, and security. Please don’t waste any more time looking for a lawyer, I promise you will not be disappointed.”

A W.

“Best Lawyer Around.”

Deshawn G.

“I choose Attorney Ward based on his online reviews and I must say that he lived up to his reputation plus more. I had three pretty serious traffic violations but during our initial phone call, he assured me that he could take care of this. At this time the court date was about a week ago but that did not matter. Marc did as promised and not only took care of the issue but did so with results that I did not think was possible. HIGHLY recommend!!”

H B.

“Elizabeth Long did a superb job with my case. I couldn’t be more pleased. Marc also did a great job. Everyone was really easy to work with and communicated with me through each step of the process. Highly recommend!”

Brian G.

Steve S.

“Marc Ward is the best! Caring, compassionate, and has fair rates. If you’re looking for a lawyer to defend you, look no further. Marc and his team will take care of you!”

Shona C.

“Attorney Marc Ward and Attorney Jennifer Jung are outstanding lawyers. They know what to do and how to get the job done. Great people, great service and excellent staff always putting the clients needs first.
This is the legal team you want representing you in court.

My case was settled in a fast and professional manner. Most important, the charges were dropped and expunged. I highly recommend Ward Law Offices to anyone looking for legal services.”

Roger H.

“Awesome attorney, great value, highly recommend Thank you for all your help.”

Chris W.

“Mark has really been a God sent for my husband. He really pulls through for you and gets the job done!!!
Thank you again Mark!!!”

Becky W.

“Amazing lawyer great personality,quality service only the best at this law firm.”

Cathern C.

“Marc was great! He went above and beyond. He exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him! I could have been really screwed and because of his exceptional skills, most of everything was Nolle Prossed I didn’t have any fines and my driving record is unscathed. Thanks Marc.”

Jennifer G.

“Amazing lawyer, great personality and quality service only the best at this law firm.”

Cathern C.

“Effective, efficient and a miracle worker. Prompt, professional, his team took good care of my cases and got my life back on track. Use him for anything! Highly recommend!”

Bradford L.

“Marc has pulled off a miracle for me. Very tricky case with lots of pitfalls and moving parts. The outcome of which was more than satisfactory. He and his team ( ROBERTA RULES!) have handled several cases for me including a Workers Comp case that involved TWO injuries and 4 surgeries and kept the Corporation I worked for from taking advantage of me. He has great relationships with people on all sides of the legal system that allow him to talk to other legal professionals and help them understand our side of things. When you have every thing on the line, go with Marc. There is nobody else I would ever want to advocate on my behalf. He is well respected here in our legal community and is a top-notch negotiator. OPPOSING COUNCILS BEWARE.”

Tim H.

“I give Marc and Liz more than five stars!! They got me out of a pretty good predicament today and I would recommend them to anyone!”

kellyEm O.

“Mark and Christine got me a lot of money, don’t waste your time with anyone else.”

Robert G.

Tara H.

“Marc Ward is the go-to attorney for your traffic cases. He saved from a DUI charge.”

Silas T.

Erik B.

Marc was outstanding! He knows his stuff and that details of the local courts in a way that others don’t.

Daniel G.

Marc and his team did an amazing job. They helped me get the settlement that I wanted and stood up to an insurance company that was trying to bully me.

Oliver A.

“Marc Ward is the lawyer to get when you’re in trouble with a DWI!! Hands down the best!! Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 4! Marc Ward will go above and beyond to help get you the best deal possible!! Marc may charge a little more than some but he is worth the extra money! I strongly recommend Marc Ward for all your DWI problems!!”

Rita C.

“Liz Jung did a great job for my son that had a negligent driving ticket due to an accident and a speeding ticket about a month later. She was able to get him a PBJ on the negligent driving and a not guilty verdict on the speeding ticket. She was professional and explained everything every step of the way. My son being a new driver and still on his provisional license really needed someone like Liz to walk him through the process. He was very lucky to have her and hopefully will learn from this experience. Thank you so much!!”

Tracey A.

Carrie R.

“Marc Ward and staff were amazing! They listen to my situation and got my case dismissed. Thank you for all your help!!”

India B.

“I had a very rough DUI case in which my BAC was extremely high and the cards were stacked against me. Marc took my case head-on and clearly demonstrated for me what needed to happen if I wanted to avoid time behind bars. Not only did I avoid jail time entirely but I also got probation before judgment and was back to driving six months later. Very professional and clear as day in what you’ll need to do in order to get the outcome from your case that you want. I would advise ANYONE with ANY legal work to consult the Law Offices Of Marc S. Ward, LLC.”

Collin C.

“Elizabeth Long did an outstanding job defending my boyfriend recently. She is an excellent attorney and I’m very happy with her performance. Thank you!”

Melissa C.

“Marc & his staff are beyond 5 stars. I’ve been with Marc for several years now from Criminal/Auto cases. My experience and results from my cases have been AMAZING! My whole life was in the hands of Marc and his experience in the justice system. Myself and his team made sure that for all my cases evidence was efficient in order to show Judge, 3rd party insurance, etc. Marc and gang sits down with you, hear’s you out and lets you know straight up what there able to offer you. They don’t leave small print behind. They tell you straight up what your looking at. His staff calls you and follows up with you making sure you as a client have done your part and gather the proper paperwork etc. I highly recommend Marc! This practice has never doubt me. That’s why I keep going to him when I need JUSTICE.”

Jennifer D.

“I wish I could give this office 100 stars. I had a very complex traffic case and was appointed a public defender who didn’t have my best interest at heart and I was facing jail time. Very unhappy with the public defender, I googled traffic lawyers and this office came up. I called basically in tears and spoke to a wonderful receptionist who took my info and got me over to Elizabeth Long (Liz). Liz listened to my story and gave me the best advice for my case even when I had yet to retain her. I eventually retained Liz as my lawyer. She postponed court dates (even when my balance with her wasn’t even paid at the time). She made me feel like she cared about my situation and put me at ease. Fast forward, the court date was today. I stood in front of the judge for 2 minutes and case DISMISSED. Omg. Liz is the best. If you want awesome service from start to finish and a law firm that really cares about their clients. Retain the services from a lawyer at Marc Ward’s office, especially Liz. She’s the most professional, caring lawyer I have ever met. Please retain her for your needs. Definitely worth the money and worth her weight in gold. Thanks so much Liz.”


“Did a great job. Best out possible.”

James C.

“I am so glad that I found this awesome and confidence lawyers (Marc Ward and Elizabeth Long). They did the miracle job on my two different cases (Driver license suspended and DUI) within one month and the Judge and State Attorney dropped both cases. I am just speechless and Marc is right about the fee since they will make sure that they won’t let me feeling down until it is done. It is worth to pay them the decent fee. I strongly recommend that you must have them representing you, trust me. :)”

Lindsey H.

“Liz and Marc were knowledgeable, confident, and overall fantastic! I was facing multiple charges, fines, and jail time as a repeat offender. I walked out of there with probation and a couple hundred dollars in fines. Well worth the investment!”

Thomas U.

“I wish I could give 10 stars because Marc Ward is absolutely AMAZING. Not only is he extremely helpful and understanding, but he is also responsive and dedicated. My mother was facing time in jail, but with Marc on our side we walked out of the courtroom together and my mom only got probation. This man is truly a lifesaver, and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. We are truly blessed and thankful for finding this incredible attorney to represent my mother, because of Marc Ward, our family is staying together. In a time of great despair, Marc pulled through for us, kept a smile on our face, and was able to keep us in great spirits the entire way. I would absolutely recommend Marc Ward to anyone in need of help.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am today, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Marc Ward. Your time and effort with our family were truly commendable.”

Nicky B.

“My husband and I were in a wreck and we were referred to Marc’s firm. Making an appointment to meet with him was speedy. We did not have to sit in the waiting room long and he was very pleasant. He assured us he could handle our case. He is very laid back not stuffy at all. We settled the case and would refer Marc to anyone that would need his services.”

Karen M.

“Best lawyer around Frederick Md.”

Brian B.

“I called Marc ward for a motor vehicle accident I was in. He is absolutely amazing and professional. He walked me through everything and had everything in order of what needed to be done. He kept checking in to make sure my injuries were healing. Everything was a quick process. He really does care about his clients.”

Brittany H.

“After previous stellar representation by Marc Ward, I came back to him for another situation I was facing. Being charged with my fourth and fifth DUI with an additional two-second degree assault charges he patiently explained the course of action we needed to take, answered all my questions and negotiated an amazing deal with the state. By proactive choices on my end and his expertise was able to not only keep my license but only serve two weekends in jail. I would highly recommend him and his associate Liz Jung for any legal matters you happen to need!!”

Adam W.

“I used Marc Ward as my attorney with a recent accident. He was very kind and compassionate and negotiated with the other driver’s insurance and got a bigger than expected settlement. I am very pleased with the outcome. His paralegal Christine is also wonderful to work with. They made this experience much easier for me.”

Donna A.

“Marc is honest, respectful and will do everything he can to help you leave with the best scenario possible. Thank you, Marc, for putting so much time and effort into my case!!”


“No nonsense and very sharp. Thanks”

Jackson F.

“Marc Ward is an exceptional attorney. I highly recommend. He is professional, prudent, savvy, fair – everything you want and need in an attorney. Simply terrific.”

David G.

“Elizabeth is fiercely determined and highly skillful in the courtroom. We had the case beat before charges were ever filed and because of that, they never were. The constant earthquake that your life becomes after being accused of a crime can become unbearable very quickly. This is the place to find calm logic and a plan. Don’t be outgunned, call Elizabeth and Marc.”

A Satisfied Client

Gretchen B.

“Marc and team provided great service! The team seemed to drop everything to be available for our needs even under short notice. On top of all of that, a positive outcome was achieved.”

Gwen M.

“Marc did an awesome job with my case! He went above and beyond. He got everything I asked for plus more! He made me feel at ease as much as possible considering the circumstances. I would use him again and refer him to anyone in need of legal help. Marc is the man!!”

Jilliane F.

“I did my research and I was confident I had found the right Atty for my son with his baby momma drama. Today, I am convinced that I found the best. Liz is an amazing attorney and should more drama arise, Liz is our go to gal!

This team is a dream team. Extremely personable, professional and passionate about helping their clients. They treat you like family and if you have a problem, they solve it. Thank you so much you guys!”

S C.

“Marc is the best lawyer in Maryland. Does what he says and worth every penny.”

Crane D.

“From start to finish Marc was attentive, confident, and personable. It is clear he is invested in his client’s success and I can’t thank him enough for achieving the best possible outcome in my case. Definitely worth every penny and I can highly recommend working with Marc without hesitation. His office staff also deserves 5 stars!”

Elise K.

“My wife and I had a situation where we needed an attorney. Like many of you, we went online and tried to find the right attorney. We found Marc. He was prompt at getting back to us immediately and was able to meet us within the next day or so. Very easy to talk to. Takes time to explain processes. A great attorney that was with us every step of the way. I Would definitely recommend Marc to a friend or family member who needs legal council.”

Jeremy K.

“Marc Ward is my first, best, and the last attorney I would go for if I ever come across a time of needing an attorney again. There are no words that I can put in this description that will express my emotions towards how magnificent Marc and Elizabeth was. If you come across this review, you must be searching for an attorney, do not waste your time on any other attorney’s because you have found the best one. The only suggestion I have for anyone that comes across reading this review is to not worry about a single thing that Marc does and do not question any of his actions! Marc and Elizabeth will give you the best outcome for your case for fair a fair amount of price!”

Marvin T.

“Marc is the best lawyer you can ask for, helped me resolve my issue with the best results. Definitely, recommend. Marc and Liz did an amazing job.”

Jessica H.

“Mr. Ward is undoubtedly the best choice for representation you could possibly ask for in any legal situation. He was able to handle my rather difficult case involving several serious misdemeanor charges with resounding success and save my career in the process. You would be remiss to not immediately seek the counsel of Marc and his team should you find yourself in a tough spot with the law!”

Steven S.

“Outstanding. Would recommend. Liz Thank You. 10 Stars.”

David Q.

“I have worked with Marc Ward for years and found him to be nothing short of professional, knowledgeable and truly caring of his clients and their individual circumstances. He is always available to his clients day or night to provide advice or answer questions. Marc and his staff’s knowledge of the claims process, as well as his connections and relationships benefited me and my case greatly. I would highly recommend Marc Ward to anyone involved in a car accident or other personal injury case. He is “Simply the Best”!”

Greg L.

“Marc Ward really is the best DUI attorney in Frederick County, hands down, 5th DUI, 3 years probation and 24 hours community service.”

Stanley W.

“I was supposed to pay $1,050 in tickets and a year in jail they got me off with only having to pay $157 in court fees and driving probation. Liz hooked me up good.”

Antonio R.

“I am late writing this review but better late than never right? I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Ward and his associates for myself, my son and a referred friend who also was not disappointed. Marc knows his stuff, is honest and works for you. This office will always be my go to if in legal need no questions asked.”

Channoah G.

“Great experience with Marc and Liz! Marc is there for you every step of the way and always in a good mood with a good sense of humor!”

Jena M.

“Marc was one of the most professional lawyers I could have found for my case. He paid attention to every detail and answered all of my questions. Along with his ability to navigate my case for and with me, he was also able to answer any and every question along the way. Amazing lawyer.”

Kirby C.

“The perfect lawyer. Knows what to say and is connected inside.”

Ray F.

“Marc Ward is awesome, got my money and very nice people will go back if I need to for anything will recommend him again and to other people.”

Charlene W.

Marc and his team were patient and accessible. They helped me navigate a confusing situation and system. My case concluded with no jail time and minimal fines. Definitely recommended!

Rebekah J.

“Marc Ward did an amazing job representing my adult son in a DUI case. He gave great advice, is professional and delivered what he promised. I highly recommend Mr. Ward.”

Andy E.

“Marc had charges against me dismissed almost immediately on two separate occasions. He is a fantastic attorney who knows the law and makes time for you when you need to talk about your case. He has an experienced team who understands the passion and urgency felt by the wrongly accused.”

Marcus P.

“Best lawyer I could have hired and fair prices. I definitely recommend him.”


“Marc Ward got my case DISMISSED. He is a fantastic attorney who cares about his clients.”

Theresa B.

“Saved me from paying up to 10,000 in fines and I only paid 60$. Keep me out of jail on 14 charges and all but one dropped great person and the lawyer just great all around I highly recommend him.”

Evan C.

“Best case scenario will be that I will not need his services ever, but if I ever need a lawyer again, I will not hesitate to call his office. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for legal representation. Thank you, Marc and Elizabeth!!”

Neto C.

“Marc Ward is definitely someone that I would suggest my friends and family to use if they ever needed a lawyer. He is very considerate and makes sure that you understand everything that’s going on. If you have questions, he’s there to help and doesn’t make you feel like you’re bothering him. I’ve had him as my lawyer several times and have felt very comfortable with him each time. I really appreciate his work. Thanks for everything.”

Angela C.

“The best lawyer who actually really cares about your well-being and helping you def first choice.”

Yehuda S.

“Marc is fair in his pricing, professional and he gets the job done. His good long-standing relationships within the Frederick County judicial system are a key factor in a criminal defense case. Work with Marc Ward, and it’s likely he will get you the best case scenario possible. Many thanks to Marc and his team!”

Elizabeth M.

Zev F.

“If you are looking for an attorney to settle your case with positive results then Marc Ward is the guy you need in your corner. He explained everything and made the whole process so much easier!”

Rachel H.

“Marc is not only an outstanding lawyer but a very patient individual as well. He and his staff were very patient with our questions and concerns. He was able to negotiate with organizations and lower the amount of outstanding bills thereby maximizing my in pocket settlement amount. Highly recommended.”

Darek C.

“Great lawyer who is very active in the community!”

Yisroel P.

“He offers great service and gets his clients $$$.”

Zev F.

Shmuli D.

“He’s a great lawyer. He’s an even better dad.”

Shlomo W.

“Marc helped me out under very short notice and got me a good result. I would definitely recommend him.”

Troy S.

“Marc Ward is an outstanding attorney who will most certainly get you the best results possible! I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking counsel. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Matt K.

“He’s such a great guy. Wouldn’t go to anyone else. Best in Frederick in my eyes.”

Nicole W.

“Mark ward is good at what he does and he helped me out on my situation.”

Santos A.

“Marc is an awesome lawyer would recommend to anyone!!!!!”

Chris W.

“The best Lawyer I ever work with! Marc was great from day one to till the end of your case. Even after case closed Mr. Marc’s team have answered to my Medical bills. It was very easy to file a case, only one appointment I had until the end of the case. If I ever have to go again, I know where to go!”

Sudarshan M.

“The only lawyer I’ll ever use.”

Jesse M.

“Marc Ward is an amazing attorney. He gets the job done! If I could give him 20 stars I would.”

Annie H.

“Marc and his team did an excellent job for me to get my speeding ticket reduced to no points. Never Pay a Speeding ticket. Don’t argue with the officer then call Marc Ward.”

George S.

“Marc did an excellent job in getting the best possible outcome for my family member. I would highly recommend him for any issue you may be facing that involves DWI/DUI.”

Beverly B.

“Marc is absolutely the best! Highly recommended. Would give more stars if possible.”

John N.

“Marc was the absolute best lawyer I could’ve hired. I had a workers’ compensation case. They cut my money and medical off and he got it right back when I hired him. He was kind and genuinely cares about his clients. He never rushed me when we had meetings and always answered any and all questions I had. He won my case and made the entire process so easy for me as he handled everything.

Also, his staff was all so kind, especially Roberta. If I ever emailed her with a question she got back to me the same day and was just very sweet and patient. I’m thankful for Marc, Roberta and the staff. Best lawyer and staff around! You can’t go wrong with hiring them!!! Thank you all for everything!!!”

Becca A.

“Marc Ward was an amazing attorney. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would. He handled several court cases for me and I could not be happier with the outcome. If you want a lawyer who is passionate, intelligent, reasonably priced and gets results then Marc Ward is who you want.”

Joshua B.

“Marc is the best attorney. I was looking at a bunch of various issues and he solved them all. He will work with payments too.”

Justin S.

“Marc was so helpful! He took care of what needed to be done flawlessly and speedily! He is a true pleasure to work with!”

Gabi B.

“Marc handled an accident case for me. He and his office staff are very professional to deal with and compassionate and understanding. They made a lengthy, confusing process happen with ease. I’d highly recommend Marc for your legal needs.”

Keri K.

“All of the odds were stacked against me, a rough period in my life caused a rougher one. Marc managed to get me through the legal parts with no trouble at all. By far the best legal representation I’ve ever had, and couldn’t have come at a time when I needed it more. This is my only lawyer now.”

Ingrid R.

“Best defense attorney around. Marc was able to get the charges dropped. I highly recommend him.”

Kerry M.

“Service was excellent!!! Professional to the next level!”


“Marc was the Best lawyer I would use him again !!!”

Bernard S.

“I want to thank Marc Ward for handling my car accident. He is a great attorney and takes very good care of his clients and he has your best interest at all times. So if anyone needs a lawyer go see Marc and his paralegal Roberta they will take care of you.”

Sherry S.

“Marc is professional, articulate, detail oriented and understands the needs of clients.”

Blaine S.

“Marc was awesome! I got in some trouble end of October and I got off with a few fines and no points on my license. Highly recommend!”

Alexandria G.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Marc and how he delivered for my case. I was facing 24 charges; possible jail time. And Marc got me off without even having to do probation. I didn’t even have to plead guilty. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a shark in the courtroom.”

Brittany N.

Jeff S.

“Marc Ward Is one of the Best Lawyers in Frederick county hands down. His Attention to detail and defense tactics are unmatched! Also, he has very reasonable prices. You have a client for life, Mark! Thank you for all of your hard work on my case. “

Boris S.

“We felt very comfortable and confident from our first meeting with Marc that our son’s assault case would be resolved on the first court date with our terms we requested. His prices are fair and competitive with the area. Marc’s demeanor was pleasant as well, giving us a sense of relief and some humor. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks so much to Marc Ward and his team.”

Stephanie D.

“Thank you, Marc and your team for doing a great job with my case. I know I will always have you in my corner. Thanks again!”

Terri Y.

Juwan F.

“Marc represented me in court. Marc told me that everything would be fine. Marc was direct and clear about the case and outcome. I trusted Marc and followed his every suggestion and everything worked out as he told me. I rate Marc the best lawyer with 5 stars and consider Marc among Maryland’s most qualified lawyers.”

Jay Z.

“I recently had Marc represent me in court for my DUI. He told from the start that everything would be ok. I followed all his suggestions and trusted him that everything would work out and it did. Best lawyer around 5-star rating.”


Marc’s calm demeanor and professionalism were very appreciated during such a stressful time for my family. His legal advice was accurate and helped to prepare my family for next steps and manage our expectations for the process, of which we had very little knowledge. I especially recommend Marc for first-time offenders as he is willing to guide you through the process and fight on your behalf.

Kelsey T.

“Marc took my call last minute for my case and was able to provide an excellent resolution and his prices are very fair. Cannot thank him enough for helping me through this situation! CALL HIM NOW AND MEET HIM!! He is the best in Frederick!”

John P.

“When faced with an event that could change your life, you want to place yourself in the best possible situation to succeed. Marc Ward will provide you with honesty, security and trust. He invests his time in you and your specific needs. Having Marc as your representative allows you to breathe easy and know that the best outcome at hand is in your favor.”

Serena D.

“Marc and his team are fantastic! They work hard and get the best for their clients. I highly recommend Marc Ward and would definitely use him again.”

Theresa M.

Cristina B.

“First time I’ve needed a lawyer, I had no clue what I was in for. Marc explained everything to me and the best part he is soo easy to get a hold of!”

Kim A.

“Mark Ward is by far the best attorney in Frederick and surrounding area! Mark and his staff are the epitome of perfect client service, relations, and support. If you’re in need of legal services give Mark and his staff a call, you will not make a smarter decision in your legal situation.”

Line B.

“Mr. Ward is an excellent lawyer. My fiance had run into some legal trouble and after reading his extensive reviews I felt comfortable reaching out to Mr. Ward’s office. From initial contact, his team was professional and helpful. We were not the easiest case, but Mr. Ward heard us out. He was attentive, meeting with us multiple times leading up to court.

I can’t stress how important this was for us as we were quite anxious. Each time we met with Mr. Ward he took the time to hear our points, reassuring us that he would do his best. He never made false promises and was honest with the potential outcomes. Regardless of the outcome, I wouldn’t have regretted working with Mr. Ward. He was professional, considerate and sympathetic to our situation.

Lucky for us, he was really great at his job and helped my fiance with his legal trouble. I can’t stress enough how much I would recommend Marc Ward. Seeking a lawyer can be a vulnerable process but his team is worth every penny. One of the best lawyers in western Maryland!”

Alison H.

“Marc provided excellent representation.”

Matthew T.

Carlos A.

“Marc and his paralegal Roberta handle my Workers’ compensation case amazingly. Always checked in to see, how I was doing? How the treatment plan was going? Kept me up to date on everything regarding my case. Made sure my settlement was very fair. Never pushed me to make any decisions and fought for me.”

Karen M.

“Marc was great to deal with and will go the extra mile for you!”

Aryeh M.

“Marc Ward is definitely the best attorney in Frederick County hands down.”

Avonlea M.

“Money well spent! Saved me a whole lot of headaches. Best lawyer I’ve dealt with in my 26yrs of truck driving. If you need excellent representation in the state of Maryland, I suggest you give Marc S. Ward, L.L.C. a call.”

Orlando G.

“My family and I have had Marc Ward represent us on several occasions. He went above and beyond what we expected and we couldn’t have been more pleased. He’s a fantastic attorney and if you’re ever in need of a lawyer, I highly recommend Marc Ward and his firm.”

Tina W.

“I have used Mark Ward twice as my lawyer. Great results every time. Deff. Get what you pay for. He is very detail oriented and cares a lot about giving his customers great service. Always returns calls and gives great advice.

He has a vast amount of business associates, medical, family matters, substance abuse problems, alcohol, and legal experts to refer customers for further areas of expertise in legal matters before all court cases.

Highly recommend and refer any friends or family to him.”

Jon S.

“Mr. Ward exceeded the expectations I had for my auto accident settlement. He was always available for my questions and kept me in the loop at all times. I highly recommend him for anyone who has been in an accident.”

Kim S.

“Marc did a great job handling my cases! Very professional and kind! If I ever get in trouble again I know who I’m calling!! Thank you Marc!!!”

Francine P.

“Got a hefty speeding ticket, nearly a reckless driving charge, so I was stressing about the possible outcomes. So I decided to hire Marc and I got off the charge as not guilty. Hiring Marc was worth every penny and his staff is very helpful. I would recommend anyone to hire Marc if you find yourself in a legal situation.”


“Marc was amazing and really helped me get the best deal possible. He is the man.”

John B.

“Mark and his partners displayed their experience and dedication are unparalleled. I couldn’t have been in better hands. Thank all of you and God Bless you!”

Lori S.

“Marc was great! He was there and on time and even willing to handle it if I couldn’t make it! Worked his magic and got me on my way with little hassle!”

Chris G.

“Marc ward is THE BEST attorney I’ve ever dealt with. I wish I would have used his services sooner. I went to court the first time I left with a revoked license big fines and way to close to doing time on top of that I talked to him went thru the appeal process and got my charges reduced to nearly nothing thanks to him. I was able to keep my license and avoid paying potentially thousands of dollars to have the privilege to drive in Maryland again. I hope I’ll never need an attorney ever again but if I do Marc will be the first and only person, I will come to with blind faith because I know he will get you results again. Thank you so much for your help and guidance.”

Alex C.

“Marc was outstanding in helping resolve our personal injury claim after an Auto accident. He hung in there and kept going back to the insurer until we got what we deserved. He always asked “what do you want”? He didn’t take the easy way out and push for quicker and lower settlement. Marc was prepared to go to court to fight for what we wanted. Thankfully, his resolve paid off and we didn’t need to litigate.”

Malky O.

Mr. Ward is a fantastic attorney! Would highly recommend.

Rosemary A.

“You won’t find a better lawyer. Marc took the time to reassure me that everything would be fine and he was right! He’s polite, professional and will get you the results you need.”

Cassandra O.

Kathy M.

“Mr. Ward and Mr. Cecala came highly regarded and they did everything to uphold this reputation. They handled my case with professionalism and expertise, as well as put me at ease with a light and personal touch in all of our dealings. Should anyone seek legal counsel I would without hesitation recommend the office.”

Regenal H.

“Marc is an exceptional person and lawyer. He cares and works hard for his clients. I would absolutely recommend him if you ever need legal help or advice.”

Sean M.

“Marc Ward offers great service as well rates! He has been a lawyer in the local here of Frederick for years now! He has great connections and insight as well pull to help anyone with their case! He took good care of me today in court! 5 star from me!”

Matthew W.

“Responsive. Knowledgeable. Shopping around is a waste of time. This is the guy to go to.”

Andrew L.

“Got my whole case dismissed. Even with short notice. Excellent work.”

Zane C.

“Great attorney an even better person, can’t thank him enough for getting my (driving on suspended) dismissed today. Highly recommend and will always speak highly of. Thanks again”

Scott C.

This attorney has his ducks in a row…If you want success, call Mr. Ward! Cream of the crop! I have used Marc Ward Law, on several occasions, and have had ultimate success beyond expectations on everyone. The most recent time, Mr Ward represented me at a low point in my life, when I racked up over 20 driving charges and some criminal charges. With his guidance I got my act together, and followed his advice. When I was finally sentenced, he had all driving charges dropped except two leaving the scene of accidents, which he got me, not one, but two probations before judgements and probation for the criminal charges which carried some years in jail time, all for very reasonable compensation. I would recommend, Marc Ward if you want amazing results! No doubt he and his firm are the best around. Thanks to Marc, I can drive, and afford my auto insurance!

Kenny N.

Donna G.

“Very good attorney.”

Juniour P.

“I used Marc Ward for my revoked license case and Marc got my license valid in a month. He was very professional, punctual and very reasonable price wise. He also kept in contact with me along with my public defender and helped me out in every way possible. I would recommend Marc and Anthony to any and everyone. Great people and if I get in trouble again I’ll definitely be calling him!”

Thi P.

“Marc’s attention to detail is amazing. Highly recommend!!”

Tim J.

“Great lawyer that gets even greater results! 5 stars and I highly recommend him to everyone!”

Gary P.

“Marc and his paralegal Eric worked on my Personal Injury case and stayed persistent to get what I needed without going to trial. I recommend his law office for anyone needing legal services!”

Shawna T.

Excellent attorney! Strongly recommend.

Jesus L.

“Marc is a super effective lawyer. He literally took care of my case in under 24 hours, 3/4 charges dropped, he then got the speeding charge reduced so it didn’t carry any points. I was very fortunate that my friend told me to retain his services, it was literally a lifesaver. Oh, and did I mention that the 3 charges he got dropped carried a potential 16 months prison sentence. I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know!!”

Chatzkel I.

“When in doubt, consult with Marc Ward in regards to any legal matters. Marc helped me out tremendously and he is without a doubt my legal consultant. Marc deserves a 10-star rating.”

Tracy W.

“All charges dropped, no restrictions on my driver’s license. Worth paying a lawyer.”

Benjamin E.

I currently have a case. I am very pleased with Mr. Ward’s dedication to my case. I highly recommend him.

Linda M.

“From the first phone call, I knew I would be in great hands! Marc Ward is a professional Lawyer that has so much compassion, thank you so much for assisting me with your Paralegal Christine. I would refer anyone to this Law office they were wonderful!”

Kesh M.

“Marc was on my personal injury case for 2 years and didn’t give up on it and got what I needed for me. Appreciate everything he and his team have done for me I suggest his law office to anybody out there.”

Hunter Y.

“Marc worked extremely hard to get me a great result, and I would highly recommend to anyone in need of representation. Very personable and flexible!”

Mike V.

“Marc Ward is the best you can get, whatever legal help you need, call him first. I hired him for 2 cases in the last 4 years and a consult on an upcoming 3rd. Do everything he instructs you to do. His mind is like a diamond, brilliant and sharp. Trust him. He knows what he is doing.”

Chris K.

“Shawn Hogue would recommend his services. He was very understanding and cost-effective.”

Catrina H.

“Don’t waste your time with any other lawyer, Marc Ward is the absolute best! He treats his clients like family and he gets every case done right. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Thanks Marc!”

Rachel M.

“Don’t waste your time with anybody else. Awesome, talented, smart. Wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Lisa C.

“Both my husband and I have used Marc and had great success. I highly recommend that if you need to hire an attorney you give Marc Ward a call.”

Jennifer L.

“Will go the extra mile.”

Jotham S.

“One of the best Attorneys I’ve worked with. Highly recommended.”

Frank S.

“He really knows his stuff! Would recommend.”

Catherine B.

If you’re in need of a lawyer that will get the job done quick and efficiently, then Marc is your guy! He helped me through my car accident case with a lot of patience, care, and efficiency. He got the job done well and fought for what I deserved. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone I know that’s been in a car accident and needs legal help!

Maggie K.

Frank S.

“Marc Ward has won 100% of my cases over the last 15 years. Hands down, no better lawyer to have on your side. We had worker’s comp, Slip n fall, Auto and DUI. His team is phenomenal and I refuse to hire anyone but the best. His personal attention to me and my family exceeded client expectations and showed his passion for his clients.”

Gena L.

“Marc is a really good lawyer. He did an excellent job on my case. He listens and understands your problems. I wouldn’t ask for any other lawyer besides Marc Ward.”

British W.

“If you have a serious legal matter, do yourself a favor and just sit down with Marc Ward for a consultation before you panic. I guarantee he will put your mind at ease. I hope I never need a criminal defense lawyer again but if I do, I know who I’m calling. I came to Mr. Ward at the last minute with my case. I have a lengthy criminal record and was facing 20 years. He only needed a few days and got the prosecutor to agree on probation. Before I hired him the public defender was advising me to accept a plea offer that would have cost me the better part of a decade behind bars. I can think of nobody more knowledgeable, compassionate, determined and remarkably affordable. I would recommend to anybody in need of counsel. They are the best.”

Josh S.

Caw S.

“If you want piece of mind, Marc S. Ward is the lawyer you should have. Marc and his staff’s professionalism was excellent and made me feel very comfortable with my case. I highly recommend this law office and will use again if needed.”

Andre .G

“Marc did a great job representing me in a traffic court situation. Couldn’t be happier with his services.”

Dan H.

“Marc Ward is the attorney to get. He does a kick-ass job. I’m satisfied with everything he has done for me by far the best attorney in Frederick county love him couldn’t ask for a better outcome.”

Michael O.

“First off there are no words that can express my gratitude to Marc Ward and his staff! I won’t get into details about my case but It wasn’t looking too good for me. After speaking to a few other lawyers who really didn’t make me feel confident about the case, I came upon Marc’s website. It was Saturday evening and I emailed his office and the man took time from his Saturday evening to call me, I wasn’t really expecting that! In all honesty, that phone call saved me from a potential life-changing setback. I really can’t express how good this Man is, if I had money like that I would put him on retainer! I was told he could walk on water and I got to see it personally with my case! If you are in any trouble, do not hesitate to call Marc Ward! If the state of Maryland gave out performance awards Marc would be the league MVP hands down!!!!!”

Tone F.

“I have had great interaction with Marc Ward and his office. They are busy, yes, but they always took time to talk to me when I had questions. His paralegal, Roberta, always explained everything thoroughly and let me know what to expect next. She made the experience easy. They respond in a timely manner also. I have been working with them for two different cases, and they have been nothing but professional and friendly throughout the process.”

Daniel S.

“Marc Ward is the Attorney you want. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and got ALL my charges dropped. I hope I never need a Lawyer again, but if I do Marc is my man.”

David W.

“Marc Ward is a very good attorney. He is dependable and the best attorney I have used. Marc worked with me and cleared up my situation. I would highly recommend Marc to everyone.”

George C.

Kilundu M.

“Wouldn’t waste your money anywhere else!!”

Andrea G.

“Marc Ward is awesome!!!”

Donna M.

“Best attorney in the state of Maryland! I highly recommend Marc Ward. He is very knowledgeable, seasoned and confident; he will defend you passionately. He knows what he’s doing and doesn’t mess around – not intimidated by the other side. Kind & caring.”

Maria S.

“Mark is AMAZING. Great attorney to represent you. Very nice and always available and willing to help. I will definitely recommend him to EVERYONE I know.”

Jessica T.

“I had never filed a lawsuit in my life. In fact, I felt very strongly against them. Then, on February 13, 2017, I was rear-ended at a high rate of speed on I-270. My vehicle was a total loss but thankfully, (I thought) I was not injured. Over the next several days, little aches and pains arose and I contacted the office of Marc Ward. The first day I walked into his office, Marc was completely hands-on in getting my evaluations, appointments, etc. He was extremely concise in giving details about what he needed me to do and take care of. Marc and his efficient staff contacted me when need be but otherwise, the suit wound its way through the system and I had complete confidence that I was in very good hands. A little more than a year later, the entire process was done.

More than this, Marc is a very nice man. While that seems a silly thing to say, it’s always nice to work with someone you like. He is kind. That said, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the table!

I can recommend him so very highly. Being in a bad accident through no fault of your own is traumatic enough — having someone who knows the “system” well to guide you through it is invaluable.”

Nancy M.

“Marc Ward is the best lawyer in the state of Maryland. When you watch him in the courtroom you’ll see the confidence he has, and you will know you made the right choice. My case was a breeze for him, 10 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 recommend him highly.”

Eric C.

“Marc Ward is a superb attorney who really is on top of his game and knows the transportation and auto laws. He is compassionate, intelligent and truly cares about his clients and their issues with the MVA. Marc is a magician. He can make things happen that few lawyers are capable of doing. Marc is also very proactive and returns calls exhibiting his professionalism and is concerned about your outcome and feelings. I most highly recommend him.”

Dr. David S.

“Marc is an outstanding attorney. He takes your case and handles it as if you were his own family. He makes sure your livelihood, your respect and your dignity is upheld. He is more than just your lawyer, he is your best friend.”

Shavonne B.

“Marc treats clients like family. Always explains the process I would highly recommend Marc S. Ward law firm!!!”

Jason S.

“Marc Ward has been our family lawyer for many years. He is honestly a godsend! He handled our legal matters diligently and professionally. Highly recommended. We’d never call anyone else! Trust us, he will take care of you.”

Simcha M.

“Marc got the other side to accept liability in just one week! I went to Marc Ward for a traffic accident when the other side insisted it was my fault. In just one week after he was on the case, the insurance company for the other side accepted liability, and will pay for all damage to my vehicle! Both my insurance adjuster as well as the insurance adjuster on the other side knew Marc Ward from other cases and it was obvious that they thought highly of him.

He even helped me get treatment for my injury and protected my every interest in such a passionate manner it was clear that he really cared.”


“Best lawyer around Marc ward would always be my go to!”

Donnie R.

“Marc Ward is by far the best attorney to work with! He helped me understand what was happening and made sure to stay in touch throughout the process. If you need an attorney stop searching and give him a call! Very reasonable rates and a pleasure to work with!”

Chrissy H.

“By January of 2017, I found myself at an all time personal low and had legal problems for the first time in my life. I was completely devastated and terrified; I had no idea who to turn to. A friend of mine recommended Marc Ward to me. When I arrived at his office, his staff was friendly and welcoming. Marc was very warm and friendly as well. I was very confused about what to do about the trouble I had found myself in. He explained everything to me and put my mind at ease. He explained my options to me as well as what to expect throughout the ensuing events. Through the entire process, he acted with profession and care. Because of his intelligence, experience, knowledge, and dedication, I had the best possible outcome that could be expected. He really helped me to put my life back together. Now, in January of 2018, I find myself in a profoundly improved situation. Had it not been for Marc Ward, I don’t believe that would be possible. I highly recommend Marc Ward to anyone who finds their self up against any tough legal situation. I guarantee, you will get five star service!”

Karen S.

“He saved my soon to be husband from going to jail! A++ would highly recommend!”

Stony R.

Shannon B.

“Marc Ward was so incredibly helpful and helped me understand everything entirely. I would genuinely recommend his office to anyone needing legal assistance as everyone in his office is beyond professional, helpful and friendly.”

Ashly B.

“I would recommend others to your office because everybody was friendly, nice and helpful.”

Brandon G.

“Very impressed with the professionalism and skill demonstrated both during preparation and at the hearing. Would highly recommend The Law Offices of Marc Ward to anyone needing effective representation. Definitely 5 stars!”

Monica G.

“Marc and his staff are great. They listened and took care of my case quickly. The best lawyer out there.”


“The only lawyer to get! Great guy. I ended up getting my charges dismissed with his help.”

Masque M.

“Marc has been our family lawyer since I’ve been a teenager and he has always had our back got us thru whatever we need him for I’ve been in several accidents and he always gets me the best care and offers and also makes sure it’s done in a timely manner which is very important to me I wouldn’t trade him for the world and I trust him with my life thanks marc for being the best lawyer ever.”

Lisa S.

“I just want to say, Marc is a great guy and has a good heart! I would not be able to drive today if it was not for him! I can honestly say that he truly believes in his clients and helping them! Much love Marc!”

Corey L.

Marc Ward and his staff are the best! Always return calls & emails promptly and they were a big help to me and my situation. Would recommend this law firm without any reservations!

Kelly P.

“You could not choose a better lawyer than Marc Ward. He completely understood my situation and was helping me before I even realized it. He was very focused on learning who I was before he took my case. Who learns about you before they help you these days. A true artist at work. I put all of my faith in him and he knew it. He does not stop thinking about you or your situation or the legal direction that he must take to help you. If you are genuine, If you are up front, If you put it all out on the table, he will have your back. I am Very Grateful for his service. Thank You Marc.”


“I would highly recommend Marc Ward for any legal issues. I have used Marc for several criminal cases, personal injury, employment issues and child custody cases. Marc knows the law very well off the top of his head, he knows what can and can’t be done in certain counties, he has great resources to assist in getting things done the way you would like them too. I have watched him grow for 20 some years. Marc’s staff are very professional and organized. Whenever I call the main office line, the receptionist always knows where Marc is and what time he will return to the office. He is prompt with responding to any questions. Marc is highly reputable in the Frederick MD area. Marc is “The Man” when it comes to legal business.”

Felicia M.

“I have had Marc as my family lawyer for at least 15 years and he has never let us down. He has always done his best to help us out. He is honest and caring and always looking out for us even to the point of worrying about us missing work to go to court. That is not your run of the mill lawyer. No matter what the issue call Marc he can help. I have referred several friends throughout the years and they have all been happy with the results.”

Denise S.

I hired Mr. Ward around October of 14 after speaking with the MVA about my license statue. According to them, I was revoked and it would be several years before I could obtain my license and drive again. Mr. Ward told me confidently he could help me get my license back in 4-6 weeks. I didn’t believe him at all! Sure enough, after some paperwork and a couple months time, I was in line at the god-awful MVA getting my license back!! Mr. Ward works miracles, I’m not sure what he does or who he knows but he get’s it done. If anyone’s debating contacting or hiring him, stop thinking and just DO IT! You will be happy with the results he brings. Very straightforward and will get back to you in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, I have needed a lawyer quite a few times, and Mr. Ward is BY FAR the most aggressive and successful one I have hired. I highly recommend Marc Ward, not just for the reinstatement of your license but ANY legal issue!

Jason W.

“Great, quality service.”

Oscar R.

“Marc ward is awesome and the best if anyone needs help please contact him. Thank you so much.”

Martha M.

“Thanks for all you did Marc!”

Meredith L.

“I fully recommend Marc Ward to anyone in search for an attorney. He is professional, respectable and most of all he knows his law that’s for sure.”

Justin G.

“Marc got my DUI Nolle prossed (dismissed). Great job.”

Steve K.

“Marc and his team are honest and trustworthy. I met Marc during a very unfortunate legal issue and he changed my world and outlook. Their pricing is fair and the highest value in the legal industry.”

Thomas K.

“I am very appreciative of Marc Ward & the excellent job that he did on my case. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. He is excellent, will help you with your case, & be completely honest with you about everything. I highly recommend him!”

Jose T.

“I was accused of something I didn’t do and he got my case dismissed!”

Mary J.

“Marc is a beast! He will get the job done and the results you’re seeking.”

Mike S.

“Marc helped me through a very difficult time in my life. He was very concerned for my family and me. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of an attorney. He started out as my lawyer and by the time business was done he was a friend!”

Jason L.

“Marc Ward is a God! I would recommend his expertise to anyone in need of legal services. Professional, straightforward, honest and the list could go on. Everything he said he would do to help our legal woes happened and we could not be happier. If I could give him a million gold star review I would. smiling face

Amy W.

“Marc has been a blessing to my family- his hard work, dedication and compassion is second to none. I highly recommend Marc when you need help whether it be for minor issues or big ones.”

Krista A.

“I needed a lawyer many years ago and that’s when I met Marc Ward. I had no idea that the man I met almost 20-years ago was someone I would end up calling on again and again because he is truly a remarkable lawyer and friend. Marc goes above and beyond when he takes your case! Marc is honest, trustworthy, and caring! He doesn’t paint a pretty picture for you or give you false hope. He lets you know the facts and he stands beside you and guides you to the best possible outcome. Every time I have had Marc as my lawyer he has won! If you want an attorney that will truly help you and ensure you are okay then you need to call Marc Ward! Marc also surrounds himself with truly caring, professional, and kind people. Everyone working with Marc does their very best to also ensure you are comfortable and feel cared for and supported, which is exactly what people need when going thru a difficult time. I feel so very blessed to have met Marc and I am so glad he is my friend no matter where I live or how much time passes in between seeing each other. I know I can call Marc anytime I need legal advice or just excellent guidance because he is so wise, knowledgeable, and kind! If Marc isn’t able to assist me then he will guide me to someone he trusts so that I get the legal support I need. I don’t know a better lawyer! My entire family respects, admires, and trusts Marc Ward!”

Karen G.

“My husband had a particularly difficult case that not only dealt with criminal problems but with immigration problems as well. Marc went above & beyond what we expected & delivered an outcome that was 1 in a million. He worked with the states attorney as well as our immigration lawyer to have a positive outcome for everyone, we are so pleased. I highly recommend him to anyone.”

Taylor V.

“I was in a hit and run accident involving a tanker truck. Although the truck was clearly at fault, it was never found. My car was totaled and I had several injuries including a broken arm that needed surgery. After 2 weeks of leaving messages for my insurance and trying to navigate through things, I became very anxious and upset. My job and lifestyle revolve around physical activity. I called Marc and he came to my house that day since I was unable to drive and afraid to get back on the highway. He was wonderful to work with and so was his staff-especially Christine. They were efficient, professional and extremely kind and patient – I had lots of questions. 🙂 I wasn’t aware of my rights under my auto policy, and I am so glad that I made the call that day! They took care of everything for me and we reached a settlement that covered my bills, missed work and other necessities. I am glad my case is done but I will actually miss talking to him and his staff!”

Meryl L.

“Marc Ward is by far the best lawyer in Frederick! He was there anytime I needed to talk to him and got me the best possible outcome for my case! I highly recommend him to anyone that has legal trouble and needs to get out of it!”

Samantha K.

“Marc was honestly the best help I could ask for. If you’re ever in need of a great lawyer, you’ve definitely came to the right place.”

Desoto W.

“Marc Ward BEST lawyer i ever had! got me & 2 of my friends out of big trouble! I’m so grateful to be his client. Definitely #1 lawyer in Frederick.”

Kevin F.

“Marc Ward is a lawyer whose number one goal is to make his clients happy. We were very happy with the service we received from Marc and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.”

Chava B.

“Marc Ward is the best lawyer in Frederick.”

Jonrae T.

“I needed some help within my probation. Mr. Ward got right on it and had already fixed the issue by the time he called me back. Great guy. Great lawyer.”

Collins M.

“My cousin recommended Marc to handle a case for me. He and his staff are and were very professional and efficient in doing so. Outstanding customer service!”

Wanda F.

“100% recommend Marc he’s there from start to finish anything in between he can answer all your questions that you may have. Would definitely recommend to anybody.”

Robert H.

“Best lawyer around! He treats you as if he personally knows you and fights for you in every way possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need!! I know if I ever get back into trouble he’s who I’d call first!”

Marie S.

“Fair price and he delivers on what he says. I’ve met other lawyers but Marc Ward is the only one I use.”

Kevin B.

“Marc Ward is an exceptional attorney. He is courageous and dedicated. If I or a loved one were ever in legal circumstances. Marc would be the top choice.”


“Marc Ward is the only lawyer I go to. He is knowledgeable, professional and genuinely cares about the outcome of my case. He charges a fair price and tells me straight forward what he can do for me. I highly recommend Marc Ward’s services. If you need a lawyer. Call this guy first.”

Kevin B.

“Marc did a great job for us! We would recommend him to anyone looking for legal assistance.”

Joanna P.

“The lawyers at the Law offices of Marc S. Ward are incredibly professional and recently got me out of a tight spot! If you need anybody to cover you, they are my go to guys by a long shot! Again thank you guys at the Law offices of Marc S. Ward! Excellent services “

A Satisfied Client

“The Team at the law offices of Marc S. Ward genuinely care about the clients they interact with including myself! They went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied and got the best results! Thank you Anthony Cecala and Marc S. Ward for your vital help and backing through my court date. You guys have been awesome, I highly recommend anyone and everyone in search of a lawyer to reach out to the law offices of Marc S. Ward. Again thank you so much”

Jared M.

“I recently dealt with Marc for a speeding ticket and he was such a pleasure to work with. From our first conversation, he was reassuring and easy to deal with. He was very accessible and I always felt that he had my back. Marc represented me in court, where he is well known for his expertise and the final outcome was exactly what I was hoping for. 5 stars for Marc and his team!!”

A Satisfied Client

“I have worked with the Marc Ward Office several times each time Marc has provided a reassuring feeling in the court room, fallowed up with excellent results. Marc was recommended to me by a friend and I have since worked with Marc and Anthony in both Frederick and Carroll County. Each time I have gone to court with them at my side I have received a sentencing that I am very pleased with!
Rates are reasonable and 100% money! well! spent!”

Emma B.

“Marc Ward is a god, best lawyer in town.”

Emmanuel D.

“Have known for years and never needed. But when i did, he and his entire staff handled the whole situation in a swift and professional manner. No other attorney for me. I have my attorney for life.”

Linda M.

“I had an assault charge and when all was said and done ended up with probation before judgement. Great job. Highly recommend Marc if you need a lawyer.”

Lee T.

“Marc’s entire office was helpful and professional when I had a workman’s compensation court case. It was so helpful to have someone there to help me with all my questions and concerns and also handling getting all that was needed for court. Not only did Marc get me money, but also helped me find the help I needed to start the healing process! I am so thankful and highly recommend him!”

Amber G.

“Marc’s whole office was helpful, i would recommend Marc to any family or friends. He has helped my boyfriend get off of some serious charges. The only lawyer I’d trust.”

Amanda F.

“No doubt the best lawyer around. If you want to gamble your freedom try someone else but if want to go home, use Marc Ward.”

Jon F.

“Mr. Ward is 100% professional. He is a great communicator and lets you know upfront the route that best fits your case. He is a wizard with the MVA and gets them to move fast than they would without any representation. Awesome experience.”

Anthony H.

“Marc is a law God! I was facing 12 months and points on top of a $1000+ fine and he got me a PBJ! “

Nick S.

“Very helpful on my situation”

Ashley W.

“Amazing lawyer for a good price he will defend you.”

Juan S.

“Bright, excellent attorney, friendly and well versed in his field as an attorney. I would recommend him MOST HIGHLY. Marc is very attentive to detail and is concerned about his clients.”

A Satisfied Client

“Marc has done a fantastic job for my family- from little cases to a major case. I highly recommend his services.”

Krista A.

“Marc is fantastic lawyer when I needed him he was there.When I told him about my case he assured me he would get the charges drop and he did exactly what he said.If you ever in a situation he’s the lawyer you need.Thanks again Marc.”

Taylor M.

“Fair price, absolutely recommend his services to anyone! Knows his way around the courtroom, has great capacity to get the results you desire.”

Chris G.

Josh G.

“Amazing lawyer. Marc is very informative and works hard for his clients. Highly recommend.”

Cathern C.

“When you need the services of a lawyer who really knows the law, and who will defend you, the client, with integrity and professionalism, I do recommend the Law Offices of Marc Ward. Our experience in the courtroom with Mr Ward or his associate Mr. Cecala, has been great. These gentlemen work for you. Thank you for helping us in our time of need.”

Rick & Pat W.

“Marc Ward is an excellent lawyer, he did everything he could for my husband and kept him out of jail.”

Samantha H.

“Marc was an amazing attorney. He was able to have my entire DUI case dismissed. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is in need of counsel.”

Nick S.

“I got into an unfortunate incident on New Year’s Eve. I had never been out for that holiday, lost my husband a year before and my job and was feeling very depressed. So my family invited me out. I did not have that much to drink, a couple beers and a glass of wine. I even stayed longer at my sister’s house and left to go home at 3:30 am. All the way from Frederick, I was stopped by State police on 26, a block from my home. Charged me with DUI and I thought my life had taken me in a direction I did not want to go. The next day went online and found Attorney Marc Ward. He called me immediately and first thing he said was not to worry. I have never been in any trouble and my record was clean. Marc just kept insisting that I not worry. In Court he was awesome and spoke so highly of me. I sat in Court for 2 hours and the courtroom was packed. I knew I was going to get it, but Marc did the work and made me feel so at ease. He even made the Judge compliment me. After months of worry and self doubt, I walked out of the courtroom with a 57.50 fine. I highly recommend him for his expertise, professionalism and his kind manner. He will truly be my go to Attorney forever and I highly recommend that he be yours. Thank you so very much Marc.”

Debi P.

“A couple of my friends used him and said he’s the best when i came to him with a traffic violation looking at losing my license for 6 months he said i think we have a case here and he got me a not guilty no points no fines nothing great work i will be using them again in the future”

Tyler S.

“Thanks Marc you did a fantastic job! my case was very difficult but he did a fantastic job he got all my charges dropped I don’t know anyone else that could have gotten that done. He can do everything he says he can.”

Lisa S.

“Marc is a great attorney. He definitely knows what he is doing and is there when you need him. Definitely recommended”

David M.

“Mr. Ward recently handled my friend’s case, a case that looked very bleak due to my friend’s criminal history. Mr. Ward was able to negotiate a settlement where instead of the 10-14 years my friend was facing, he is getting 18 months, but will most likely be out before the end of 2017. Marc does his due diligence and then some. I highly recommend this attorney. He is passionate about what he does and it shows in his results.”

Kaya C.

“Marc is an amazing lawyer who has helped me with multiple kinds of cases, from speeding tickets to personal injury. He never disappoints!”

Kim O.

“Best lawyer in Frederick hands-down! Funny intelligent and always has your back! Don’t back down, go to Marc Ward!!!”

Nikolai W.

“Marc has done a fantastic job representing my family and friends thru the years. Highly recommended!”

Tammy G.

“Best lawyer in all of Frederick! 20/10 stars if I can!”


“Marc is the best lawyer in Frederick county. Matter fact best lawyer in Maryland period. Helpful and intelligent. Will fight for his clients in any situation. If u need a lawyer call him and no one else.”

Joey S.

“I got into an accident last year, unfortunately I was driving on a revoked license. So when the cops got to the scene I was ticketed. My driving record is so bad, I have 6 prior driving on suspended cases and 1 DUI. So just keep that in mind. My charges ended up getting put on a Stet docket, which pretty much means they put it on the back burner and no penalties, but if you get in trouble they have an option to bring it back up. So here I am with the bad driving record. I got my license back before court, Marc asked for some time for me to do so and that helped a great deal. I ended up paying a $1000.00 restitution, which I was happy to pay. I don’t see how my case could have gone any better and everyone keeps saying” I can’t believe they didn’t do anything to you.” Marc is really great at what he does and he is down to earth and will make sure you taken care of. I still have my license, NO probation, & no jail time! He REALLY is great at what he does and if you want to beat a case I suggest you use Marc Ward!”

Danielle P.

“Marc and Anthony are amazing representation for a variety of your legal needs. Approachable, strategically intelligent and consistently reliable. Yes this review is starting to sound like a professional write up, but let me assure you that I’m very far from a marketing pro. I’m am just a very satisfied customer that wishes to convey to you and everyone that this practice is the best.

Why? From the very first phone call the experience and excellent demeanor of the entire staff helps to calm and relax you. I remember on one occasion being so upset and stressed out I couldn’t help but vent to the receptionist for a couple of minutes. A few short minutes later she could tell I was about done. With a warm smile she simply stated, “Marc will do as much as he possibly can to help you”. That alone made feel so much better.

For the last 10 years Marc has been my family attorney. I have referred him to countless friends and family and everyone are as satisfied as I am.

One of the best perks when hiring Marc is that he has practiced law in Frederick county for as long as I can remember. Roughly 12 years ago is the first time I hired Marc. Even back then the relationships he had built with his colleagues were extremely impressive.

All this being said you would expect a lengthily waiting list. Not the case. Marc has taken calls from from me to ask important questions related to pending cases and emergency situations several times. Also, getting scheduled for an office visit is quick and extremely effective. In my experiences and opinion Marc and his team of professional staff members is worth every penny. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone call him today!!!”

Andrew B.

“Excellent attorney hands down. He handled two cases for me and he was exceptional.”

Minny F.

“I recently had traffic violations that the officer “warned” me to get a lawyer! I have a close friend that employed Marc to represent her with outstanding results. I did not shop around and hired him at our first meeting. When I went to court I was worried but felt I was in good hands. I was gently guided through the process by Marc and was able to testify to the facts with less nerves. I would like to recommend his services to those in need of a great attorney.”

Christie K.

“Marc handled my case very well. I would most definitely recommend using him!”

Nicole H.

“Marc was amazing and helped us with every step of the process. He had a good relationship with the court staff and judges which helped ease tensions.”

Michael L.

“Mr. Ward has helped me out 3 or 4 times now. Each time I never felt like I overpaid and the experience was great. He’s very personable and knows almost exactly what is going to happen in court before you even walk in. I’ve used him, my brother used him, my friends have used him. We all have the same basic experience. If you’re in trouble and in Frederick, he’s the best!”

James D.

“Awesome lawyer gets the job done!”

Mike S.

“Great service! Marc was a lot of help to our family.”

Samantha B.

“Mr. Ward and his firm offer amazing service for a great rate! He really went above and beyond to get me the best outcome in my case. I’m very satisfied and would recommend his service to anyone. 5 star service!!!”

Phillip C.

“Marc is the man. I’ve had a couple DUI’s and problems with the MYA that he took care of with no problem. He actually cares about your situation and doesn’t tell you that everything will be fine knowing that it’s not. He’s straight up and will get you the best outcome. I would recommend him to anyone going through any legal problems.”

Kevin H.

“I have been through my troubles in life, and I have never come across a more kind, caring, professional, compassionate, and exquisite fight till the end lawyer. I had two different cases which had a total of 8 charges, and Marc got them all dropped. I got a slap on the wrist and nothing on my record. Marc listens and doesn’t judge, he’s there to help you in anyway he can. He was there for me till the end, and because of him I was able to reunite with my husband. He’s def worth the cost and he’ll give a fair price. I owe him everything. Thank you. Best man ever!”

Sarah C.

“I met Marc through a mutual friend as a recommendation for my traffic case. He was more than reasonably priced, accommodating to my schedule, and genuinely cared about my situation. Because of Marc I walked from the court room today with a smile on my face despite the judge who likes to abuse his power and the state of Maryland jumping on my back like a bunch of untamed gorillas. All I know is I’m not in jail and I have Marc Ward to thank for that. All in all, I recommend Marc to anyone who is dealing with a criminal or traffic case. He will not let you down!!”

Christopher A.

“I was wrongly incarcerated for crimes I did not commit where I was facing a long prison sentence, Mr. Ward and his staff fought vigilantly every day against the corrupt and very biased State Attorneys of Maryland. He treated me with exceptional priority, gave me accurate court scenarios and was very well priced. All I can say is Thank You so very much for allowing me to maintain my freedom with a Nolle Prosequi verdict and I will continue to send you referrals.”

Steve H.

“With so many lawyers out there choosing one is very difficult. I am so glad I went with Marc Ward. He is easy to talk to, down to earth, understanding and will be there for you every step of the way. I highly recommend Marc”

Kim C.

“Marc Ward; Professional, educated, and fun all while showing and extraordinary amount of support and enthusiasm when helping his clients. He is always very honest and positive about all outcomes, and can bring light to ANY situation! 5 stars are not enough to recommend this man! A job that will always be well done!”

Rania B.

“Me and my entire family are thankful for Marc and all he has done to help our family; Marc made sure that everything needed was always done, on time, and that we always understood what was going on. Marc treated us as a family , but treated our case as a business.

Thank you so much, and we will refer you to anyone who needs help with legal matters.”

Anita E.

“I have used Marc on 3 of my major court cases. I have been treated fairly each time. All of the cases never went to trail and I was given superb service inside the court and in his office. Marc cares about his clients and offers amazing rates for 5 star service. I wouldn’t recommended anyone else to go to court with. Thank you over and over!!”

Andrew B.

“Marc Ward and the people who work for Marc Ward (Roberta & other staff) are amazing. What a great asset to your practice Mr. Marc Ward. I can honestly say that there was never a question or doubt in my mind that I had picked the right legal council to help me. At any point in time that I had a question it was answered right away. I’m sure if you’re in the situation of needing Legal Council like I did then you don’t want to wait for a question to be asked, you want answers right away. Marc and staff thank you very much for everything that you have done for my family and I. If you are looking for anyone to represent you I would highly recommend that you call and meet with Marc Ward.

Let all your stress and anxiety go by calling.”

Jesse T.

“Marc truly cares about his clients and will work hard to get results. I am very impressed with his work and highly recommend him.”

Sol K.

“I contacted this office for some legal advice and counseling. Marc was the absolute best. His office is fantastic and always polite. I highly recommend this office to others.”

Jessica M.

“I am very pleased with my decision to use Marc ward as my attorney. He pointed me in the right direction and gave me guidance throughout the duration of my case. Marc ward is a very genuine and personable man. He was extremely easy to talk to and to be 100 percent honest with. I was impressed with the outcome of our case. Anyone who uses Marc Ward is making a wise choice.”

Valerie B.

“Good, effective and honest attorney. He took care of my husband’s case with great results. Thank you very much. Recommended”

Sandra H.

“Thank you, Marc you helped me very much with my case. I recommend him highly if in need of a great lawyer!”

Don S.

“Marc is an excellent lawyer and he will devote 100% to your case. He is professional and respectful and I was very comfortable talking to him. He doesn’t give up. I was very lucky to finally find someone who actually listened and cared. Marc made my life better again!”

A Satisfied Client

“Marc is an awesome attorney! He did some work for my husband this week and did a great job! We Highly recommend him!”

Kristy C.

“Marc did everything he said he would. I was charged with a DUI and Marc was able to get my case reduced to another unsupervised PB&J without any fines. I don’t have to check in with the court, I kept my driver’s license, no points were taken from my driving record, and my insurance company will not find out about the arrest. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Thanks Marc!”

Scott M.

“Marc was excellent in helping my son and I respect him a lot and would recommend him 100%!! My son was facing a DUI and Marc did excellent work to where my son doesn’t have a DUI or record!! His prices are very fair as well!! So c’mon everyone who needs a lawyer call Marc ward he’s the best around!!”

Amy B.

“I would recommend Marc to everyone. He always made me feel at ease during very stressful situations. He came in, took charge and got the job done. Marc defended me and I received diminished time and resources with the court system. Thanks again, Marc!”

Katherine M.

“Marc ward is the best. I’d most definitely hire him for anything I needed help with again, and the wonderful lady that worked on my case also. You all have been amazing. Thank you again :)”

Robert M.

“Marc did a great job in court. He was able to bring my DUI charge down to minimal fines with no record. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation.”

A Satisfied Client

“Would recommend him to anyone who needs representation in court. Very pleased with his work and the outcome of my case.”

Andrew L.

“I highly recommend Marc Ward, his extensive knowledge, experience, and character to represent anyone for their legal needs. Marc took charge of my particular case and instilled confidence in the outcome, as well as in myself during a extremely stressful time. Marc was very open and honest every step of the way; detailing the entire process from both sides. Marc displayed his trust and faith in me as his client during every phone call and office visit. I have since sought Marc for legal advice in other matters and most certainly will higher Marc Ward for any future legal obligations. I highly recommend contacting Marc for all your legal needs.”

John D.

“Awesome lawyer! I had trouble with my license and even with me not doing well on my part to stay on top of it, Marc still got me out of my troubles! Definitely recommend if you’re ever having court troubles with your license to go to Marc. He’ll probably get the whole thing off your record.”

Kaitlin A.

“Marc Ward is top notch. Providing expertise in the system and how it works. He is able to take on the most difficult of cases and bring them to a good resolution. Marc treats everyone with dignity and respect. I never thought when I looked Marc up in the phone book over 8 years ago I would need him for anything other than my Workman’s Compensation Case, but I am thanking God, that he is the lawyer I picked for that case because he is versatile in so many other areas that life sometimes takes you whether you want it to or not. Marc is who you want in the courtroom with you.”

Shelley F.

“I have never met Marc Ward. But my daughter’s family has used Marc on various occasions and it has been less stressful for me to know he was there supporting the outcome. My daughter first met Marc when he did her workmans compensation case. It was a financially stressful time and knowing he was competent to get the job done put my mind as ease. I would recommend him for all he specializes in as he has helped my family out with all the different types of things he specializes in.”

Joyce P.

“Marc was excellent and helped me beyond my imagination. I was facing a crime I didn’t commit carrying 15 yrs. With my past even though it was 14 yrs ago it wasn’t looking good. But with the help of Marc not only did he get it dropped he got it completely expunged off my record which therefore saves my career also. Having a wife and two kids to rely on me he pretty much saved my life and I would recommend him to anyone needed help. Thanks Marc,. “

David E.

“Excellent lawyer and guy, took care of our bogus domestic assault charges quickly and made it all go away without any issues. Will use Marc Ward again over anyone else.”

Curt K.

“Overall impressed! Each case was settled greatly and held to my expectations! Ward is always ready and on time for court and always has good representation.”

Cody W.

“Mr. Ward provided wonderful expertise for my case. He is very professional and quick to take care of your case in the best possible way. In my situation, I felt stuck with no way out but Mr. Ward was able to get me through my case with confidence and little to no fear of how the case would turn out in the end. I appreciate how prompt he was to handle my case with just a few phone calls!”

Amber S.

“Marc was great to work with. He is a very competent & caring lawyer. He was always available to answer questions. He worked hard to get the results we wanted. We highly recommend using Marc.”

Jodi B.

“Marc is amazing. It was my first time needing an attorney and he walked me through everything. I was very comfortable with all his decisions, he made sure I understood everything and got me the best results possible! I trust him 100 percent!”

Deejay M.

“Marc is a fantastic lawyer, I always refer my friends and family to him. Marc has helped multiple people in my family to get out of situations that seem impossible to get out of. All Marc has to do is make a couple of phone calls and he will get you the best deal on any situation. I highly recommend this guy he’s one of the best! (:”

Luis R.

“Marc is a real professional. He made dealing with our accident much smoother. He worked hard to get us what we deserved. Thanks again!”

Mike L.

“A friend of mine referred Marc. S. Ward to me years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. He has represented me now in several bad criminal traffic offenses. Marc Ward has proven time again that not only he IS THE BEST LAWYER IN MARYLAND, but he is brilliant, compassionate, affordable, knows ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE, represents you with grace and gets the job done. He has demonstrated this every time and has truly changed my life. I learned my lesson and all I have to say is……Case Dismissed!! All my friends are in awe of his capabilities as a lawyer. Smart, great looking and a beast in the court room. I can’t thank you enough Marc and you have my utmost respect!”

Katherine M.

“Marc Ward has handled all my legal matters over the years. His going above and beyond has given me above and beyond results every time. I have recommended him to family and friends and he has always done the same for them. I would not consider using another lawyer. He’s the BEST.”

Lisa F.

“Dear Honorable Attorney Marc Ward,
I’m writing you to formally thank you for being my attorney and for your incredible representation. Your staff was a pleasure to work with. I always felt very comfortable working with you and knew that my best interests were being served. It was very refreshing to deal with an attorney who is ethical, caring and passionate about what they do. You have handled my case in an extremely competent and professional manner. I’m so pleased with the work you did and with the settlement. You’re a great lawyer. You displayed honesty, dignity humility and compassion during this situation. I highly recommend Marc Ward. You did a tremendous job. Thank you again for your services. “

Debra L.

“Marc was amazing to work with! He helped us every step of the way, was extremely professional, and delivered on his word. He took what seemed like a hopeless situation and turned it into something completely manageable. I would recommend Marc Ward’s office 10 out of 10 times. Thank you!!!”

Dana B.


Adam W.

“I really appreciate how well Marc Ward & Anthony Cecala handled my case. They were professional and kept me at ease. I would definitely recommend their services”

FeFe L.

“If your are looking for a good lawyer, Marc Ward is the one to pick. Marc is professional and gives you his attention and time. You will never be disappointed! Marc Ward is the best!”

Skinard J.

“Case Dismissed! Thank you Marc Ward! You are awesome and I will recommend you to everyone I know!”

Mary J.

“I just want to say thank you to Mr. Ward and his staff for their help with my case. I came into his office last year scared to death and asked for his help. His staff was courteous and understanding, and immediately I was comforted by Marc’s knowledge of the court system regarding my fifth DUI charge. By taking his suggestions I not only spent zero time in jail, but also I have acquired a new outlook on life in sobriety. Marc Ward introduced me to a great group of people who live and work in the field of recovery and consistently contacts me just to see how things are going. This alone proves to me that he genuinely cares for his clients and wants to see us succeed in life. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, experienced and professional attorney to represent them in any legal matter!”

George D.

“They helped me out with my accident. Amazing lawyers!!”

Michelle S.

“Mr. Ward did me a great service. Couldn’t have gotten a better result on my own. He made a difficult matter disappear. Thank you.”

Denise C.

“Marc Ward and Anthony Cecala did a great job with my case!! They got me the very best outcome I could ask for, and they reassured me throughout the entire process. Thank you guys!!”

Justin S.

“Best lawyer around, many years of experience, knowledge and the know how to win cases. If you need an attorney in the Frederick area, he is the one to turn too!”

Nachi W.

“My experience with Marc Ward, Roberta(Legal Assistant) and support staff has been cordial and professional. I found Attorney Ward to be diligent, effective and strategic minded regarding case disposition. I believe the years of legal experience and teamwork attitude demonstrated by Roberta make her an asset to the Firm. I fully recommend the Firm to handle all your criminal and/or civil matters.”

Alfonso C.

“Effective and efficient, Marc Ward has become an essential asset to our family in any case we have used him. Not only were the results as satisfying as we had hoped but his dedication and personal attention given to his clients makes the uncomfortable that much more bearable. If you are on the fence about hiring this firm I would personally advise you to do so, the results will speak for themselves. The best advice I had ever gotten was to relax and call Marc Ward.”

Megan B.

“The level of professionalism from Marc Ward and his staff was second to none. From beginning to end I have felt comfortable and secure in your judgement and I have nothing but praise and recommendation for you and your law firm. I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. You were superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. I owe the success and outcome of my case to your dedication and perseverance, which you showed throughout the 12 months that you were handling my case. You treated me and made me feel as I was more than just another client and for that I will be forever grateful…..Once again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.”

Greg L.

“I was referred to Marc by a friend and he did a great job with my case. Highly recommend!”

Laurel C.

“I would personally like to thank everyone at Ward Law Firm, if you ever need any legal services I highly recommend them!!”

Shannon H.

“The folks at Ward Law Firm were very easy to talk to, and very helpful with my situation. A very knowledgeable group that will stick up for a person’s rights and won’t be intimidated by big companies or the government. Thanks for your help.”

Jeff Y.


You are AWESOME! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help my son. Not sure how you do it, but you always seem to be able to make things come out better than I ever expect. Always, Always, the best outcome for the case with you as the lawyer. I really can’t say enough good about you. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Thanks again for your hard work, it is very much appreciated.”


DUI Defense Client

“Marc S. Ward was the perfect attorney for my case. He not only got what I wanted out of my case but was there for me to the end. Thank you so much for all your help and expertise in my case! I will definitely recommend you to people I know who need a powerful attorney on their side.”

A Satisfied Client


“Concerned, prepared, smart with good relationships. I could not have a better outcome so I would recommend Marc. Yes, cost effective as well.”


A True Pro…

“Marc, prior to visiting your office, I spoke to several lawyers and did not walk away with a comfort level. With you I was positive I was going to resolve my problems. I explained my situation, I had just been stopped for driving on a revoked license and I had several old DUIs. Marc immediately made a few phone calls and came back and outlined a program that if I followed it I should be able to drive again he set up alcohol counseling located the Driving test I needed and worked with MVA contacts on my case.

When we went to court, there was no doubt I made the right choice in hiring Marc. I felt the judges respected his abilities. I followed His program 100%. When we went to court today I had a letter from MVA authorizing me to apply for my new license.

The penalties could have been jail time and $500 or more in fines. Marc was successful in getting me a PBJ and a fine of $57.50.

I do not believe very many lawyers could have done this. I certainly did not see any attorney that demonstrated the level of SKILL that Marc did.”

A Satisfied Client

An Incredible Attorney…

“Marc is an incredible attorney..! I was facing my 4th DUI charge and was prepared for the worst possible outcome in court. Because of the suggestions from Marc prior to my court date and his expertise in court, I walked out with the best possible outcome from the situation. I don’t have to spend any time away from my family and was relieved at the judge’s decision. I would highly recommend Marc for any defense case. He is worth every penny and I couldn’t be happier or thank Marc enough for his help!”

A Satisfied Client

Thank You Again..!

“Hey Marc! Just want to say THANK YOU AGAIN..! So glad you took on my case and worked you’re magic and did all you could do to keep me from JAIL and get me the bare minimum of probation..! My family and I are beyond THANKFUL to YOU, YOUR TIME and SERVICES..! Seriously, you are the BEST LAWYER I KNOW..!!

I will make sure to let everyone that need’s legal help know about YOU..!”


Jessica P.

Carlos J.