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Austin S.


Greg C.

“I was represented by Marc after being a victim in a motor vehicle collision. The at-fault insurance company tried to pay an extremely low settlement, but Marc pushed to make sure that I got what I actually deserved. He is friendly, and will really look out for his clients. I can easily recommend his services should someone need them.”

Rita P.

“Attorney Marc Ward handled my personal injury case. I was a pedestrian walking in a parking lot after grocery shopping on a beautiful Saturday morning when a middle aged woman backed her car into me & my grocery cart. I needed extensive physical therapy but, was unable to drive because my lower extremities were compromised. Atty. Ward knew just where to send me so, a taxi would pick me up & return me home! He worked tirelessly on my case and when he was satisfied with the final offer given to us in mediation, I knew we had won! He… Read More

Susan C.

“Marc Ward was beyond miraculous at helping me with my court dates. I was able to walk away free of charges and I owe it all to him. Trust when I say you will not regret hiring him and letting him help you. Props in that he will also make you laugh, a lot. Thank you so much, Marc. You’re a miracle worker!”

Khan B.

“Thank you, Marc, and to your staff. Marc was referred by someone I served within the Army who now is a law enforcement officer in another state. If you want the best lawyer in Maryland, you can rest assured that Marc is the one to represent you. He took time to listen to me with great concern and represented me in my case. Best outcome that I could wish for.”

Stephanie I.

“After receiving a second DUI (my first was almost 20 years ago), Mr. Ward represented me in Frederick County. I was not hopeful as to the outcome but Mr. Ward came through and everything went smoothly. He was great to work with, responsive, and affordable. I would definitely use his services again but will make sure I don’t have to.”

Alexis H.

“Very good lawyer, with the knowledge of what I needed to do. I will use him again if I needed to. I want to express that Marc was an outstanding lawyer through my whole case and I would refer Marc to anyone in need of a great lawyer. He got me the best outcome through my case. He cares and does what is best for his clients…Thank you, Marc!”

K W.

“When my son received traffic citations which could result in losing his driver’s license we were terrified. This was a nonalcohol/substance abuse case and traffic only, but the outcome could have resulted in his driver’s license being revoked. This was very stressful especially since he needs to drive far distances for work. After reading many reviews I reached out to Mr. Ward. He responded to me via email off business hours and we were able to have a phone conversation shortly after. Mr. Ward set my mind to ease as best one can when dealing with a worried mom. Mr.… Read More

T C.


Emily A.