Shatisha M.

“I recently had a really high speeding ticket that I received while responding to an emergency situation as a healthcare worker. I explained the situation to the officer but he had very little to say to me. I didn’t have much experience with these situations and was just going to pay the money but a friend of mine stated the consequences of that and referred me to this firm. After reading the reviews, I figured I honestly had nothing to lose and would give it a chance. From the call to setup an appointment to hearing the outcome; I received the most professional and best service. I met with Liz and after hearing my case she assured me she was able to help. She walked me thru all the different scenarios, made suggestions of what I could do to assist and was very clear on next steps. My original court date was postponed but I received communication from the office so I had no worries. The day of my case, Liz messaged me personally with my results and I can’t be more Thankful right before Thanksgiving. I really want to say that even without the unexpected but greatly appreciated verdict that Liz was able to get me; I would still rate this firm a 5/5 and I would recommend them to any & everyone. A big Thank again to Liz and team.”

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