Randy L.

“I reached out to Marc’s firm in May 2022 when I found myself in a messy situation with multiple charges filed against me. Liz represented me in court, and she was PHENOMENAL. Thanks to her detailed knowledge of the major actors in the system, all of her predictions about what the prosecution and the judge would do came true. She clearly knows the law and how to play a winning hand when the prosecution’s evidence is lacking. I was offered a generous plea deal, but Liz recognized this was because the state’s case against me was weak and the prosecutor was hoping not to go to trial. Once it became clear we were going to contest the charges, the state tried to manufacture a postponement in hopes of scrounging up more evidence. But Liz again saw through this ruse, and successfully convinced the judge to deny the motion. During the trial, she did such a masterful job picking apart the prosecution’s claims that by the time she reached the conclusion of her closing argument, the judge was literally nodding along with her. I was acquitted of all charges, and I sincerely doubt I could’ve gotten better representation anywhere else. Her services were worth every penny!”

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