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“When my son received traffic citations which could result in losing his driver’s license we were terrified. This was a nonalcohol/substance abuse case and traffic only, but the outcome could have resulted in his driver’s license being revoked. This was very stressful especially since he needs to drive far distances for work. After reading many reviews I reached out to Mr. Ward. He responded to me via email off business hours and we were able to have a phone conversation shortly after. Mr. Ward set my mind to ease as best one can when dealing with a worried mom. Mr. Ward was able to provide advice and courses of action for my son to take, not only to help him with the case but to improve his life as well. Mr. Ward showed concern for my son and he was also very personable which made dealing with a stressful situation more comfortable. The outcome was better than expected resulting in a PBJ. Obviously I wish this situation was avoided in the first place, but I am happy we reached out to Mr. Ward and he was able to take on the case. I highly recommend you do the same.”

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