Jaime B.

“Mark Ward hands down is the absolute best!

When I came to Mr. Ward I had already had a horrible experience and outcome in the District Court not knowing much about the laws and being misrepresented, I now found myself in a really bad serious situation. I was being charged, convicted and facing jail time due to what I knew were false accusations being made against me but even though I knew my innocence my voice was not being heard at all.

It had been the longest year of my life being falsely accused of something that now had my entire life flipped upside down, I was scared out of my mind and stressed to the max and that is all just understatements for what and how I was really feeling.

I made an appointment with Mr. Ward and very unsure if after my outcome with the District Court already and as to whether or not he would even consider taking my case on, I met with him anyway. The best decision ever made, let me just say that after leaving his office that day for the 1st time in a year, I was actually able to feel a sense of calm. Not only did this man take my case on, hear me out and cared about what I had to say, he immediately put in for an appeal and kept constant contact with me regarding my case clear up to and even on the morning of before court even began and on that very day everything that he had said was going to happen most certainly happened. I was able to walk away with what was once a conviction that could have ruined my entire life to a no conviction whatsoever. Marc Ward gave me my life back!!”

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