Danielle P.

“I got into an accident last year, unfortunately I was driving on a revoked license. So when the cops got to the scene I was ticketed. My driving record is so bad, I have 6 prior driving on suspended cases and 1 DUI. So just keep that in mind. My charges ended up getting put on a Stet docket, which pretty much means they put it on the back burner and no penalties, but if you get in trouble they have an option to bring it back up. So here I am with the bad driving record. I got my license back before court, Marc asked for some time for me to do so and that helped a great deal. I ended up paying a $1000.00 restitution, which I was happy to pay. I don’t see how my case could have gone any better and everyone keeps saying” I can’t believe they didn’t do anything to you.” Marc is really great at what he does and he is down to earth and will make sure you taken care of. I still have my license, NO probation, & no jail time! He REALLY is great at what he does and if you want to beat a case I suggest you use Marc Ward!”

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