Daniela L.

“I’ve been scrolling through the reviews and cannot think to mention something that hasn’t already been covered, but I’ll share my experience anyways: I was 7 months pregnant when I got t-boned whilst in the front passenger seat. Out of everything that happened that day I’m convinced my son has a guardian angel and today, now that my case is closed I believe Marc ward is this realms pocketbooks guardian! Joke aside Marc and Christine were the best of the best! They answered all questions of mine, thoroughly explained the processes making me fully involved, are hard-working and dedicated, were patient with my wishy-washy self and in the end surprised me ( in a good way!) I ended up receiving more $$ than others I know with a worse auto accident!! I can honestly say Marc and Christine care about you, will fight for you and what you want, and at the end of the day will be the best choice you’ve ever made. If you need a lawyer, call the law offices of Marc Ward.”

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