Aron T.

“Marc is everything you should want in an attorney. Personable, knowledgeable, intuitive, fearless, determined, fair and honest. He understands the legal and court system and knows where to stand his ground and where to compromise.

His staff is fully dedicated to his leadership and are available and supportive in caring for each client. He values his own time, and he values his client’s time. He will always get back to you and will strategize on your behalf in ways that you never thought were available.

I recommend Marc and his practice without reservation. You will not find a better advocate for yourself and your family. Cases often take time to settle. Be assured that Marc will be as attentive to you the last day of the case as he was when you first asked him to help shoulder the burden of your concerns and worries. He truly is the friend you want at your side when you are hurting, confused, and in need of wise council.”

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