“I highly recommend choosing Marc Ward as your attorney! Marc Ward represented me and made sure that I received what I deserved after I was rear-ended on my way home from work and left with a long-lasting concussion. I had never been in an accident before and he and his office explained everything well every step of the way. He made sure I got the medical care that I needed, getting me an appointment with an orthopedic specialist the very next day after I met with him. My car was also repaired shortly after and I didn’t have to deal with the third party’s insurance company other than telling them where I was going to take my car to get repaired so that they would cover it and give me a rental.

Marc Ward is definitely an expert in this field. The insurance company wanted to take advantage of me with their first offer coming in lower than what would be expected in my case, and he was able to get them to double that amount. I am so grateful that I made that first step to reach out to Marc Ward after my accident last year instead of dealing with it on my own. All my medical bills have been covered and I also received a check for the pain and suffering I endured afterward. Thank you so much Marc Ward!!”

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