What Happens If I Experience Delayed Symptoms Of Injury After An Accident?

Any delay in treatment can be used by the insurance agency to claim that the injured party was not actually injured as a result of the wreck. This is just one reason it is highly advisable to seek medical attention right away, even if an injury is not immediately obvious.

Why Is It Important To Follow Doctor’s Orders For My Personal Injury Claim?

In order to substantiate pain and suffering, consistent quality care must be demonstrated. If someone tells us that they weren’t able to go to the doctor for whatever reason, then the insurance company will take that to mean that they were not seriously injured.

What Factors Could Lead My Case Into Litigation As Opposed To A Settlement Outside Of Court?

While many firms will simply accept what the insurance company offers, we take cases to trial when doing so is necessary in order to ensure that our clients obtain fair compensation.

Why Would Someone Even Need A Personal Injury Attorney If Liability Is Clear?

Insurance companies try to contact and provide injured parties with very low offers before they even have a chance to obtain an attorney and understand the value of their case. Many people overlook the financial toll of lost wages and other damages associated with auto wrecks, and by settling right away, they miss out on the opportunity to collect compensation for those damages.

If I Was Cited With A Traffic Ticket After An Auto Accident, Is My Personal Injury Case Doomed?

If a person was cited with a traffic ticket after an auto accident, it does not necessarily mean that their case is doomed. In large part, this is because only very rarely is a citing police offer also a witness to a wreck. Under these circumstances, an individual should absolutely have an experienced attorney review their case.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funds After A Personal Injury Settlement Has Been Reached?

It usually takes about 10 days to obtain the funds once a settlement has been reached.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Auto Accident Claims In Maryland?

In addition to bringing a great deal of experience to the table, we pay a lot of attention to detail in every case. We don’t just focus on the end result; we also focus on the client’s experience as their case unfolds. From the very beginning, we manage client expectations to the best of our ability and ensure that every client obtains the greatest amount of value from their case.

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