MVA, License Suspension, And Revocation Cases

MVA, LICENSE SUSPENSION AND REVOCATION CASES We know that your driver’s license is your livelihood – your ability to drive directly relates to your abilities to work, provide for yourself and your family, go to school, and exercise your freedoms in this great county. When your license is facing suspension or revocation, we understand that it is a serious matter. Whether your issue stems from unpaid tickets, judgments against you, unpaid child support, or past convictions on your traffic record, we know what you need to do to get your license in order so you can get back to your life. Talk to a Maryland Driver’s License Suspension Lawyer in order to have your driver’s license reinstated after it has been suspended. Call (301) 450-6322 to speak with a Maryland MVA Hearing Lawyer.

The Maryland Vehicle Administration and its policies is a very complex body, ranging from how many points you can incur on your license for certain offenses, to how long a suspension or revocation can last, to what you can expect can happen to your license after a DUI. Although there are many factors to consider in each individual situation, the Law Offices of Marc S. Ward knows how the MVA works, how to interpret MVA records, and most importantly, the appropriate law. You can rely on Marc and Anthony to not only be able to determine what issues you facing, but also advise you as to your options, and what needs to be done to get the result you want. Give us a call today to speak with a Maryland MVA Lawyer at (301) 450-6322. Our Maryland MVA Hearing Lawyer will review your case and take the necessary steps to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

You can also depend on Marc and Anthony to tailor their approach based on your specific needs. Whether you are suspended because you forgot to pay an out of state ticket, medical board advisory decisions, or revoked because it’s your third DUI, we have the skills and experience to get you through your MVA hearing. Call us today at (301) 450-6322 to speak with a Frederick, MD MVA attorney. Our Driver’s License Suspension Lawyer will have your license reinstated and get back your freedom.

If you have received a letter from the MVA about a proposed suspension or revocation of your license and/or privilege to drive for accumulation of points, a conviction for an alcohol-related driving offense, a medical advisory board suspension, or an accumulation of points for a graduated license suspension (GLS) then Marc can help you at the MVA hearing. Hearing requests must be filed timely, don’t delay! Call us today to speak with our Maryland MVA Hearing Lawyer. Our attorney will have your driver’s license reinstated.

But what if you were caught driving on a suspended license or have already had your license revoked in Frederick, MD? Getting arrested for driving without a valid license can be a scary and confusing experience. Having a revoked license affects your life, where you can work, what type of job you can get, and whether you’ll ever be able to drive again legally.

If you are in this situation, our driving license suspension attorneys can help you understand the charges against you and explain your options. After being arrested, you must contact us quickly because the law includes specific timeframes for filing certain paperwork, and you don’t want to miss your chance because you waited too long.

Depending on the details of your case, you may be facing fines, jail time, or a combination of both. Our license reinstatement lawyers will be sure to explain any steps you should take to restore your driving privileges.

A revoked license attorney can work with you to create a comprehensive strategy for your defense. We will gather evidence and make legal arguments that could reduce the penalties you are facing. We understand how important it is for you to have your license reinstated, and our attorneys are here to help you get the desired outcome and move forward.

If you are facing any kind of MVA issue, call our office as soon as possible, as time is of the essence. Be sure to request a hearing right away, because you do not want to risk missing the deadline. To make sure that you are adequately represented at your hearing, call us today at (301) 450-6322. We offer a Free Case Evaluation.


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