Understanding Rollover Crashes

Few people realize how common rollover crashes are, just like they rarely understand how these accidents happen. In fact, you are at risk for experiencing a rollover crash every time you get on the road as a driver or a passenger. Many of these accidents cause serious injuries, if not fatalities.

When you suffer injury, property damage or death of a loved one in any auto accident, you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. This is particularly true for rollover crashes. A qualified rollover accident attorney knows how to find the precise cause of your accident and pursue compensation you need for your injuries and other damages.

Surprising Facts about Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents occur far too often to ignore these important accident facts. In fact, you can suffer catastrophic injuries whether your vehicle rolls over, or someone else’s car or truck rollover causes your vehicle to wreck. Also, these accidents do not always occur because of speeding or driver error. In many cases, defective vehicle parts or environmental problems are to blame.

Important facts about rollover accidents include:

  • Forty percent of fatal rollovers happen because of speeding, with 75 percent of these accidents involving vehicles traveling at 55 mph or faster.
  • Twenty percent of fatal auto accidents involve vehicle rollover, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s Characteristics of Fatal Rollover Crashes report.
  • When vehicles rollover, 75 percent of the passengers and drivers are not wearing safety belts. Almost 66 percent of these are completely thrown from their vehicle.
  • Rollover accidents result in more deaths than any other type of vehicle accidents, despite most involving only one car.
  • Sport utility vehicles account for the highest number of rollover accidents and fatalities, particularly since SUV drivers rarely consider a rollover possible in these vehicles with high centers of gravity.
  • The more people in your vehicle, the more likely you are to experience a rollover, especially when the vehicle is a large-capacity model like vans used for church groups, sports teams and carpools. With ten passengers or more, these vehicles are three times as likely to rollover than those with nine or fewer passengers.
  • Almost any vehicle can rollover, even at slow speeds.
  • Nine of every ten rollover accidents with fatalities involves one vehicle traveling straight or in a curve when the accident occurs.
  • Driver behavior is one of the biggest factors in rollover accidents, with distraction, speeding and DUI being the most common behaviors leading to the wreck.
  • 17 of every 20 rollover accidents with fatalities involve only one vehicle.

How to Reduce Your Odds of a Rollover Accident

The best ways to avoid a rollover accident are the same methods used to keep yourself safe from other auto accidents. They include:

  • Always gain enough rest before driving, particularly for long trips
  • Never drive after drinking
  • Drive according to the weather conditions, with rain, debris, snow and ice being major causes of rollovers
  • Drive with extra care on dark, narrow or poorly maintained roads
  • Remain calm during a skid, as panicked drivers cause many rollovers that could otherwise be avoided
  • Seat passengers in forward seats of large capacity passenger vans first, then back seats when others are filled
  • Uneven pavement frequently causes rollover accidents, so gradually slow your vehicle after you drop onto a low shoulder, then cautiously re-enter the roadway

Get the Most Qualified Legal Help

Success of your auto accident claim relies on many key factors. These include having a highly qualified auto accident attorney. Your personal injury and rollover accident lawyer uses experts, investigations and other methods to find the precise cause of your injury accident. The lawyer then works to hold the appropriate parties accountable through a personal injury case.

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