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Tackling payroll is no doubt a serious challenge, no matter the business is small or large. Workers’ compensation, payroll taxes, and handling attendance and time can be difficult even for the experienced business owners. And that is where the companies offering the payroll services come into the picture. Smart CPA is one such company offering payroll services. This service takes out the stress of payroll and its related processes and provide the intuitive, internet-based service to the companies and industries of all sizes

Role of Payroll Companies

Payroll service provider companies work with their client to make sure that all the employees get their payment on time and all the legal obligations of the employer are met. Payroll is more than setting up the payments through direct deposit or writing checks. Many duties are handled by the payroll services including:

  • Monitoring the time and attendance of employee
  • Setting up the direct deposit account and making adjustments to them.
  • Calculation of payroll taxes and making sure the right deductions
  • Monitoring the relationship between actual payroll and workers’ compensation premium
  • Integrating benefit plans
  • Providing the electronic payroll records to employer and employees
  • Ensuring the compliance with every federal and state law governing payroll.

One major responsibility of the payroll providing company is to make the monitoring of the employee time and attendance easy at work. This can be done by offering the combination of clock-in or punch-in options to the employers. In some cases, employees use clock-in by using fingerprint scanners or secured badges and in the other, employees log into the online account to clock-in at the start of the day and clock-out at the end of the day. Such systems can be configured to monitor the meal and break times.

The payroll service lets the user simply enter the wages and basic hours, the filings, forms, calculations, and other information is taken care of for the employer. The risk of facing IRS fines and penalties, unhappy employees, late tax filings increases when the payroll is done by oneself for the small business. All the payroll responsibilities are taken away from business owners by this service and allow them to focus on the other sides of the running business which is one of the biggest advantages of the payroll service.

The inquiries are also resolved out through this service. More comprehensive facilities are offered by some payroll services. Some human resource responsibilities are also taken over by the payroll service, like benefits program and administering the retirement accounts of the company. Even in some payroll service, a free helpline is offered for questions related to payroll or human resources.

Payrolling benefits show a significant change in collecting the tax on benefits. Payroll system simplifies the process of collecting the tax on benefits. This makes easier for the employees to understand and create efficiencies for the employer. The reporting obligations can be reduced through the payrolling service. If the payroll service is correctly implemented, it becomes a significant opportunity for the employers to lessen the requirements of year-end compliance. This will help the employer by driving the process, compliance, and the possible financial efficiencies.

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