Motorcycle Accident: Get Quick Action Before It’s Too Late

Injuries in the motorcycle accident can be more severe than those suffered in other motor vehicles because motorcycle riders are exposed more. Injured victim in the motorcycle accident is able to file the case to recover the compensation for the damages. It is necessary to understand the lawsuit process of identifying who to sue, should know the time limitations of the state law, knowing what damages before pursuing compensation. In any claim, working with the skilled accident lawyer will give the best chance to collect and claim the damages victim owed.

Parties to litigate in the motorcycle accident case

The injured victim may sue many parties responsible for the motorcycle accident which depends on the circumstances of an accident:

Other Drivers: Other drivers, or driver involved in an accident are the obvious parties to sue. So before filing the lawsuit victim should take time to think how the accident happened to identify the fault and what other drivers are responsible for the injuries.

Motorcycle Dealership: In many states, the law of product liability allows the victim to sue the motorcycle dealer if the defect in the vehicle caused the accident.

Manufacturers: If the motorcycle accident happened due to faulty equipment on the bike then the victim is able to sue the motorcycle manufacturer or the manufacturer of that particular failed equipment.

Government: If in case the road caused the accident, the victim may be able to file the lawsuit against the government authority who was responsible for maintaining the road. Such lawsuits are difficult to navigate and needs the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Consult the Experienced Attorney

The best step to take after the motorcycle injury is to contact the personal injury lawyer right away. Percy Martinez law firm helps the victim to find out if they have a legal case and guide about the time limitations to the victim to file the lawsuit. Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

Damages in motorbike accidents

Laws differ from state to state regarding the damages that victim owed in the motorcycle accident. Though the filing a motorcycle accident case will not take away the pain and suffering experienced by the victim, the compensations paid should reimburse the and is an attempt to assign financial value to the emotional and physical pain related to injury and in some cases, the responsible arty get punished for serious negligence acts. The motorbike accident damages are categorized as follows:

Compensatory damages: These damages are a direct repayment of the expenses associated with the damages including vehicle repairmen cost, medical expenses, incapability of earning capacity for the permanently injured victims, and lost wages.

General Damages: such damages are very difficult to analyze because the injured victim is not being reimbursed for the costs spent during recovery. General damages include the compensation for the pain and suffering, humiliation, loss of quality life, fear, embarrassment, anxiety, and anguish.

Punitive damages: victims get compensation only when the act is dreadful or intentional. Or in other words, if someone purposefully opens the door in front of the biker who is sharing lane because they wanted the motorcyclist to get hurt or scare him, then that is clearly done on purpose and may deserve the punitive damages.

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