High DUI Figures

According to recently released police data, at least 100 people in Maryland were arrested for DUI over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Police also say three people died in car crashes on this holiday weekend. 

In total, police pulled over 5,843 motorists during 2019’s St. Patty’s Day festivities. Of these 5,843, about 1,000 were issued speeding citations and another 3,900 were given warnings. There were about 140 crashes on this weekend.

One of the hardest hit counties for DUIs was Howard County, which arrested 24 people for DUI. Harford County made 15 DUI arrests over the same timeframe.

Anyone interested in learning more about DUI stats in the USA can check out these DUI auto accident statistics.

A Quick Look At Maryland’s DUI Laws

Under Maryland’s current laws, it’s illegal for adult drivers to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of over 0.08 percent. Anyone under 21-years-old, however, cannot legally have any alcohol in his/her system.

For a first DUI offense, adults will face a maximum of $1,000 fine, a 6-month license suspension, and a maximum of one year in prison. You will also get 12 points taken off of your license.

Second time DUI offenders will face a fine of as much as $2,000, a minimum of 5 days in prison, and a possible one-year license suspension. Just like with the first DUI offense, 12 points will be taken off of your driving record.

For more thorough information on Maryland’s DUI laws, you can read through this page put together by the state’s Motor Vehicle Administration.

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