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SF ley propone prohibir las detenciones de inmigrantes

San Francisco es una vez m?s a la cabeza – esta vez con una propuesta que aparecer? para que sea el primer condado en la naci?n de rechazar de manera inequ?voca para detener a inmigrantes sospechosos de vivir aqu? ilegalmente por las autoridades federales. Esta propuesta, cuyo autor es SupervisorJohn Avalos?y con el apoyo de una mayor?a de sus colegas, har?a ilegal para San Francisco agentes del orden para detener a alguien ?nicamente sobre la base de su estado migratorio. En la actualidad, la pol?tica del Departamento de Sheriff afirma que s?lo las personas sospechosas de delitos graves o violentos,… Read More

3 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

No matter the severity, no car accident is exempt from causing injuries. Even small accidents can produce enough force to cause harm to the human body. Damage caused by wrecks can lead to worse health issues later on. As such, it is imperative that after you are involved in a car accident you seek medical attention to make sure your injuries are not more severe than they may seem. After taking care of yourself, it’s time to search for a “car accident lawyer near me” to further take care of you. Head and Neck Injuries While seatbelts are extremely important… Read More

High DUI Figures

According to recently released police data, at least 100 people in Maryland were arrested for DUI over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Police also say three people died in car crashes on this holiday weekend.  In total, police pulled over 5,843 motorists during 2019’s St. Patty’s Day festivities. Of these 5,843, about 1,000 were issued speeding citations and another 3,900 were given warnings. There were about 140 crashes on this weekend. One of the hardest hit counties for DUIs was Howard County, which arrested 24 people for DUI. Harford County made 15 DUI arrests over the same timeframe. Anyone interested in… Read More

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer to get compensation for your injuries

On the off chance that you’ve been harmed in a car accident, regardless of whether you were the driver of the car, the driver of another vehicle, a bicyclist or a strolling individual, you might be qualified to recover compensation for your wounds. You can bring a legitimate claim against any of the involved parties, regardless of the possibility that you might be the one to blame. A spontaneous terrible crash that you may be responsible for can be extremely confounded, so it might be to your greatest advantage to contact a legal counselor experienced in handling car crash cases.… Read More

Paralysis After a Serious Car Accident in 2020

Our firm’s highest goal is to provide excellent legal representation to those who have endured the tragedy of losing a limb in a serious car accident. We understand that many who suffer serious injuries that lead to amputation are going through an unimaginable loss. We aim to help car accident victims who have endured accidental amputation through the legal process as much as possible and pride ourselves on obtaining the maximum compensation possible for their injuries. It surprises many people that after such a catastrophic injury, insurance companies are still not always willing to part with the settlement amount that… Read More

After Your Car Accident: Things You Can Do to Help Yourself

There you are just sitting at a stoplight minding your own business. And then, out of nowhere, the driver in the car behind you can’t stop – therefore crunching your bumper and knocking your sunglasses off your head. And while it may not be a serious accident, there are definitely a few things you can do to protect yourself and ensure your well-being later according to a Bakersfield car accident attorney. First of all, exchange names and insurance information right away. Be sure to call the police as well. If at all possible, get names and numbers from people who… Read More