Client Testimonials

“Marc was honestly the best help I could ask for. If you’re ever in need of a great lawyer, you’ve definitely came to the right place.”

Desoto W.

“Marc Ward BEST lawyer i ever had! got me & 2 of my friends out of big trouble! I’m so grateful to be his client. Definitely #1 lawyer in Frederick.”

Kevin F.

“Marc Ward is a lawyer whose number one goal is to make his clients happy. We were very happy with the service we received from Marc and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.”

Chava B.

“Marc Ward is the best lawyer in Frederick.”

Jonrae T.

“I needed some help within my probation. Mr. Ward got right on it and had already fixed the issue by the time he called me back. Great guy. Great lawyer.”

Collins M.

“My cousin recommended Marc to handle a case for me. He and his staff are and were very professional and efficient in doing so. Outstanding customer service!”

Wanda F.

“100% recommend Marc he’s there from start to finish anything in between he can answer all your questions that you may have. Would definitely recommend to anybody.”

Robert H.

“Best lawyer around! He treats you as if he personally knows you and fights for you in every way possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need!! I know if I ever get back into trouble he’s who I’d call first!”

Marie S.

“Fair price and he delivers on what he says. I’ve met other lawyers but Marc Ward is the only one I use.”

Kevin B.

“Marc Ward is an exceptional attorney. He is courageous and dedicated. If I or a loved one were ever in legal circumstances. Marc would be the top choice.”


“Marc Ward is the only lawyer I go to. He is knowledgeable, professional and genuinely cares about the outcome of my case. He charges a fair price and tells me straight forward what he can do for me. I highly recommend Marc Ward’s services. If you need a lawyer. Call this guy first.”

Kevin B.

“Marc did a great job for us! We would recommend him to anyone looking for legal assistance.”

Joanna P.

“The lawyers at the Law offices of Marc S. Ward are incredibly professional and recently got me out of a tight spot! If you need anybody to cover you, they are my go to guys by a long shot! Again thank you guys at the Law offices of Marc S. Ward! Excellent services “

A Satisfied Client

“The Team at the law offices of Marc S. Ward genuinely care about the clients they interact with including myself! They went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied and got the best results! Thank you Anthony Cecala and Marc S. Ward for your vital help and backing through my court date. You guys have been awesome, I highly recommend anyone and everyone in search of a lawyer to reach out to the law offices of Marc S. Ward. Again thank you so much”

Jared M.

“I recently dealt with Marc for a speeding ticket and he was such a pleasure to work with. From our first conversation, he was reassuring and easy to deal with. He was very accessible and I always felt that he had my back. Marc represented me in court, where he is well known for his expertise and the final outcome was exactly what I was hoping for. 5 stars for Marc and his team!!”

A Satisfied Client

“I have worked with the Marc Ward Office several times each time Marc has provided a reassuring feeling in the court room, fallowed up with excellent results. Marc was recommended to me by a friend and I have since worked with Marc and Anthony in both Frederick and Carroll County. Each time I have gone to court with them at my side I have received a sentencing that I am very pleased with!
Rates are reasonable and 100% money! well! spent!”

Emma B.

“Mark Ward is a god, best lawyer in town.”

Emmanuel D.

“Have known for years and never needed. But when i did, he and his entire staff handled the whole situation in a swift and professional manner. No other attorney for me. I have my attorney for life.”

Linda M.

“I had an assault charge and when all was said and done ended up with probation before judgement. Great job. Highly recommend Marc if you need a lawyer.”

Lee T.

“Marc’s entire office was helpful and professional when I had a workman’s compensation court case. It was so helpful to have someone there to help me with all my questions and concerns and also handling getting all that was needed for court. Not only did Marc get me money, but also helped me find the help I needed to start the healing process! I am so thankful and highly recommend him!”

Amber G.

“Marc’s whole office was helpful, i would recommend Marc to any family or friends. He has helped my boyfriend get off of some serious charges. The only lawyer I’d trust.”

Amanda F.

“No doubt the best lawyer around. If you want to gamble your freedom try someone else but if want to go home, use Marc Ward.”

Jon F.

“Mr. Ward is 100% professional. He is a great communicator and lets you know upfront the route that best fits your case. He is a wizard with the MVA and gets them to move fast than they would without any representation. Awesome experience.”

Anthony H.

“Marc is a law God! I was facing 12 months and points on top of a $1000+ fine and he got me a PBJ! “

Nick S.

“Very helpful on my situation”

Ashley W.

“Amazing lawyer for a good price he will defend you.”

A Satisfied Client

“Bright, excellent attorney, friendly and well versed in his field as an attorney. I would recommend him MOST HIGHLY. Marc is very attentive to detail and is concerned about his clients.”

A Satisfied Client

“Marc has done a fantastic job for my family- from little cases to a major case. I highly recommend his services.”

Krista A.

“Marc is fantastic lawyer when I needed him he was there.When I told him about my case he assured me he would get the charges drop and he did exactly what he said.If you ever in a situation he’s the lawyer you need.Thanks again Marc.”

Taylor M.

“Fair price, absolutely recommend his services to anyone! Knows his way around the courtroom, has great capacity to get the results you desire.”

Chris G.

Josh G.

“Amazing lawyer. Marc is very informative and works hard for his clients. Highly recommend.”

Cathern C.

“When you need the services of a lawyer who really knows the law, and who will defend you, the client, with integrity and professionalism, I do recommend the Law Offices of Marc Ward. Our experience in the courtroom with Mr Ward or his associate Mr. Cecala, has been great. These gentlemen work for you. Thank you for helping us in our time of need.”

Rick & Pat W.

“Marc Ward is an excellent lawyer, he did everything he could for my husband and kept him out of jail.”

Samantha H.

“Marc was an amazing attorney. He was able to have my entire DUI case dismissed. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is in need of counsel.”

Nick S.

“I got into an unfortunate incident on New Year’s Eve. I had never been out for that holiday, lost my husband a year before and my job and was feeling very depressed. So my family invited me out. I did not have that much to drink, a couple beers and a glass of wine. I even stayed longer at my sister’s house and left to go home at 3:30 am. All the way from Frederick, I was stopped by State police on 26, a block from my home. Charged me with DUI and I thought my life had taken me in a direction I did not want to go. The next day went online and found Attorney Mark Ward. He called me immediately and first thing he said was not to worry. I have never been in any trouble and my record was clean. Mark just kept insisting that I not worry. In Court he was awesome and spoke so highly of me. I sat in Court for 2 hours and the courtroom was packed. I knew I was going to get it, but Mark did the work and made me feel so at ease. He even made the Judge compliment me. After months of worry and self doubt, I walked out of the courtroom with a 57.50 fine. I highly recommend him for his expertise, professionalism and his kind manner. He will truly be my go to Attorney forever and I highly recommend that he be yours. Thank you so very much Mark.”

Debi P.

“A couple of my friends used him and said he’s the best when i came to him with a traffic violation looking at losing my license for 6 months he said i think we have a case here and he got me a not guilty no points no fines nothing great work i will be using them again in the future”

Tyler S.

“Thanks Marc you did a fantastic job! my case was very difficult but he did a fantastic job he got all my charges dropped I don’t know anyone else that could have gotten that done. He can do everything he says he can.”

Lisa S.

“Marc is a great attorney. He definitely knows what he is doing and is there when you need him. Definitely recommended”

David M.

“Mr. Ward recently handled my friend’s case, a case that looked very bleak due to my friend’s criminal history. Mr. Ward was able to negotiate a settlement where instead of the 10-14 years my friend was facing, he is getting 18 months, but will most likely be out before the end of 2017. Marc does his due diligence and then some. I highly recommend this attorney. He is passionate about what he does and it shows in his results.”

Kaya C.

“Marc is an amazing lawyer who has helped me with multiple kinds of cases, from speeding tickets to personal injury. He never disappoints!”

Kim O.

“Best lawyer in Frederick hands-down! Funny intelligent and always has your back! Don’t back down, go to Marc Ward!!!”

Nikolai W.

“Marc has done a fantastic job representing my family and friends thru the years. Highly recommended!”

Tammy G.

“Best lawyer in all of Frederick! 20/10 stars if I can!”


“Marc is the best lawyer in Frederick county. Matter fact best lawyer in Maryland period. Helpful and intelligent. Will fight for his clients in any situation. If u need a lawyer call him and no one else.”

Joey S.

“I got into an accident last year, unfortunately I was driving on a revoked license. So when the cops got to the scene I was ticketed. My driving record is so bad, I have 6 prior driving on suspended cases and 1 DUI. So just keep that in mind. My charges ended up getting put on a Stet docket, which pretty much means they put it on the back burner and no penalties, but if you get in trouble they have an option to bring it back up. So here I am with the bad driving record. I got my license back before court, Marc asked for some time for me to do so and that helped a great deal. I ended up paying a $1000.00 restitution, which I was happy to pay. I don’t see how my case could have gone any better and everyone keeps saying” I can’t believe they didn’t do anything to you.” Marc is really great at what he does and he is down to earth and will make sure you taken care of. I still have my license, NO probation, & no jail time! He REALLY is great at what he does and if you want to beat a case I suggest you use Marc Ward!”

Danielle P.

“Marc and Anthony are amazing representation for a variety of your legal needs. Approachable, strategically intelligent and consistently reliable. Yes this review is starting to sound like a professional write up, but let me assure you that I’m very far from a marketing pro. I’m am just a very satisfied customer that wishes to convey to you and everyone that this practice is the best.

Why? From the very first phone call the experience and excellent demeanor of the entire staff helps to calm and relax you. I remember on one occasion being so upset and stressed out I couldn’t help but vent to the receptionist for a couple of minutes. A few short minutes later she could tell I was about done. With a warm smile she simply stated, “Marc will do as much as he possibly can to help you”. That alone made feel so much better.

For the last 10 years Marc has been my family attorney. I have referred him to countless friends and family and everyone are as satisfied as I am.

One of the best perks when hiring Marc is that he has practiced law in Frederick county for as long as I can remember. Roughly 12 years ago is the first time I hired Marc. Even back then the relationships he had built with his colleagues were extremely impressive.

All this being said you would expect a lengthily waiting list. Not the case. Marc has taken calls from from me to ask important questions related to pending cases and emergency situations several times. Also, getting scheduled for an office visit is quick and extremely effective. In my experiences and opinion Marc and his team of professional staff members is worth every penny. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone call him today!!!”

Andrew B.

“Excellent attorney hands down. He handled two cases for me and he was exceptional.”

Minny F.

“I recently had traffic violations that the officer “warned” me to get a lawyer! I have a close friend that employed Marc to represent her with outstanding results. I did not shop around and hired him at our first meeting. When I went to court I was worried but felt I was in good hands. I was gently guided through the process by Marc and was able to testify to the facts with less nerves. I would like to recommend his services to those in need of a great attorney.”

Christie K.

“Marc handled my case very well. I would most definitely recommend using him!”

Nicole H.

“Marc was amazing and helped us with every step of the process. He had a good relationship with the court staff and judges which helped ease tensions.”

Michael L.

“Mr. Ward has helped me out 3 or 4 times now. Each time I never felt like I overpaid and the experience was great. He’s very personable and knows almost exactly what is going to happen in court before you even walk in. I’ve used him, my brother used him, my friends have used him. We all have the same basic experience. If you’re in trouble and in Frederick, he’s the best!”

James D.

“Awesome lawyer gets the job done!”

Mike S.

“Great service! Marc was a lot of help to our family.”

Samantha B.

“Mr. Ward and his firm offer amazing service for a great rate! He really went above and beyond to get me the best outcome in my case. I’m very satisfied and would recommend his service to anyone. 5 star service!!!”

Phillip C.

“Marc is the man. I’ve had a couple DUI’s and problems with the MYA that he took care of with no problem. He actually cares about your situation and doesn’t tell you that everything will be fine knowing that it’s not. He’s straight up and will get you the best outcome. I would recommend him to anyone going through any legal problems.”

Kevin H.

“I have been through my troubles in life, and I have never come across a more kind, caring, professional, compassionate, and exquisite fight till the end lawyer. I had two different cases which had a total of 8 charges, and Marc got them all dropped. I got a slap on the wrist and nothing on my record. Marc listens and doesn’t judge, he’s there to help you in anyway he can. He was there for me till the end, and because of him I was able to reunite with my husband. He’s def worth the cost and he’ll give a fair price. I owe him everything. Thank you. Best man ever!”

Sarah C.

“I met Marc through a mutual friend as a recommendation for my traffic case. He was more than reasonably priced, accommodating to my schedule, and genuinely cared about my situation. Because of Marc I walked from the court room today with a smile on my face despite the judge who likes to abuse his power and the state of Maryland jumping on my back like a bunch of untamed gorillas. All I know is I’m not in jail and I have Marc Ward to thank for that. All in all, I recommend Marc to anyone who is dealing with a criminal or traffic case. He will not let you down!!”

Christopher A.

“I was wrongly incarcerated for crimes I did not commit where I was facing a long prison sentence, Mr. Ward and his staff fought vigilantly every day against the corrupt and very biased State Attorneys of Maryland. He treated me with exceptional priority, gave me accurate court scenarios and was very well priced. All I can say is Thank You so very much for allowing me to maintain my freedom with a Nolle Prosequi verdict and I will continue to send you referrals.”

Steve H.

“With so many lawyers out there choosing one is very difficult. I am so glad I went with Marc Ward. He is easy to talk to, down to earth, understanding and will be there for you every step of the way. I highly recommend Marc”

Kim C.

“Marc Ward; Professional, educated, and fun all while showing and extraordinary amount of support and enthusiasm when helping his clients. He is always very honest and positive about all outcomes, and can bring light to ANY situation! 5 stars are not enough to recommend this man! A job that will always be well done!”

Rania B.

“Me and my entire family are thankful for Marc and all he has done to help our family; Marc made sure that everything needed was always done, on time, and that we always understood what was going on. Mark treated us as a family , but treated our case as a business.

Thank you so much, and we will refer you to anyone who needs help with legal matters.”

Anita E.

“I have used mark on 3 of my major court cases. I have been treated fairly each time. All of the cases never went to trail and I was given superb service inside the court and in his office. Mark cares about his clients and offers amazing rates for 5 star service. I wouldn’t recommended anyone else to go to court with. Thank you over and over!!”

Andrew B.

“Mark Ward and the people who work for Mark Ward (Roberta & other staff) are amazing. What a great asset to your practice Mr. Mark Ward. I can honestly say that there was never a question or doubt in my mind that I had picked the right legal council to help me. At any point in time that I had a question it was answered right away. I’m sure if you’re in the situation of needing Legal Council like I did then you don’t want to wait for a question to be asked, you want answers right away. Mark and staff thank you very much for everything that you have done for my family and I. If you are looking for anyone to represent you I would highly recommend that you call and meet with Mark Ward.

Let all your stress and anxiety go by calling.”

Jesse T.

“Marc truly cares about his clients and will work hard to get results. I am very impressed with his work and highly recommend him.”

Sol K.

“I contacted this office for some legal advice and counseling. Marc was the absolute best. His office is fantastic and always polite. I highly recommend this office to others.”

Jessica M.

“I am very pleased with my decision to use mark ward as my attorney. He pointed me in the right direction and gave me guidance throughout the duration of my case. Mark ward is a very genuine and personable man. He was extremely easy to talk to and to be 100 percent honest with. I was impressed with the outcome of our case. Anyone who uses Mark Ward is making a wise choice.”

Valerie B.

“Good, effective and honest attorney. He took care of my husband’s case with great results. Thank you very much. Recommended”

Sandra H.

“Thank you, Mark you helped me very much with my case. I recommend him highly if in need of a great lawyer!”

Don S.

“Marc is an excellent lawyer and he will devote 100% to your case. He is professional and respectful and I was very comfortable talking to him. He doesn’t give up. I was very lucky to finally find someone who actually listened and cared. Marc made my life better again!”

A Satisfied Client

“Marc is an awesome attorney! He did some work for my husband this week and did a great job! We Highly recommend him!”

Kristy C.

“Marc did everything he said he would. I was charged with a DUI and Marc was able to get my case reduced to another unsupervised PB&J without any fines. I don’t have to check in with the court, I kept my driver’s license, no points were taken from my driving record, and my insurance company will not find out about the arrest. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Thanks Marc!”

Scott M.

“Marc was excellent in helping my son and I respect him a lot and would recommend him 100%!! My son was facing a DUI and Marc did excellent work to where my son doesn’t have a DUI or record!! His prices are very fair as well!! So c’mon everyone who needs a lawyer call Marc ward he’s the best around!!”

Amy B.

“I would recommend Marc to everyone. He always made me feel at ease during very stressful situations. He came in, took charge and got the job done. Marc defended me and I received diminished time and resources with the court system. Thanks again, Marc!”

Katherine M.

“Mark ward is the best. I’d most definitely hire him for anything I needed help with again, and the wonderful lady that worked on my case also. You all have been amazing. Thank you again :)”

Robert M.

“Marc did a great job in court. He was able to bring my DUI charge down to minimal fines with no record. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation.”

A Satisfied Client

“Would recommend him to anyone who needs representation in court. Very pleased with his work and the outcome of my case.”

Andrew L.

“I highly recommend Marc Ward, his extensive knowledge, experience, and character to represent anyone for their legal needs. Marc took charge of my particular case and instilled confidence in the outcome, as well as in myself during a extremely stressful time. Marc was very open and honest every step of the way; detailing the entire process from both sides. Marc displayed his trust and faith in me as his client during every phone call and office visit. I have since sought Marc for legal advice in other matters and most certainly will higher Marc Ward for any future legal obligations. I highly recommend contacting Marc for all your legal needs.”

John D.

“Awesome lawyer! I had trouble with my license and even with me not doing well on my part to stay on top of it, Marc still got me out of my troubles! Definitely recommend if you’re ever having court troubles with your license to go to Marc. He’ll probably get the whole thing off your record.”

Kaitlin A.

“Marc Ward is top notch. Providing expertise in the system and how it works. He is able to take on the most difficult of cases and bring them to a good resolution. Marc treats everyone with dignity and respect. I never thought when I looked Marc up in the phone book over 8 years ago I would need him for anything other than my Workman’s Compensation Case, but I am thanking God, that he is the lawyer I picked for that case because he is versatile in so many other areas that life sometimes takes you whether you want it to or not. Marc is who you want in the courtroom with you.”

Shelley F.

“I have never met Marc Ward. But my daughter’s family has used Marc on various occasions and it has been less stressful for me to know he was there supporting the outcome. My daughter first met Marc when he did her workmans compensation case. It was a financially stressful time and knowing he was competent to get the job done put my mind as ease. I would recommend him for all he specializes in as he has helped my family out with all the different types of things he specializes in.”

Joyce P.

“Marc was excellent and helped me beyond my imagination. I was facing a crime I didn’t commit carrying 15 yrs. With my past even though it was 14 yrs ago it wasn’t looking good. But with the help of Marc not only did he get it dropped he got it completely expunged off my record which therefore saves my career also. Having a wife and two kids to rely on me he pretty much saved my life and I would recommend him to anyone needed help. Thanks Marc,. “

David E.

“Excellent lawyer and guy, took care of our bogus domestic assault charges quickly and made it all go away without any issues. Will use Mark Ward again over anyone else.”

Curt K.

“Overall impressed! Each case was settled greatly and held to my expectations! Ward is always ready and on time for court and always has good representation.”

Cody W.

“Mr. Ward provided wonderful expertise for my case. He is very professional and quick to take care of your case in the best possible way. In my situation, I felt stuck with no way out but Mr. Ward was able to get me through my case with confidence and little to no fear of how the case would turn out in the end. I appreciate how prompt he was to handle my case with just a few phone calls!”

Amber S.

“Marc was great to work with. He is a very competent & caring lawyer. He was always available to answer questions. He worked hard to get the results we wanted. We highly recommend using Marc.”

Jodi B.

“Marc is amazing. It was my first time needing an attorney and he walked me through everything. I was very comfortable with all his decisions, he made sure I understood everything and got me the best results possible! I trust him 100 percent!”

Deejay M.

“Marc is a fantastic lawyer, I always refer my friends and family to him. Marc has helped multiple people in my family to get out of situations that seem impossible to get out of. All Marc has to do is make a couple of phone calls and he will get you the best deal on any situation. I highly recommend this guy he’s one of the best! (:”

Luis R.

“Marc is a real professional. He made dealing with our accident much smoother. He worked hard to get us what we deserved. Thanks again!”

Mike L.

“A friend of mine referred Marc. S. Ward to me years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. He has represented me now in several bad criminal traffic offenses. Marc Ward has proven time again that not only he IS THE BEST LAWYER IN MARYLAND, but he is brilliant, compassionate, affordable, knows ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE, represents you with grace and gets the job done. He has demonstrated this every time and has truly changed my life. I learned my lesson and all I have to say is……Case Dismissed!! All my friends are in awe of his capabilities as a lawyer. Smart, great looking and a beast in the court room. I can’t thank you enough Marc and you have my utmost respect!”

Katherine M.

“Marc Ward has handled all my legal matters over the years. His going above and beyond has given me above and beyond results every time. I have recommended him to family and friends and he has always done the same for them. I would not consider using another lawyer. He’s the BEST.”

Lisa F.

“Dear Honorable Attorney Marc Ward,
I’m writing you to formally thank you for being my attorney and for your incredible representation. Your staff was a pleasure to work with. I always felt very comfortable working with you and knew that my best interests were being served. It was very refreshing to deal with an attorney who is ethical, caring and passionate about what they do. You have handled my case in an extremely competent and professional manner. I’m so pleased with the work you did and with the settlement. You’re a great lawyer. You displayed honesty, dignity humility and compassion during this situation. I highly recommend Marc Ward. You did a tremendous job. Thank you again for your services. “

Debra L.

“Marc was amazing to work with! He helped us every step of the way, was extremely professional, and delivered on his word. He took what seemed like a hopeless situation and turned it into something completely manageable. I would recommend Marc Ward’s office 10 out of 10 times. Thank you!!!”

Dana B.


Adam W.

“I really appreciate how well Marc Ward & Anthony Cecala handled my case. They were professional and kept me at ease. I would definitely recommend their services”

FeFe L.

“If your are looking for a good lawyer, Mark Ward is the one to pick. Mark is professional and gives you his attention and time. You will never be disappointed! Mark Ward is the best!”

Skinard J.

“Case Dismissed! Thank you Marc Ward! You are awesome and I will recommend you to everyone I know!”

Mary J.

“I just want to say thank you to Mr. Ward and his staff for their help with my case. I came into his office last year scared to death and asked for his help. His staff was courteous and understanding, and immediately I was comforted by Marc’s knowledge of the court system regarding my fifth DUI charge. By taking his suggestions I not only spent zero time in jail, but also I have acquired a new outlook on life in sobriety. Marc Ward introduced me to a great group of people who live and work in the field of recovery and consistently contacts me just to see how things are going. This alone proves to me that he genuinely cares for his clients and wants to see us succeed in life. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, experienced and professional attorney to represent them in any legal matter!”

George D.

“They helped me out with my accident. Amazing lawyers!!”

Michelle S.

“Mr. Ward did me a great service. Couldn’t have gotten a better result on my own. He made a difficult matter disappear. Thank you.”

Denise C.

“Marc Ward and Anthony Cecala did a great job with my case!! They got me the very best outcome I could ask for, and they reassured me throughout the entire process. Thank you guys!!”

Justin S.

“Best lawyer around, many years of experience, knowledge and the know how to win cases. If you need an attorney in the Frederick area, he is the one to turn too!”

Nachi W.

“My experience with Marc Ward, Roberta(Legal Assistant) and support staff has been cordial and professional. I found Attorney Ward to be diligent, effective and strategic minded regarding case disposition. I believe the years of legal experience and teamwork attitude demonstrated by Roberta make her an asset to the Firm. I fully recommend the Firm to handle all your criminal and/or civil matters.”

Alfonso C.

“Effective and efficient, Marc Ward has become an essential asset to our family in any case we have used him. Not only were the results as satisfying as we had hoped but his dedication and personal attention given to his clients makes the uncomfortable that much more bearable. If you are on the fence about hiring this firm I would personally advise you to do so, the results will speak for themselves. The best advice I had ever gotten was to relax and call Marc Ward.”

Megan B.

“The level of professionalism from Marc Ward and his staff was second to none. From beginning to end I have felt comfortable and secure in your judgement and I have nothing but praise and recommendation for you and your law firm. I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. You were superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. I owe the success and outcome of my case to your dedication and perseverance, which you showed throughout the 12 months that you were handling my case. You treated me and made me feel as I was more than just another client and for that I will be forever grateful…..Once again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.”

Greg L.

“I was referred to Marc by a friend and he did a great job with my case. Highly recommend!”

Laurel C.

“I would personally like to thank everyone at Ward Law Firm, if you ever need any legal services I highly recommend them!!”

Shannon H.

“The folks at Ward Law Firm were very easy to talk to, and very helpful with my situation. A very knowledgeable group that will stick up for a person’s rights and won’t be intimidated by big companies or the government. Thanks for your help.”

Jeff Y.


You are AWESOME! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help my son. Not sure how you do it, but you always seem to be able to make things come out better than I ever expect. Always, Always, the best outcome for the case with you as the lawyer. I really can’t say enough good about you. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Thanks again for your hard work, it is very much appreciated.”


DUI Defense Client

“Marc S. Ward was the perfect attorney for my case. He not only got what I wanted out of my case but was there for me to the end. Thank you so much for all your help and expertise in my case! I will definitely recommend you to people I know who need a powerful attorney on their side.”

A Satisfied Client


“Concerned, prepared, smart with good relationships. I could not have a better outcome so I would recommend Marc. Yes, cost effective as well.”


A True Pro…

“Marc, prior to visiting your office, I spoke to several lawyers and did not walk away with a comfort level. With you I was positive I was going to resolve my problems. I explained my situation, I had just been stopped for driving on a revoked license and I had several old DUIs. Marc immediately made a few phone calls and came back and outlined a program that if I followed it I should be able to drive again he set up alcohol counseling located the Driving test I needed and worked with MVA contacts on my case.

When we went to court, there was no doubt I made the right choice in hiring Marc. I felt the judges respected his abilities. I followed His program 100%. When we went to court today I had a letter from MVA authorizing me to apply for my new license.

The penalties could have been jail time and $500 or more in fines. Marc was successful in getting me a PBJ and a fine of $57.50.

I do not believe very many lawyers could have done this. I certainly did not see any attorney that demonstrated the level of SKILL that Marc did.”

A Satisfied Client

An Incredible Attorney…

“Marc is an incredible attorney..! I was facing my 4th DUI charge and was prepared for the worst possible outcome in court. Because of the suggestions from Marc prior to my court date and his expertise in court, I walked out with the best possible outcome from the situation. I don’t have to spend any time away from my family and was relieved at the judge’s decision. I would highly recommend Marc for any defense case. He is worth every penny and I couldn’t be happier or thank Marc enough for his help!”

A Satisfied Client

Thank You Again..!

“Hey Marc! Just want to say THANK YOU AGAIN..! So glad you took on my case and worked you’re magic and did all you could do to keep me from JAIL and get me the bare minimum of probation..! My family and I are beyond THANKFUL to YOU, YOUR TIME and SERVICES..! Seriously, you are the BEST LAWYER I KNOW..!!

I will make sure to let everyone that need’s legal help know about YOU..!”